Friday, March 30, 2012

Excited to see you, April

{taken this morning on my walk with Lola}
honest?  i'm really excited to see march go.
I haven't been this excited to see a month come to an end in ages.  
but there are always the lessons.  it will have always given me that.  perspective.  
the hard road is good for that.  
the truth is we don't need a new month or new year to start over.  but for some reason- it helps.
march was the hardest month I've had in years.  which is hard for me to even type.
but I am determined not to let it stretch into April.
April.  I have high hopes for you (:
You are going to be filled with 
taking care of yourself
nurturing relationships
two amazing projects
my business being officially open {website is up next week!}
watching more sunsets and sunrises
drinking at least 8 glasses of water
choosing thankfulness
remembering that fear is a big fat liar

I am a woman who can recover from setbacks no matter how great.  and so are you.
so come on april!  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Wish List

There's something about neon pink that makes me realllly happy to be a girl.  My nails are currently bright pink, and I just can't help but smile when I look down at them.  
 { Pink:  earringsskirtnecklaceshoes }

Mint pretty much reigns supreme with colors for me.  shades of it anyway.
{Mint: jeansdresspolish}

and peplum, oh peplum... had my eye on you for a while now.  love this old shape making a comeback in a big way.
{Peplum:  dress, striped top, lace top}

What is on your spring wish list?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boca Grande, FL

{wearing // h&m shorts, old navy striped top, panama hat /similar, anthro necklace, }
i love Boca Grande.  
Sunday we met my parents down in Boca Grande for lots of eating, golf cart riding, and some beaching.
it was lovely.  If you ever find yourself there - you are lucky.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

saturday in sarasota

{jeans, nail polish, borrowed top // no designer name - but bought in panama, monogram necklace}
My husband has had to work Saturday's since January, AND had been gone all week for business.
talk about a different life than in switzerland!
When he got home Friday night and I knew he wouldn't have to work this weekend, I stashed my phone away and made plans to play all weekend.  
Saturday was spent at the farmer's market in Sarasota - buying fresh veggies, peonies, and coconut water ... redecorating his office, lunch out, and a yummy dinner at home.
Sunday actually rivaled Saturday for how much fun we had in Boca Grande.
I needed a weekend like this!  It's amazing what a restful weekend will do for your outlook on monday.
 So thankful to have a Saturday with JB all to myself.  i am a husband hog.

Friday, March 23, 2012

old jack

i like to think jack is talking about, not being sorry for who you are.  
people aren't going to like you - for one reason or another. 
and many times those reasons have nothing to do with you.
to me, my mission in life is to 
live gratefully
love wholeheartedly
bless others through actions
not be sorry.


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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sarah Tucker Events || The Everygirl

Styling + Design : Sarah Tucker Events // Photography : Naomi Chokr // Mini Desserts :  The Short Giraffe // Wardrobe by CamilynBeth // models: cami &ashten // Calligraphy Place Cards :Letter Be Calligraphy // Hummus Bowls : Mini Latte Bowls // Chevron Lucite Tray : Tilly Maison //  // Botanical Paper Coasters : Rifle Paper Co // 

first of all,  a huge thank you to all who helped with the shoot.
you all are AMAZING.
and of course to Danielle & Alaina for inviting me on this project! 
i am eternally grateful over here!

When daydreaming about the shoot for Everygirl my mind kept wandering to a seaside dinner.  My favorite nights don't necessarily involve gourmet food - although you won't see me turning down fancy food anytime soon.  But the really good nights just involve my best gals, and a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  Outdoor dining never hurts either.  Nothing too pretentious, but still thoughtful and personal.  That was what I was going for, and to be honest - that's always what I'm going for when I'm entertaining.   
Plus everything you see is very do-able!  

For every single detail, head over to the
right this instant.
even a downloadable no fuss dinner handbook is available 


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stamp Art

here's a confession for you.  i love old stamps.  as anyone who has received a letter from me would know.  i found the honey hole when i discovered precious owl.  i almost didn't want to share!  for $4 I literally have hundreds of nautical stamps from! in my possession.  oh the possibilities.  inspired by an old kate spade print i saw ages ago, i decided i'd make my own little art work.  just three frames for now, but i think a big one is in store for JB's office.  {below are all from places JB has been}

trying to figure out a way to incorporate these for the travel themed shower for a couple we're throwing next month ... hmmm.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Drink the Wild Air

so thankful.
for the peace the ocean provides me.
fresh fish caught by husband.
JB's patience with me.
the arresting beauty of the sea.
i am grateful for time near the water... particularly recently spent:
reading, hoping, praying ... 
next to a turquoise sea, it's a nice backdrop for thoughts.

