Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween. And a preggas update.

Just a little update on the pregnancy.
I'm 30 weeks now!  Tuck is around 3 pounds.  I'm still refusing most maternity clothes.  I just prefer yoga pants that give my body a vacation every time I wear them.  Are yoga pants not the best thing in the whole entire world to pop into when you've been wearing whatever else all day?  I think so.  I'm starting to become a little like Gloria from this episode of Modern Family.  My regular clothes, though mostly mumu's are starting to betray me.  I realized this when I had to take my coat off at the doctor's office this week... ummm... I looked like a  And don't get me started on how I need to buy new bras. 
I'm starting to have trouble sleeping.  Which is a major bummer.  But I guess I'm getting ready for the sleepless nights ahead.
The best moment this week has been hearing that my two besties from college are flying down for my babe shower!  
As far as movement goes, this guy is active.  I'm beginning to know which body part he's poking us with.  
As far as food cravings, I love shrimp still.  No change there.  
No labor signs yet... i think I've had a couple braxton hicks moments.  just weird cramps.  
My belly button is officially out!
I still miss a margarita.  
As far as symptoms go, I still throw up in the morning.  The honest truth?  I threw up while waiting on my script at Walgreens this week.  Just opened my car door.  It was super (embarrassing). Yep, even at 7 and a half months pregnant!  I don't recognize myself when I say this... but it's honestly not that bad.  

from Lola the Shark, and Lucy the Pig.  
How awesome is the pumpkin my sister did of a boston terrier?  
Lucy sort of scares us in this photo.  Looks like she's fed up being a pig and channeling 
Lord Voldemort if you ask us.
We've been calling her Lord Lucy lately. 

& Darn Sandy!  I've been praying for all of y'all on the east coast.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

for the broken hearted

Yesterday in the waiting room at my cardiologist appointment there was a teenage girl crying with her mom.  I thought at first that maybe it was about some bad news from the cardiologist.  But after eavesdropping a bit I realized it was indeed about the heart, just not the physical one she was headed to see the doctor about.  my heart sank for her.

 When I hear someone has gone through a heart break all I want to do is hug them just a minute too long, hear their story, shed a tear, and send them on with some reading material.
  Being sensitive is good for something ...
I know I write a lot about my husband over here.  About how shiny and kind and handsome he is.
When people ask about him to me, I literally light up.  he is my favorite.  
But sometimes I think about people checking this page who have just gone through a break up.
or just plain feel hopeless when it comes to love.

i guess what i want to say to them is, 
i've been there.
and like all good fairy tales, I think you've got to cross some hurdles to get to the honey pot. 
i had them.
I remember what it feels like to have your heart somewhere between your throat and the floor for what seemed like forever. 
I've written about this a time or two here,
how I am so glad I'm not the one in charge of planning my life.  
oh sure, I like to think I am.

 but seriously, i'm not nearly as creative as God.  
CS Lewis wrote "we're far too easily pleased".  and how true.  
I think about some of the prayers I've prayed, particularly after my broken heart ... 
... and looking back it was a lot like God listening, comforting, patting my back and saying
just you wait and see what i have in store for you.  
trust me.  this isn't it.  it's a whole lot better what I have in store. 

I don't want to bash every boyfriend I had here.
but when I think about who is perfect for me, it is my husband.  hands down.
i am so glad I married him.

So if you've had someone rip your heart out recently, I just want to say
I'm sorry, I love you, I'd hug you if you were next to me and
i can't wait to see what kind of fairytale is ahead for you.
mine's been pretty sweet so far.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Florida Living // Fall Weekend

Yesterday for lunch we went to Starfish Company.
It has recently been in Southern Living and Travel & Leisure as one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.
It's been my favorite for ages.  They serve you in boxes, and you are surrounded by mullet boats, crabbers, and fishermen coming in with today's catch.  They have the best cheese grits too.    
This thirty week pregnant gal likes her some cheese grits and po-boys. 
Lola is welcome.  I like dog friendly places.  
I'm also enamored with anything whole in the wall-ish.  they're usually my favorite spots.
Anyway, if you're in my neck of the woods, it's a must.
and today after work we're having an ultimate fall evening.
It's chilly (to us floridians) here!  We're gonna have hot apple cider, carve pumpkins, and bake an apple pie.  
and I'm gonna bring my real live camera and take picts. 
Hope you all stay safe from frankenstorm!!  and had a great weekend!     

a few snaps from this weekends wedding here.  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Regimens

People have been asking about my beauty regimen for a while on formspring.  And I'm always like, suuuuuure thing, I'll get you that post!  But I never do.   Mostly because I'm flabbergasted that someone wants to know what shampoo I buy or make up I wear.  I think, I must do a pretty good job of spinning, because I look kinda plain most of the time.  These questions always seem to come along when I'm in yoga pants, make-up free,  and a pony tail too.   Anyway,  I'm no Lauren Conrad!  But a few of y'all wanted to  know... and I give the people what they want ... in time.   

