Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 through instagrams + favorite posts

2012, I like you.  In a different way than 2010 or 2011.  You're the year I carried my baby boy around with me for much of it.  You're the year I started my business.  You're even a year I learned I could love my husband  more than I thought possible.  I'm thankful for your trials, and you've given me a lot of blessings.  You've changed my heart in a good way.  Thanks for all of this.
excited to raise a baby with this guy.  
get to live near this.  
get to smell these on occasions
cuddle this little monster.  

Happy 2012 was the launch of this.  
I learned a bit about this.  
i got to plan weddings here. 
here too.
i'm about to kiss these lips.  like less than a week. !!!  2012 was definitely the year of falling in love with this little dude.  

i wrote lots of thank you letters.  
my belly sure grew.  

Here are some 2012 Highlight posts... I fell in love with a little pup named Lola.  I enjoyed date nights on Anna Maria.  JB turned 30, and along with it he had a surprise party, and 30 sweet notes from friends/fam.  I did a little re-cap on what I wore in Europe during our travels in 2010/2011.  Spent some time in Boca Grande with the fam.  Went to the farmers market, and had boat days.  I shared a bit about my open heart surgery.  I wore a pretty dress.    I got to cheer my sister on when she graduated college from Ole Miss.  I was featured on Sterling Style.  Jess took some photos of me and lola.  The cat, errr kitten came out of the bag.  I started writing letters to Tuck, and this one is still my fave.  I learned something pretty hilarious about JB... he once sold his dance moves.  I wrote out a few of my thoughts during weeks 6-11 of pregnancy.  Totally guilty- I dress like a blogger.  I headed to Highlands, NC.  Kendall got married in Virginia!  Spent some time in Rhode Island for JB's cousins wedding.   I went to Making Things Happen, finally!!  We traveled to Panama for Haley and Damaso's wedding, and I was 8 months pregnant!  I wore Camilyn Beth to Wine, Women, and Shoes.  I confessed my undying love for Christmas Cards, and it looks like I'm not alone.  We went on a little babymoon.  And now... we're awaiting the arrival of John Bullock Tucker IV.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, inspiring, amazing, 2013.

These two will most likely get the breaking news of Tucks arrival, follow along to be one of the first to see him:  instagram // twitter 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

The Tuckers

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BabyMoon // Marco Island

This past weekend JB surprised me with a baby moon on Marco Island, Florida.  
We spaaaahed, beached, and ate.  
It's crazy to me that it won't just be the two of us very soon.  It's a funny feeling knowing that life is about to change in a big way.  I'm thankful to have a husband who is every bit already as bonded to this child as me.  The care he has shown every step of the way over what car seat or which stroller has been adorable.   I never read instruction manuals, but we get something as simple as a bumbo seat and JB is reading it cover to cover.  It basically causes my heart to expand to a size I thought not possible. 
 Love that man, and feel so blessed that he will be the father of my children.  
what a lucky boy that tuck will be.  
A couple of places we ate while in Marco
Little Bar (I am still dreaming of almond shrimp, garlic dressing, grouper balls)
Snook Inn (hello best grouper sandwich)
Sand Bar (for a way too big breakfast.  i'm talking a full breakfast plus pancakes...I'm taking pregnancy to another level)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


{Photo by Jessica Lorren Organic Photography}
{dress is badgley mischka // rent // own}
Yesterday was my birthday.  29!  I was up on grey likes baby even.  I pretty much ate from sun up to sun down with loved ones.  I'm so grateful for the people in my life.  Hands down, I got the best. 
I'm excited about 29.  There's a new man coming into my life (:  
Earlier this year I had some of my favorite bloggers guest post about what their twenties have taught them ... and what mine have taught me so far.  I loved this series.  So I thought it needed a revisit.  

.... And absolutely LOVE the operation: friendship for Newtown, a project where you can DO something for Sandy Hook created by Lynzy.  I'm in (:!   How about you?  I'd love to see these kids getting packages from ALL over.

Monday, December 17, 2012


I'll come up short trying to describe the sadness I felt on Friday.  I sobbed for much of that day.  The loss those parents, families, community feel ... it cannot be fathomed.  My husband lost his sister far too young.  I don't know how or if you ever stop grieving loss of that magnitude.  If JB has taught me anything though it is how to forgive, love, hope and not let anger or sadness take over and reside permanently in your heart.  That there is still good, that God is good.  

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sarah Tucker's Holiday Gift Guide // Stocking Stuffers

This has pretty much nothing to do with the holidays or stocking stuffers... but have you ever seen "can I get yo numba" ... i pretty much quote it on the reg.  and i feel like it could  give anyone in need, some cheer. 

annnnnnd JB has surprised me with a little babymoon.  So we're headed down to the tip of the southern gulf coast for some sunsets and sand between the toes.  I am not sad about this.
oh, and i'm full term today. i'm really going to have a baby one of these days.  (:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sarah Tucker's Christmas Gift Guide // for the non metro sexual in your life

I'd love to do a pretty metro sexual board of gifts for men.  But I don't have one of those in my life.  My husband, brother, dad ... they all like some strange things.  In my opinion anyway because if I were a boy, I'd be a metro sexual for sure.  I'd want some j.crew sweaters, pretty scotch glasses, and some leathery iphone cover.  But my men like knives, power tools (oooo an electric drill? for me?! you shouldn't have), diving watches, meat rubs, and hideous polarized sunglasses.  These are the stuff the dudes of my life dream up. 

