Thursday, February 28, 2013

the first seven weeks

Tucks First Seven Weeks from sarah tucker on Vimeo.
 time seems to be moving at a pace I am not familiar with.  I'd stop time dead in its tracks if I could.  every single day he gets more aware, increasingly curious of the world around him.  and cuter too, though each day I think that's not possible.  and each morning proves that it is.  there are lots of bright spots in my days, but he is the brightest. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Tuck Grins

February.  Oy Vey!
you've been one crazy month.
I fell down stairs (among my greatest fears // won't even attempt the spanish steps) and messed up my tailbone.  ouch!
JB was out of town for work on Valentine's Day.  Corporate America ain't got time for that.

JB turned 31.  And i usually celebrate his birth month with at least three cakes and crazy balloons.  This year, not so much due to sleep deprivation.
Felt like such a crummy wife. 

I got an ear infection.  Which had me in tears and in the fetal position a few nights.

Tuck went through his sixth week growth spurt which left me nursing. around. the. clock.  

And the latest... Tuck's eye started swelling on Saturday night suddenly.  And while I'm generally calm in the face of adversity... all bets are off as a mom.  I called my doctor who told me to go to the ER.  We drove 45 minutes to the one with a pediatric care unit.  And it was gone.  All was left was a tiny white dot.  I am indeed the mom who almost went to the ER for a bug bite. 
 Babies first mosquito bite will not soon be forgotten.

With all of that crazyness... you'd think I'd be sad to see it go. 
But no...
it's also the month tuck first really smiled at me.
It was somewhere around 2 am.  
He was hungry.  and I scooped him up and took him into the other room.
And then there it was.  the best sight!  
He just smiled so big. at ME!  
It was/is too much for my heart to take!

And he's been smiling ever since... especially in his swing.
super soft layette from Pippen Lane

so yeah, i'd do february all over again.  for this. 
I am officially that mom who thinks my baby is the cutest.sweetest.smartest.thing to ever exist.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Love Is...

I'm never without a camera of some sorts.  Always capturing what I love (:  
Here's a giveaway from WideAngle, the amazing new app that gathers all of your pictures into one place.  Which is super handy for me, as I'm always wanting to send a picture of Tuck I took on my ipad, but I'm on my phone.   WideAngle is also giving away a $600 camera, enter to win here.

Love is ...

a pink sky
a daddy holding you 
 best friends.
three generations of john bullock's
lola kisses
anticipating a baby 
the ocean
 being mistaken for a french girl (; 
traveling with your honey
Gods Grace
 this little boo boo.  

{ Don't forget to check out  WideAngle who sponsored this post today (though opinions and views are my own), and enter to win a $600 camera here! }

Monday, February 18, 2013

post partum style

oh the post partum body.  i was so curious about how my body would change.  curious/freaked out.  I didn't think much of it until a week or so before he was born though.  then it was all, let me mourn the loss of my youth.  ha.  a little too late for a freak out.  And then he arrived! ...  And I didn't look down for a few days.   I just wasn't ready to see what was ahead of me.  And now, six weeks post partum ...  I think I actually like my post partum self.  I am surprisingly OK with wider hips and a few more imperfections thrown into the mix.   They resulted in Tuck.  And breastfeeding... it's oddly empowering.  I'm all "i make my babies food!" 

But don't get me wrong ... I'm still interested in having abs again (;

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Talking to your baby isn't quite like talking to yourself, right?  Right???
I mean he can't really talk back.  So does that make me crazy?  I'm not sure.
I've been doing this weird thing talking to him already about girls.
The worst is when we watch the Bachelor.  I'm all... see that girl!  No.  Don't even think about bringing one home like that. {i'm looking at you, Tierra}
  And then we've also chatted (one sided, I suppose, whatever.) about how I'm sure he's going to date some girl I'll fall head over heels for... and he will break up with her. And I'll be all out of sorts too.    The nurse who help deliver Tuck was telling me about her son breaking up with a girl she loved... it's been over a year and they still text.  #isthisgonnabeme
But we're (errr me, again. whatever) pretty committed to the fact that the one he marries I'm gonna like. love.  
ya hear that Tuck?  
... and some cute Tuck photos from this weekend, to get your mind off of me being a crazy.

delicious, right?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy One Month Tuck!

{fish made by Pam, onesie, and bowtie from my BFF ashie!}

Happy One Month Little Man!

I used to look at my parents and not completely understand how they felt toward us.
What would cause you to be so patient, understanding, loving, towards someone who could be so hard to love at times?  But one month into parenthood, and I'm beginning to get it.  

Even on the most sleep deprived days, I think this is the best thing ever.
I can be so bleary eyed, and then I smell him.  And I am all heart eyes.  Like Pepe le Pew.
He coos and I melt.  I have basically been a puddle since he's come into this world.  
Speaking of his entrance, I would never not do this again.  Labor wasn't fun, but I'd do it all over again in a heart beat.  Lord willing.

Nona told me of a lady on Dr. Phil yesterday who wants twenty kids.
And though yes, I think she's a bit cuckoo... I now see the appeal.  lol.