This is a picture of me from last Saturday.  I was thinking, I did my hair AND my make up.  Must document.  
make up:
naked 2 eye make up // bare minerals foundation, well rested (undereye) // blush // mascara // eyeliner
I use my mother's all organic products.  Which have gone through a big rebrand and should relaunch in November.  You can email her at for info/pricing.  I use them with my pink clarisonic mia.    I also use the sulfur ddf mask once a week.

There is just no substitute for hot rollers.  I've had these since college, and it's pretty much how I did my hair every single day back then.  It gives it just enough bounce.  I stopped for a while when I got my hot tool, but for a good everyday look I still prefer the hot rollers.  Call me old fashioned.  I do own a straightener, but figure it is not worth mentioning since I maybe use it once a year.  I also blow dry my hair with a no name blow dryer who has been quite faithful throughout the years, that golly I should give him a name.  It should be said that I don't do my hair 7 days a week, we're looking at around 3.  On the other days I generally let my hair air dry and comb it, put it in a braid or up once dry.  I shower daily because I don't have the luxury of hair that is cute 24 hours after I do it.  But if I do find myself in a pinch I use Psst dry shampoo and recurl with the hot tools. 

Hot Rollers // 1inch hot tool barrel // Cheaper side:  Shampoo/conditioner // Expensive Side: Shampoo/Conditioner // psst dry shampoo. 

If you have questions, I'll answer them in the comments, or you can use formspring too, and use that if you'd like to request a certain post.   Happy Friday! 

Annnnd a bridesmaid gift round up on the STE blog

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The one and only political post ... probably ever.

I majored in Political Science in undergrad.  Thanks in part to a really cute prof ... and the philosophy side of class.    But mostly due to the cute teacher.  {hides head in embarrassment}.  Besides being handsome he was also the kind of professor who forced you to make your own decisions about politics and life, not just push his own.  He really helped me think analytically about politics and that has spilled over in all walks of my life. 
In short, I loved political philosophy, and was sort of ho-hum about modern politics.
Wanna talk about Machiavelli?  Yay!  Wanna talk about the deficit?  Scary.  

On the note I'm trying to get at ... I'm not a big facebooker anymore.  It feels like a place people either go to seek approval or drum up dissension. {I have definitely been guilty about the approval part).  It is mostly depressing, especially these days with all of the political status updates going on.  Once upon a time I went to college with a guy, he was a really kind guy.  Such a champion for the downtrodden and I always admired that about him.  Then this morning he posted a status that made my heart hurt.  It made me uncomfortable and sad, which is mostly what facebook does to me these days.  He posted a screen shot of a comment he made on another "friends" status.  I'm paraphrasing but it was all // you are a total moron if you vote for  ____.  // And then a gazillion people liked his status and cheered him on.  There was so much anger behind it all.  Everyone pointing fingers saying you're an idiot, a lost soul ...  noooooo you are!  rawr. How productive ... I joke.
But mostly I hate changing the glowing opinion I had of him.
{which has nothing to do with who he is voting for}
Which also makes me feel super judgmental, I realize.
Both two feelings I'm not fond of.   
I think it's awesome to have opinions, and I have my own too.  I'm all about passion.  
I'm also all about expressing it in a kind and loving way.  
And when it's fueled by humiliation, you better believe I turn a deaf ear.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Admission

It's been a year since we hung up our ex-pat hats.  Sometimes honestly, I miss it.  
which is why you got one million photos of 2010/2011 in this post.  
When we first moved over there, I remember thinking, holy moly... I have no job!  I am a housewife, with very little house.  more like a shoebox.  What do I do with my time?!  It felt so unproductive in those early months.  Until I settled into it... then, bliss. 
JB kept reminding me to take it easy, enjoy it.  When else was I going to have this much free time?
I guess I'm reminded of how much I'll miss that and this time in life,  today when I think about how little free time I'll soon not have.  or quiet time for that matter.   both things I've been spoiled with the past couple of years.  I do know that the love I'll have for this little guy is gonna overshadow these things... deep down.  but I know there will be times where I'll need quiet. This admission doesn't make me a monster, but it does make me human.  and a little selfish I realize.  I'm not entirely sure why I'm sharing this here.  I guess if anything, it's to encourage you to enjoy your life right now.  as it is.  we don't need to rely on something big to happen to us {like a job change, a baby, a vacation, a partner, if someone was/were not in your life} to be madly in love with life and the people that are in it.  right this instant is a good time for that as any.  and you might actually think back and miss this moment someday.  
so soak it all in. whatever stage of life you're in. 
and it's okay to reminisce a bit, but remember to count all of your blessings that you have this day.
okay, now climbing off my soapbox (: 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Letters to Tuck: Volume 9

