Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prints for future gentlemen : Nursery Update

The Nursery.  
We haven't ventured much further than stripping the room of wallpaper, assembling the crib and changing table (all things JB did, i'm not fooling anyone).  Though I did buy a rug (:  
Most of our home decor I buy is either a neutral, a muted shade of turquoise or gold.  So naturally, I think that is the direction we'll be heading in for le petit bebe tucker. 
Both JB and I are downright obsessed with the ocean.  His mom is a mermaid for sure.  I love gentlemen ... afterall, I married one! 
And of course, our faith is what we hope most to share with him.
  All these things I want to instill into our baby boy.  
I realize an infant can't read (: ... yet!  
but I do love surrounding him with values and passions we hope to pass on.  
and thinking of him growing with them as he can read!  
Here are a few of my favorites:  

{manners by old try, rules of a gentleman,  old man in the sea, brave / valiant, gold foil SS print shop colossians 3:14} 

I also plan to line the walls with old black and white photos in matted frames of us and our families.  

So that's the nursery (wall) update.  
After the busy wedding season, I'll be getting after it more.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rhode Island

 {wearing sheridan french, paige denim, and target loafers} 
Rhode Island, I did not expect you to be so drop dead gorgeous.  
I can see why you're the ocean state.  You smell like salt air and If I could bottle yours up I would.   Also if I could just have one more of your lobsters ... I'd be golden.  okay, i'd probably never stop asking.  This weekend was truly beautiful, refreshing and filled with lots of laughter.  
& a huge thanks to AV who guided us to delicious clam chowder and all around Newport. Also everyone who told me to go to the Cliff Walk.  I could kiss you on the lips.   

Monday, August 27, 2012

What I Wore + a happy list

{dress & clutch - rent the runway, iphone case, necklace, bracelet}

10 little Things that made me happy about this weekend:
1. lobster 
2.  rhode island and the fact that it is gorgeous.
3.  amazing weather
4.  my babe kicking in there like crazy
5.  getting JB and his cousins to show me all of their famous sold dance moves.
 refer to this story for a good laugh.  
6.  when my husband got so excited to see a store that said "baby clothes!"
7.  holding my belly like honey boo boo child
8.  harbors
9.  delicious clam chowder
10.  coming home to thoughtful presents for tuck.  see on instagram.    

happy monday!!  what's on your happy list for this weekend?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Public Service Announcement for your Wardrobe

Sheridan French and her clothes are just the pop of color I need to brighten my day on this rainy monday morning!  I'll take every piece please.  That's how good the collection is.  There's not a single piece that doesn't leave me smiling, and wishing it was on my bod right this instant.
And right now for the next 24 hours - they are all 50% off with code: FINALFIFTY0812
And there's even a secret sale if you sign up for the mailing list here.  Find out what it is TOMORROW (8/21/12)
HAPPY SHOPPING!  and you're welcome.  

Friday, August 17, 2012

on finding my thing


First of all, finding my thing... it wasn't easy.  Lots of trial and error.  But I can safely say.  It's here!  I found it!  ha... and I'm 28.  So love all of the questions if you're still searching ... I had fun doing that.  and some not so fun times too.  point is, enjoy it.

also doing my thing better than anyone else?  i've always hated the word best.  i say it, but try to shy from it.  I am doing MY thing the best.  because it's mine. it's me.  and there's only one me.  there's only one you too.  unique as our thumbprint.  so let's just be us.  

Life has been sort of surreal for me lately as I hinted yesterday.  I'm bubbling up with gratefulness, and wanted to take a moment to pen (errr, type) down just that.  Even in the midst of this busy season.

Right after I posted this in late november, sweet lynzy hired me to be her wedding planner.  Thank you so dearly Lynzy.  You were one of the first outside of fam and friends to really believe in me.  I also feel honored to now consider her a friend.   Nine months have gone by, and in under two months I'll be heading to Massachusetts for her gorgeous fall wedding.  Someone pinch me.