I'm introverted, I love time alone.  Which I thought would make having a baby a real adjustment.
And it is... an adjustment.  But I don't miss my time alone.  
He's such a part of me.

Tuck at one month:
You are such a good baby.  
Really only cranky when you're gassy.  Then, you sound like an old man who has lost all control. ha.
You have at least thirty nicknames so far.  Your pop pop has given you the most.  No surprise there.
You love when I roll my r's.
You perk up when we go outside.  The sound of the birds chirping really intrigues you.
Bright eyed since day one. 
You snuggle on my chest all morning long and I would have it no other way.

You are the light of our lives, and we are so honored to be your parents. 
I can't believe you are real.  You little doll baby, you.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A note to Tuck:

source: unknown.  please let me know if you know the source!
Some good advice my sweet angel boy.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

10 things for Tuck // first month survival

I researched like the dickens when it came to what we needed for Tuck.  And need is a very loose term... could I get by without these things?  yes.  But they sure have made surviving my first month as a mommy a lot easier.

Honest Diapers and Products  //  I love these diapers.  Not just because they are cute (though I love that!) but a good value and free of nasty chemicals.  We haven't tried all of the products out yet.  So far we love their body wash, lotion, healing balm, dishwasher pods, and detergent.  They are delivered to my door, when I need them, and in the quantity that I need for the month.  When you're a new mom // someone paranoid about your babe getting the flu ... you don't want to leave your house much.  And when you do leave, you aren't itching to go to Walgreens.  So delivered to your door is perfect when you've got to hibernate a bit.

Swaddle Me Blankets //  JB is obsessed with swaddling.  We call him the master swaddler over here.  These get the JB seal of approval.  They are great for teeny tiny newborns.  I know the others we got will be perfect as he gets bigger, but for now Swaddle Me's are #1.

Kissy/Kissy // These are easily my favorite line for newborns.  They are so soft!  And the gowns are great for night time.  I don't have to wake him to change a diaper.   

 Lamby Mat // I must admit that when I first got this as a gift (thanks stephy!) my sister and I were being a bit silly... okay scratch that, just me.  But I was in the passenger seat and kept pretending like the lamb was the passenger and waving his hands at people.  I was very pregnant, and in a state of pregnant induced insanity?  I'll claim that.  People in the other cars were mostly amused. (:  BUT other than being a weirdo... Tuck seems to really love it.  And it's super soft.  and so cute!

Sleep Sheep //   Trying to get him in the routine of night time is tricky when their internal clock is off.  We turn on some calming music, give him his blanky.  Eventually we hope this kind of repetition will signal his brain into sleep mode.  He's sleeping about two shifts of four hours so far... on most nights.  The Sleep Sheep has a couple different sounds and it seems to soothe him during bedtime.  We use the whale sound. of course (:  And it's small enough that we will be able to take them on trips. 

Brest Friend // I mentioned a bit about nursing in another post.  Those first few days my hormones were plummeting and I was learning to nurse.  It was tough for me!  For the first ten days, I'd have one cry a day.  And every single time it was related to nursing.  Plus when you're sleep deprived, everything is a whole lot worse.  Amen?  But I'm happy to report that after the first ten days, I stopped crying about it.  Maybe this had something to do with my hormones leveling out a bit.  My quick bout of baby blues going away?  But It got easier, and though it's still a work in progress we're getting closer to really enjoying this time together.  Kelly Mom has been a great resource for nursing.  And if you choose not to nurse, no big ... I'm just jealous of your normal looking nipples now. 
oh!  but this brest friend pillow.  It helps a lot!  So does a sweet husband that brings you water and snacks when you're nursing. And hulu!  I was shocked to learn how much time I'd be hanging out nursing for the first month... that's really all I've seemed to do. 

Medela Pump // I use this daily to store up, and then about every five days to make a bottle for JB to feed him the 2am shift.  I felt guilty about it at first, but after my mother doing the same with all four of her kids, and my doctor encouraging me to do this in order for some sleep ...  I now just enjoy the little extra sleep.  I have three weddings the first week in March and I am just so thankful for the pump!  

The Bob // One day pre-tuck, JB and I went out to baby stores all day.   JB tested EVERY stroller out.  The Bob was the winner for strollers!  We've gone on quite a few walks around the neighborhood with Tuck in it, and JB's still in love.  I love it too! 

Soothie Pacifier // Some people aren't binky fans, but I am.  Tuck came into this world very alert, and a pacifier saves me from nursing 24/7.

baby carrier (solly // ergo ) //  The Solly is for me, and the ergo is mostly for JB.  I pretty much have Tuck laying on my chest or holding him throughout the day.  The Solly helps me actually do things that are essential to being a normal human.  like laundry and dishes.  they say to forget those things now, but maybe those people had full time help? ... because I just can't let go entirely.  So enter the baby carriers (: 

My apologies to all of those that don't have babes // are not even close to it.  What a snooze this post must have been!  But to someone pregnant or in those early weeks, I hope this helps.  And if you are a mom, what are some items that really helped you out those first few weeks??