Tuck, I talk to you all of the time now.  I'm all guess what you're going to do in this big world one day.  Your Nina (grandma) had a dream she was chatting with you a few nights ago.  She's the one with the thick southern accent.  She told you all about your dad and I.  She said your dad is the kindest listener there is.  That he'll teach you all about being good, fishing, and baseball.  She told you that I'd help you figure out your dreams, she let you know how passionate I am {i hope about things that matter}, and how fiercely I'll protect you.  She told you about how when you are at Nina's house you won't find junk food, and that she'll teach you how to be healthy and grow strong.  She told you how good of a life you're going to have, how many adventures you're going to go on, and how loved you will be.  We both laughed since it's pretty funny she remembers so much of her dream, and so vividly.  She said you just listened, probably how your dad would.  Sweet Nina.   She chats with you in my belly these days, and talks about lots of play dates and all of the play grounds she'll take you to play on.  We look a lot alike, Tuck.  Yesterday even two men asked if we were twins.  Your Nina is 61!  I am 28.  This happens a lot to me when i'm with her and I don't mind.  She radiates love, acceptance, and beauty.  You'll see. You'll love your Nina.

Your mama

Monday, October 22, 2012

Florida Living: In October

{all taken on my instax}
I could write one million love letters to the ocean.
Being on the water, I always catch myself smiling without even realizing it.
I totally look like I'm up to something foolish. 
This weekend involved lots of real rest, husband speared fish, a wine tasting (which I didn't get any of, but have to pat myself on the back for being a good sport), morning walks, homemade stuffed blueberry french toast, grouper tacos, a dip in the ocean, pretty close to perfect weather if you ask me, and lots of snugs. 
it's good to rest, huh?  as in i feel one thousand times more productive this morning.  hallelu!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Making Things Happen: ATL 2012

{via MTH tumblr}

As a freshman in high school, my bible teacher made us memorize the simple verse, "Above all else, Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life" (Proverbs 4:23).  He had a banner made, and it hung in his classroom all year long.  That verse has come to mind a lot since then.  It was something I thought about when I was dating, when I listened to music, when I chose friendships, etc.  We have a choice of who and what we let into our life and hearts.  I kept thinking of this verse throughout Wednesday too.  Which was the day I attended Making Things Happen in Atlanta.

Where I was able to meet Lara Casey, Emily Ley and Gina Zeidler.  As I mentioned before, I've been following Lara and the MTH movement since 2009.  I basically wanted to play Bette Midler's - wind beneath my wings, with a boom box, John Cusack Say Anything style upon meeting.  For me, meeting all three of those women whose words have meant so much to me over the past three years, must be like what people that watch Oprah feel like upon meeting.  And i'm here to tell you that, these women are the real deal.  I left in total awe of their hearts.  And every kind of thankful that they could share openly with people they had just met.  What life changing and life giving words they all gave!
I'll say MTH wasn't what I thought it would be.  It was a lot more.  I was prepared to talk about business. Instead, I used a lot of tissues. When you are forced to actually name your fears, and face all of the clutter that's been hanging out in your head ...  you get vulnerable, honest and you get to the core of why you do what you do, and you're forced to see who you're doing it for.  You come face to face with what matters and whether you're putting them before all the junk that simply does not.  

Back to that verse I first spoke of, and have been mulling over since Wednesday.  Over the years the things I've let into my heart hasn't always been exemplary. { Oh goodness it's still not even close }!  But the largest chambers of my heart consist of my faith, my husband, Tuck growing inside me, my family, a few close friendships, a desire to help others and live a life of purpose.  Putting those things first gives me LIFE, JOY, PEACE, CONTENTMENT.  And I realize the only way to get there is guarding against distractions, controlling the volume of the negativity, lies we believe and keep telling ourselves.  For me this looks like: limiting social media (being aware of what you're letting in), leaving my phone behind when I can, having an alarm clock instead of bringing my phone to bed with me, resting in ways that feed my soul and not exhaust it, doing the hard work, making decisions instead of just thinking about them, dealing with reality instead of being distracted by twitter/FB/instagram all day, being obsessed with busy-ness ... . clearing out all of the clutter whether it lives in my mind or near my desk. I want to put what ultimately matters before all of those things I want right now (namely: approval).  A huge prayer of mine is to have vision.  To not be short sided in my thinking.  

I want to pursue a life of LOVE, purpose, joy, peace, and be fulfilled not drained by what I do.  I want to guard my heart, focus on what matters, follow my dreams, and live a life of adventure with my two boys.  

And infuse all of the things that fire me up.  as much as possible.  Life is too short not to.  

find the templates here and write your own list of what fires you up!  and leave a link below so I can see (: