Tuesday, May 29, 2012

11 unrelated things

1.  my big fat gypsy wedding.  have you seen it?  you can find me watching it with my mouth wide open.  and my eyes as big as platters. can i just say, i am so glad there are subtitles.  i'm so very confused and intrigued.  please someone give me a tutorial.

2.  storms.  florida storms, they are the best.  last week i was chillin with my mom and we were all YAY!  There's a storm!  Let's grab a snack and watch it on the back porch.  God totally shows off in Florida Storms.  Love the sound, and sight.

3.  my jewelry box got a whole lot cuter this week.  Thanks to Jen HoodenPyle & Oajules

4.  we went to our friend britt & matt's wedding on palm beach this weekend.  And everything was stunning.  But beyond that it never lost the meaning of the day.  It's easy to get lost in details, and while I can say every last detail was perfect - the true meaning behind the day was never lost.  That's tough to do!  You know deep down in your bones when you're witnessing true love - and it is such an honor!  Seeing two people perfect for one another become ONE is profound.

5.  The pastor mentioned words that they'll need to know throughout their marriage - and I was struck that the first he mentioned were these 5 words.  i'm sorry.  I was wrong. how true.

6.  Jess and her husband Dave lent us their house for the weekend.  I love their casa!  We felt right at home... except for the fact that their home is a gazillion times more comfortable and beautiful than mine.  gotta work on that.

7.  i just finished writing a few of my thank you notes.  and this exercise always leaves me feeling good.  it's gotta be good, downright healthy for the body to exercise thankfulness.  speaking of which, i wrote on my other blog about thank you notes.

8.  the beach surely cures whatever may ail me.

9.  I was a garbage picker last night.  i aint ashamed to say.  I spotted some wire rimmed bins and knew I needed them for my office!

10.  I still love Emily Maynard.  Anyone watching the bachelorette?  I look forward to Bridget's updates, in fact on tuesday mornings, it's my first website of the day.

11.  I meet Jenni this week!  i know you're jealous.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Choosing Joy

{dress  // necklace // shoes //  }

One time my mom and sister were wearing maxi dresses and walked into a Forever 21.
There was a little boy there who gasped, and said "look mom!  princesses!"  
i love them, maybe just for the princess vibe they give off, and as you've probably begun to notice from my instagram feed - Maxi dresses are my basics.
And this pretty one is going to be on rotate in my summer wedding wardrobe.  
I wore this dress this past weekend to a benefit where my in law's danced in a "dancing with the stars" sort of way.  They actually competed against one another!  They did such an incredible job.  
A couple of years ago my father in law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  We were all heart broken.   Hopeful, but heartbroken.  But he wasn't!  That man has an indestructible positive attitude.  
It was inspiring to watch.  I couldn't help but be a bit confused at times...
 How can you be happy?  choose joy?  
But that's just what he did!  chose joy.  instead of fear, anger, pity.  He held onto Hope.
What a way to live.    

On saturday he danced.  Cancer free.  
With a BIG smile on his face.
And it makes all of us smile too.  
He doesn't just have joy, he gives it away too.  freely.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

it's the peonies.  the peony season.  they are the culprit.  Lately i've been feeling such a strong sense of nostalgia for last year, and the year before.  I remember writing a friend late july and saying one of the things i know i'll miss - seeing the change of seasons, even the little ones throughout summer.  all of a sudden there were no more peonies and pompenella roses and I'd be sad, but then i'd turn around and see God was now onto lavender and sunflowers.  here, flowers still bloom.  all around me.  i just don't have as much time take the time to notice them like i should.  I start to rationalize...  I had so many less distractions over there!  for one, i had a cell phone but i rarely turned it on.  it had snake on it and was the exact same model as my first ever cellular device 12 long years ago.  another thing, i rode my bike everywhere.  now biking is the way to take in the world.  you can't ignore the beauty of your surroundings on a bike.  at least, not at my slow turtle like pace.  the biggest thing - JB worked, at most, four hour days.   it was a dream to me... all of that time together.   Now i've been back for quite a while... and it sort of hit me like a ton of bricks lately.  being busy is exhausting.   particularly when i'm not being mindful of the moment.  and i can't place blame on my iphone, no bike paths at present, or our long work hours... when it comes to time together, i need to focus.  the more i get caught up in answering every email, tweet, fb message, formspring, instagram ... well the social media shame spiral attacks. and it ain't pre-tay.
A couple of times I've shown JB my inbox for a day, he has only ever been horrified.  I get emails on travel, birth control (i'm still not sure why i'm an expert on this!), aspiring planners, life questions, personal emails, and now most are work related.  I want to provide the best service to my clients during work hours. Which made me think - is emailing a response on my phone really serving them?  no.  not in my case, it doesn't work for me.  it just gives me a weird sense of control.  Plus, sending something that says "sent from my iphone" causes me to cringe.  Providing the best possible service to my clients means sitting down at specific times to just answer emails.  So as hard as this is for me, I'm taking mail off of my phone. iGASP.

