Wednesday, January 29, 2014

being loved by tuck

THIS weekend in photographs:
{wearing tunic c/o calypso st barth // camilyn beth swag sweater // sunnies}
{minnie pants // houndstooth tunic is soldout but from sheinside  // necklace is old jcrew - similar - similar }

i just love this one year old.
love his curious self.  loved watching him run with abandon toward the waves this weekend. 
easy to laugh, easy to get frustrated, easy to giggle, easy to cry.
i love how he feels emotions.  no sense in hiding them anyway, right?
i love being loved by tuck.  worlds best hugger and nuzzler and snuggler. 



  1. love this!! and that black & white photo of you two - BIG smiles xoxox

  2. His little camera!!! Stop it!!

  3. Beautiful photos, you have the sweetest little family. And I'm so jealous of your warm, no jacket needed, weather.

  4. I have been 'silently' following your blog for a very long time and I must say these photos are gorgeous. what a beautiful family! tuck is THE cutest :)

  5. You make me want to go buy flowers for my office... they would certainly brighten up my desk!

  6. oh those flowers! and i know i'm a bit delayed, but i'm loving your hair!

  7. love the sweetness of this post. wish we could get our little ones together!! xo

  8. I think I need to rent Tuck. Maybe he'll entice us to have children. ;)

  9. dang it i need that hound tooth tunic!!!!

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