I'll tell you what's been a hit around these parts the last few years though  ... a smoker.  and a grill.  and any kind of tool or spice you can think of to dress those two up.  And it's been quite a gift to my tummy, and my tired self when I'm beat.  Anyway, those are some good solid gifts if you've got a guy like mine around.  Last year I introduced JB to pinterest.  And to my surprise he actually used it!  And then this year he picked it up again.  If you'd like to check out his christmas wishlist, it's here.  Every year I buy him stuff from his alma mater.  Shoot, it could be ladies socks (on accident) and he'd still think I hung the moon, and then proceed to wear them (this has happened).   This year he has some baby stuff on there, which pretty much plucks at every string on my already weapy hormone laden heart.  And I'm quite obsessed that "jumper cables" was repinned from his last years board.  hint, hint.  I may break down and get them ... but seriously buying jumper cables feels funny for Christmas.  So that's a little rundown of some tried and true presents for some serious dudes.  And here's some ideas for this year ...  mostly untried.

ipad // who doesn't love an ipad?
healthy after shave //  this is mostly for me, as I want him around a long time and I don't love the smell of traditional after shave ... or the taste from kisses. 
seersucker tie // instant southern gentlemen please
steak knives //  these are pretty.  no idea if they're fabulous like wustof, but they sure are pretty.
pizza stone set // this one can go in a grill!
bottle openers // a manly opener
Dollar shave club //JB has this and thinks it is the coolest thing.  it's basically birch box for men, but a little less exciting since you know what's in there every month.  a razor.  still, he loves it.
Charles Vergos' Rendezvous BBQ sauce // JB's favorite.  he gets it every year.  if he's good (gotta leave some suspense here in case he reads this post). 
jumper cables // this is a real thing that apparently people need.  just maybe not on their christmas list.  will i fight it another year? ... remains to be seen.  until 2013 pinterest christmas wishlist hint hint board arrives ...

I've spoken on JB's good nature a time or two but it rings true once again for Christmas.  I'm pretty sure if I filled his stockings with limes he wouldn't bat an eye lash. much less pout.  he'd be pretty excited to make some limeade.  or use them in something on the grill.  bless him.

what are y'all getting your men this christmas?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Confessions of a Christmas Card Junkie

Last weekend when my girlfriends were in town we were chatting about Christmas cards.  Of course, I'm obsessed with them and I'm always in favor of them.  Like Kendall said "who doesn't love getting Christmas cards" ... I honestly don't care if it is of you and your cat, or you and the wall, I'd still like one.  please and thanks.  I am so not the person that thinks it's silly just because you don't have kids yet, or a ring on your finger.  And I remember the first year we were married I had those puppies out the day after Thanksgiving!  Then the next year I tried to do them myself and they turned out none too cute.  Those guys didn't make it outta the house and into anyone's mailbox. This year being absolutely crazy town with the baby coming, I thought I'd just skip it.... I thought I could resist.  But then ... did you SEE our maternity pictures?  {My girl Jessica Lorren knows how to make us look good, y'all}.  It would be a crime not to share that goodness.  So I hopped onto Minted last minute on Sunday evening and even used the tool where you upload your picture and it shows you all of your options.  It took me a while and JB periodically looked over my shoulder asking me... "hmmmm... you still haven't chosen one".  Patience, JB.  these things take time.  I ended up picking a Rifle looking one to no one's surprise.  You can even have them addressed, for you!!  I mean, this is genius.  There are backer options, which I indulged in.  And Liners!  I'm telling you Minted speaks my language.  The language of  paper love which I am fluent in.

Today is the last day for free 2-day shipping! 
And you get $25 for signing up through here.  
boom. awesome.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Le Petit Bebe Tuck's Shower

I wanted to share some Instagrams before the real photos of Tucks Baby Shower.  
How about that dress?!  Made by Camilyn Beth.
And the adorable paper products?!  A paper collabo between Paper Please and Grasshoppers & Gardenias. 
The whole day was just perfect.  The hostesses made me (and Tuck) feel incredibly special.  
So many of my favorites in one place made my heart go in over drive.
And the sheer thoughtfulness of those that couldn't make it ... all was so touching.
I am abundantly blessed to know the women I do.  Tuck, you've got a lot of love coming your way.
:::: a little page of my heart on the STE blog this morning::::

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

Homeseed Letterpress Giveaway

I love paper products, good design, planning, and letterpress.  
Today's giveaway combines all of those lovelies with a
 gorgeous letterpress 2013 homeseed wall calender with hand drawn illustrations. 
And not just one winner, she's generously offering two of y'all a chance to admire their very own.
These pretties come hole punched at the top with bakers twine for hanging.  There are two different color options as well, poppy pink and warm grey.  Oh and the packaging!  just perfect.
Would make a great Christmas gift for someone like me ... obsessed with beautiful paper products.
{printed in Chicago, USA on french 140 lb paper}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sarah Tucker's Christmas Gift Guide // For the baby in your life

No surprise that I started here.   Today marks exactly one month until my due date, and every time I talk to my doctor she says "any day now... !"
 Me, yesterday via my  instagram at 35 weeks and a few days.
If you've been following along on instagram we had a little scare last week at my 34 week appointment.  They were so worried that I was measuring small via the tape measure that they whisked me into ultrasound.  Only to discover, once again that my baby is indeed a chunk. #longtorsoproblems
  5lbs 5oz last week... so maybe this week we've got a 6 pounder on our hands?  !!  
... So that's my update for now... and onto the good part, the spoiling babies with some christmas loot.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9
AND our maternity photos are up.  
We will treasure these photos for.ever.
Head over to Jessica Lorren to see (: