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January 2013

    Rookie Mommy Rambles

    {i’m wearing:  michael kors top (similar)// h&m belt // le spec sunnies // ankle pants }
    We sit and stare at Tuck.
    And wonder, if there is anything better than babies?
    Before he was around I thought OH SURELY.  now… no way.  nothing better.
    I am the annoying person now. 
    the one that posts photos of her baby on facebook.
    My friend count is sure to take a hit.
    We’re responsible for a teeny tiny man human.
    Most humbling and amazing honor.
    When I first met him, i kissed his lips.
    and said “I am his first kiss!” to JB.
    I can’t imagine I’ll be a great mother in law. . .  lol.
    I’ve been peed on two times already.
      When a babies hollering about his wet diaper, you forget to use a peepee teepee.  
    and you get peed on.  
    and you don’t even care.
    JB brings me breakfast in bed every morning since we’ve been home.
    hot oatmeal, coffee, orange juice. 

    bless him.   

    {pregnant ladies, reference this!}
    I now want a hundred baby boys.
    the girl, who at one time, only ever wanted girls.
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