Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ten totally random things about me, me, me!

Ten totally random things about me.  

1.   I was a hideous looking jr.high schooler.  
oddly enough, i think that's when my self esteem peaked.  
i'm pretty sure i had no clue of the unfortunate looking teeth/bangs/style combo.  

2.  Daily I am reminded that I married Up!  like, way up.  JB is the best there ever was.
one of the recent reasons ... I've slept well for a week straight.  Jb's been the one to console tuck if he gets up at night.  I meeeeean.  seriously.  

3.  i really hope we never find out who A is.  yes, i watch PLL.  don't know that acronym?  congrats.  you outgrew jr.high taste in television. i, have not.

4.  i kinda sorta kissed one of The bachelor's.  one trillion years ago.
i just really like to kiss!  okay. 

5.  I'm turning thirty in December!
life looks so different from what i thought it would when i was daydreaming in high school about what my life would be like at thirty.
and i can't tell you how glad i am for that.
i thought i had a good imagination, but not nearly as good as Gods.

6.  i think i'm good with two kids.  
watch me have five.

7.  when i was younger i'd have some serious panic attacks.
i don't have those any more.  praise God.
but i do still struggle with anxiety from time to time.
i wish every time i worried, i prayed. 
sometimes i just worry!  and we all know that's pretty useless... 
i do love this herb though, for when i get really stressed.    

8.  i was married to JB on facebook like three years before our first date.

 9.  babies are like camp fire's.  i don't know how to look away.  and i don't  ever want to.
i had no idea i'd be THIS obsessed.  

10.   i believe in fairytales.
but they totally have to have some messy parts to it.
just to make you better, grateful, sensitive ...

and a bonus one - #11 - we're going to bangkok in February!!  booked yesterday.  
First trip sans Tuck. 

+ links

-my little IG reusable shop was featured in People's Style Magazine
- Blair Eadie wears Camilyn Beth's Gogo Dress.  and as always, does it justice. 
 -We threw Amanda a little virtual baby shower.  Proof that even if a friend is across the globe, you can still shower her with some treats!
-kindness.  love this - thanks for sharing with me crissy!
- a wedding i did on 100 layer cake!
- books to prepare your heart and mind for marriage

 happy happy tuesday! 


  1. These are great! I'm dying to know which bachelor!!? And I love your line about you having an imagination, but God's being better. So true!


  2. Yes, I am dying to know which bachelor too....please share!!! What is PLL? Married to JB on fb three years before your first date...please share!!! Oh you need to elaborate! And I can't even imagine you as hideous...Sarah and hideous should never go in the same sentence togetehr, you are too cute!!!

  3. My favorite is #10 - I completely agree! - Virginia /

  4. Bangkok!!! Not sure if KB told you but Dave and I are planning a trip to Thailand next October! We're not staying in Bangkok but will fly in/out. Are you going to travel around or stay in the city? I can't wait for more details :)

    ps. you forgot to mention that you are an expert at hiding a pregnancy during bachelorette parties ;)

  5. Loved reading these tid bits about you! I read that speech on kindness last week and loved it! Also, I think it's wonderful you threw that baby shower for Amanda. Two of the sweetest girls I "know" and who practice everything that is said in the Kindness Graduation Speech.

  6. Sarah, I literally loved this list:) You are such an adorable writer...I'm prepared to watch you have 5 absolutely beautiful kiddos:) ANd, so excited you are going to Thailand. Kev and I leave for Thailand in exactly a week! You are going to love it lady!!! Love ya, Katie

  7. These are awesome. Your list is perfect! I am wicked jealous that you kissed a Bachelor. :)

  8. I love this list, and how glam is that photo of you rocking the big hat!? That is awesome you guys are going to Bangkok, Thailand is at the top of my travel list right now--hoping to book a trip there soon!! xoxo

  9. You HAVE to tell us which bachelor now! Oh, and this list is great :)

  10. Love this list but two things:
    1. I want to know which bachelor!
    2. I want to hear about you and JBs love story!


  11. im with everyone else...which bachelor????

  12. Hi Sarah! We went to Thailand on our honeymoon last October! If you don't already have a hotel booked in Bangkok, I highly recommend the Hotel Muse -- gorgeous rooftop pool and delicious/beautiful breakfast on the roof each morning!

  13. Okay, now I have to know which bachelor!!

    So excited for you about Bangkok! It's on my list. I just want to eat, eat, eat!

  14. I was also a hideous middle schooler. I don't even like thinking about it! My haircut in the 8th grade made me look like I should have been a member of The Beatles. Enough said.

    And PLL!!! Right there with you.

  15. definitely going to try that herb! especially during this unemploment/what am i doing with my life/ where do i want to live / what am i doing time in my life...

    so excited for you trip!! need a babysitter for tucky??!! ;)

  16. I agree with the comments above -- please tell us which Bachelor & do a post about your love story with JB!!

    xo, B

  17. #3 for the win. I still have Dawson's Creek and OC marathons. I would say poor Dagan, but he's a jr. high girl too.

  18. I go on Tumblr after every PLL episode and read up on theories of who could be A... hahaha I am in this show too deep!! (And the boys in this show are terrific eye candy!)

  19. I am intrigued re being married for 3 years on FB pre first date!
    Life is so very different at 30 than I ever expected. But it's a great different

  20. I laughed outloud at your #1. Umm not possible!

    LOVE YOU SEASTA!!!! Still beaming. You're the very best.

  21. oh and shoot, forgot to comment on BANGKOK. Yess!! You will love Thailand. Such a fascinating country. If you make it down south at all to the islands and want recs, let me know!

  22. Love this list! We are going to Bangkok in February too! Perhaps we will have to compare notes about the best must-sees?? ;)

  23. Loving these facts... And a little inspiration to share some randomness myself!
    I went to Bangkok with one of my best girlfriends, in January and absolutely loved it! You are such an amazing mamma, and therefore should have five :) PLL better tell us who A is, and soon!!!

  24. I'm normally right there with you on everything 100%, but I just can't on this one.

    How and I mean HOW can you never want to know who A is?! I'm almost at the point where I'm ready for them to announce the final season so we can know who A is!

  25. Yay for Bangkok! I lived in Thailand for a year and loved going to BKK on the weekends, it's an incredible city!

  26. love these so much!! my fave is about being FB married to Jeebs. AMAZING! xoxo

  27. I don't want to find out who A is either because then it will be over. Love that show!

  28. I'm with everyone else: which Bachelor?!

  29. I love the "God has a better imagination". So true.
    Have an amazing time planning your trip! Sounds look you're thirties will be starting off right!

  30. Loved this fun list! I am excited for your Bangkok trip; does that mean NZ is for 2015?? We plan to go back then. ;-) ;-)


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