Friday, March 16, 2012

spoiling the ending

now. isn't that the truth. 

found via  shannon reeves events - cards found here

Congrats to Alex!  
Alex from ifs, ands & butts you were  #185/301, the winning entry,
 for the Casey & Sarah Ad giveaway.
Thanks to all the entered!
have a great WEEKEND!

PS: Here's the Sneak from the shoot I styled on Wednesday over on Naomi's Blog.
Naomi, The Three Kitcheneers, Eri, Influence Style, Diane... all are beautiful - inside and out.
  Happy to call them friends! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Design Darling & little bits and pieces around the office.

Yesterday a Design Darling package made my office way sweeter.  
{gold tray via design darling, $14 monogrammed business card holder(!!!), laurel denise vase "you are my sunshine" - i put my paper clips in, vintage tape dispenser, gold striped washi tape}
{rifle calender bday gift from jess}
{$8 favorite things pencils via design darling}

A few other things I'd love to add to my home and closet from Design Darling...

i don't know about you, but i needed that prettiness for my thursday.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Casey & Sarah - Giveaway


Today Casey and I are giving away some ad space on our blogs!
You know Casey Wiegand, right?
Beautiful mama, wifey, artist, blogger... a great and honest writer. a precious heart.
she's a breath of fresh air.

The winner will win a BIG ad worth $120 on The Wieglands for one month. {It gets a TON of traffic daily}
a BIG ad over here on FTAT for one month. {last month I had over 60,000 unique visits)

It can be for a blog or a business.  

To Enter:
Just leave a comment!

Extra Entries:
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Winner will be chosen randomly on Friday!

bridal shower inspiration for em on STEthe blog

Friday, March 9, 2012

confessions of a non tomboy

when i was really young i had a couple of friends who were tomboys.
i was not a tomboy.  i am all girl.  
at 4 years old my room was laura ashley striped pink with roses.
  degas ballet prints covered the walls.
i refused to wear anything other than dresses.  
and then...
I remember the day my tomboy friends came over for the first time.
and made fun of me!  for being such a girl...
so began my struggle to try to be a tomboy, but knowing I am anything but.
eventually, i gave up this false me. 
my point here is, whatever you are.
be you.

{can't find the original source - help me find it}

Happy Friday!!

PS:  Over on my friend Emily's Blog  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

instagram dump

a big fat instagram dump for your mid week.
my in-law's have been so many places. this is their map.  different colors mean different things.  I believe the red is where they have both been.  green is for my FIL and White is for MIL.
fun fact - they met in germany.
a girl from montana and a boy from alabama - fell in love in germany, and have traveled the world together.
true love.
 my mother is the hostess with the mostess.
seriously it is just a random tuesday night, but she knows how to make it special.
my he-ro.
the ringling in sarasota.
the fact that i get to go here for work, well, it doesn't feel like work.  
I finally bought this mug.
i love having my morning coffee in it.  
another fun fact... I am SO particular about which mug I have my coffee in.  it has to be cute.  
Lola and the dogs next door.
that sounds like a sitcom.  and it is for me every morning.
all of them cannot wait to play together.  
she plays them like a fiddle too.  that flirt.  
when can i move in.
i have a thing for wrapping presents. 
 so many inspiring treats on my bulletin board.
hattie sparks. rachel carl & co. heather's invitations. a rifle card from jessyou're the bee's knees.
bettina zygmont stationary.  an inslee print from bettina. happy girls are pretty girls. my fave picture of JB.
as soon as i wake her up, she jumps on the bed to wake JB.  and kisses him 1000 times.
i wear pastels in the winter.  it is my floridian inalienable right
as brave as some of you may think i am ...
i am a scaredy cat by nature with moments of boldness. 
i wish i was bold all of the time.
this devotional from the confident woman hit home for me yesterday.
 particularly the part about fear.
oh the things we could accomplish if we weren't afraid.
my new resolution for the rest of march is to "do it afraid" -
 feel the fear and do what you believe you should do anyway.

Happiest Day to you!

ps: my instagram name is sgmtucker