most importantly - my family (which include my closest friends too).  I want to be mindful when I'm with them.  present.  the kind i felt in basel.  few things mattered but who I was with.  enjoying their company!  truly, it is company to be enjoyed.  and for that i am/was/will be grateful.  i don't want to take my time with loved ones for granted.  i've sort of realized that not every moment must be documented to be enjoyed.  that's a tough one for me.

and a last bit that's pretty random: going along with the theme for this whole post:  
have you ever read "gift from the sea" ?  the author goes away for a while to the beach (a girl after my own heart).  she discovers all of these amazing things about life.  herself.  she's finds contentment.  she feels peaceful.  and though it's been ages since I've read the book... the main gist is that you can keep that contentment alive long after you've left a place of peace.  it doesn't come easy.  you have to be conscious about your decision.  protect it even.

::: winner of the Hattie Sparks giveaway is: megan of pearls & petticoats.  congrats!! :::

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hattie Sparks + Margaret Elizabeth Giveaway

A big treat for y'all this morning all the way from New Orleans!
The cutest boutique in NOLA,  Hattie Sparks is giving away a gorgeous pair of Margeret Elizabeth tassle earrings that was profiled in Vogue recently.

You can pick from a myraid of colors- burnt orange, blue, white, olive, multi colored, black... but what would i pick?
The tassle earrings in Pool of course.   I'm pretty sure I'd feel just like holly golightly while wearing them.

Enter to win a pair of these beauties!

Mandatory Entry:

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Rowan Oak// William Faulkner's home // Oxford, MS

{he wrote an entire plot throughout this room!}
{this is where he got the call that he had received the nobel peace prize!} 

This past weekend we made the trek to Oxford, MS to see my sist graduate college from Ole Miss.
We stopped by Rowan Oak, and while I've been there many times before, I'm still struck by its quiet beauty.
Rowan Oak is William Faulkner's incredibly well preserved home.  Everything is original or replicas.  
I am somewhat of a Faulkner lover - he had a way of getting people, me included, completely engulfed in his stories.  His fictitious town was based on Oxford.  When I was working at the Hospital a couple of my patients knew him and would entertain me with strories.  He was quite the character! 
If you find yourself in Oxford - you should definitely check it out.

Friday, May 11, 2012

A note to the graduates

My sister graduates college tomorrow morning!!  How is that even possible?  
Recently I had to write a little something to be read at her sorority.  
I found myself drenched in happy tears when I was writing it.
I am so proud of her!!  I am always proud of her.
she makes the best of everything.  college was no exception.
but for all those graduates out there - this is just the beginning.  life is so good.  it gets even better.
one more time miss molly:
{sweet Stephy from blossom everyday made a little print for me out of my words to my sis! thanks S!}

Monday, May 7, 2012

April & May, i love ya.

Remember my pity party in March?  Well April was 100% in the opposite direction.  And May, well you look to be continuing in April's direction, and I like you a whole lot. already.  So I apologize for this post of "Go Sarah!" ... but after March, I needed it.
These guys {are you sick of seeing them yet?} were featured not once, but twice on A CUP OF JO
This photo was featured on another fave site - Sterling Style.  
As inspiration for vacation style.  
{some context for you: I'm in Russia in this photo & it's 11pm! }

& my other peonies were on Refinery 29.  via the perfect palette.  

Jessica Lorren took photos of me.  always making me look good that gal.
We also worked together with Camilyn Beth on a project.  Just saw those pictures this morning MIND BLOWING.  

I got to go to South Beach for the gorg Brittany's bachelorette and stayed at the Shore Club.  amazing.
{Met up with the lovely AV }
who crossing-my-fingers, I'll see in October for Lynzy's wedding!  
gardenias and magnolias are in bloom around here.  i'm constantly closing my eyes and sniffing on my morning walks. pretty much what i imagine angels to smell like.
oh and april brought me two new brides to the STE family.  I love them already. 
i wore neon.  and my instragrammers  liked it.
{acrylic monogram necklace found here}
my saving grace at all functions.  
{think i might need a waxing appointment...}

And OMG. 
Today is the start of  #weddingweek on The Everygirl!  
And guess who is kicking it all off?
i'm over the moon to share it with you.
head on over there, pretties!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jess / Lola / Me

Jess making me look good. again!

Hope your weekend is off to a good start!  
I have something really fun to share on Monday.  
for now, it's estate sales/ treasure hunting and a wedding to attend this afternoon.