Since opening up, I have been incredibly grateful to have brides like Lynzy.  Girls that tell me regularly and so sincerely - thank you.  (may we never forget the power of those two words - life giving)!  My intention with this business was never to have a million brides a year, but relationships with each one of them.  It may sound crazy to you, but by the wedding date I want to know them so well we are like friends that are like family.    And lately it's been like bits of manna from heaven from them... each one just out of the blue telling me thank you ... and one of the biggest compliments too "I trust you completely".  We all know I'm a pile of mush - but the trust thing gets me teary every time.

Do I sound like I'm bragging?  I hope not.  I really just hope to inspire others to do what they feel led and called to do.  I never felt this contentment when I was teaching (maybe no new teachers do) or working in cardiac rehab.  Certainly times I felt like I had made a difference, something I have a great deep need for in a job.  And it might seem silly to you that working with weddings is making a difference, but it is.  Being chosen to be involved in their life at this pivotal time is an honor I am forever grateful for.  

I also just wanted to say thank you to those people who spurred my dream on.  My husband is my biggest and best cheerleader, my family, and of course my crazy talented friends who inspire me daily.  And all of my clients who saw some of that potential.  and each of you.  

Be nice and do good. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Letters to Tuck : Volume 4

Dear Tuck,
First of all, I'm quite intrigued by you scratching your nose with your toes yesterday.  My little acrobat.  You made us all giggle yesterday.  

The doctor told us you look excellent and that your ticker isn't like mine.  what a relief.  
I  was found crying happy tears at random times yesterday.  Every time I think about it I get a lump in my throat, and then the tears come.    
Words don't describe how grateful I am for that healthy little heart.  

Life has been crazy in there, huh little baby? 
Something really exciting is happening to your mom right now, you know besides the most exciting thing ever (you!).  I'm getting a couple bruises from pinching myself.  Life is good, and most of all because of you.  And little tuck, when it's good - i hope you always recognize that.  Breathe it in, soak it all up.  
i love you so much!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh the ocean

{my in laws back yard}
{lake como}

Washed By The Water LIVE by NEEDTOBREATHE on Grooveshark

There's nothing more peaceful to me than the ocean.  Even these photos surely bring my blood pressure down a bit.    My favorite colors are those found somewhere in the ocean.  And how about that salt air?  Is there anything better? OK...  a few smells compete.
The sounds of the ocean?  hello.  puts my sometimes anxious heart to rest, every time.
You'll always find me smiling  if I'm near the ocean.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Letters to Tucker // Volume 3

Dear Tuck,
I thought I was crazy for a few weeks when I was feeling you flutter around.  But your dad and I were watching my belly this past weekend, and all of a sudden we saw what looked like an elbow jab. You poked us!  Your dad got so excited.  He's still talking about it.  At night we've been loving alternating our hands on my stomach.  I cannot believe you're in there just cookin.  By all means, make yourself comfy ( ;
There is so much for me to do before you get here.  Work, baby, life stuff.  Every time I am overwhelmed it gives me such a peace to put my hand on my belly, slow down, and just be thankful for you.  Everyone says babies help you take in life, at the wonder of it all.  You are not even here yet and I'm already doing a better job of that, thanks to you.
love you so much,
your momma

ps: this print of this verse is going in your nursery and i hope to say it so much it is written on your heart forever.

... if you want to see the occasional bump pic, follow along on instagram: sgmtucker

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Maternity Style

Truth be told I'm still not very big.  Most of my clothes still fit.  
And my baby is even measuring big, every time.
I think most people that see me out and about and don't know, think I've been on a beer binge.  But I had to cave and get a few cute maternity pieces without breaking the bank. As exciting as buying preggie pops to ease my nausea is, I needed something fun to distract me. 
 My new asos skinnies are literally becoming part of my daily uniforms, while also looking pretty darn cute.  If I do say so myself ( ; 
I have a couple of weddings and wedding related functions coming up where I still plan to wear normal dresses, just ones that are looser.  Existing maxi dresses are still my best friends too.  So that's where I'm at with maternity style. 
 I promise to do some fun posts when my bump gets a bit bigger.   
{grecian dress, bodycon dress, ultra soft black skinnies,  pink skinny jeans }

What did you wear ?  Or plan to?  Got any good Tips?