Tuesday, February 28, 2012

conspiracy theory

can we talk about how the bachelor totally wants to be us? (; 
First Panama, and now Switzerland?
what is happening.
I fully expect the proposal to be on anna maria island.

{i accepted the key}


See? (:

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Hattie Sparks || Grand Opening

If you live in New Orleans.
First of all, i'm jealous.  obviously.
Second of all, you would be remiss if you don't march your tush down to Hattie Sparks.

Today is the opening day for the most beautiful, eclectic shop that is filled with local and southern artists ... 
it is one of thee coolest feelings to see someone do what they were created for.  AMEN? amen.
from the moment i met hattie i was in awe of her style.
it was downright kind of her to share her wealth of style with all of us, and open up Hattie Sparks.  
every single item i've seen come across her FB page is TDF.

and it just so happen that my prints are being sold there too!  
you can find prints from my paris trip, swiss alps, merian park, barcelona... and more!
Stationer Shannon's beautiful NOLA inspired work is there too!

So head on down there if you're New Orleans!
714 Adams Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

follow Hattie  on:
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Friday, February 24, 2012

happy place

This little corner of anna maria is where my family used to rent in the summer.
Being just a few minutes away from this spot makes me so {so} happy.
i get all and every kind of nostalgic.  i used to play in this sand, i used to daydream here and now i'm here with my
 handsome huz.
and that coupled with the beauty of the ocean, the powdery white sand, the man strumming the ukulele... 
my throat closes, i get choked up.  it is what always happens.
Last night JB and I went on a date to watch the sunset and grab a bite on the Pier.
and i grabbed my camera instead of leaving it behind.  trying to break that bad recently formed habit.
wish you were here.

if you didn't win, code FAIRYTALESARETRUE gives 15% off of the shop!

and my friend / sponsor  Beeta - with gorgeous photographs from all over the world as well, 
has a Photograph shop and is offering 15% off as well!
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sarah Tucker Events : The Blog

hi y'all.
when i first thought about blogging in 2009, actually when i discovered blogs existed really ... 
i wanted to start a wedding blog. 
but then, you know - getting married and moving to Switzerland seemed like it would make for decent content at the time.  so the wedding blog was on hold.
and now, that STE is opening up (seriously, the official launch is right around the corner) ...
I knew I wanted to have something separate from fairy tales are true.  
i like to compartmentalize my life when it's beneficial for all.
because this blog is about my life.  even though it has changed from travel all over to staying put most recently.
Sarah Tucker Events : the blog - will be weddings.  etiquette, inspiration, my work.
and FTAT is going to be getting back to LIFE.  and less work.
i think it's going to help FTAT stay more consistent than it has in recent months, and also with the addition of the new blog - give those engaged or wedding obsessed a soft place to land.
So, head over there if that describes you (:
{and if not, just stay right here FTAT isn't going anywhere}
and thank you for all of your love, support, encouragement during this start-up phase.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bettina Zygmont Photography giveaway

Do you remember my time in Zurich spent with the Fab Mrs. Z!?  
Mrs. Z is actually Bettina Zygmont, a Switzerland based photographer, all around genius, world traveler, attorney at law, and style queen.  She's a great friend, a confidante for certain.  i'm lucky to call her mine.  
Today she's generously offered to do a giveaway for FTAT.  
Of one of her gorgeous fine art prints from all over the world could be yours!
  if you play your cards right... (:
I'm lucky enough to have the Elephant on the Road in my own home! 
Here are a couple of my favorites...
 A View for Two in Bora Bora
Changing Leaves in Switzerland
Winter Wonderland in Switzerland

The giveaway is open worldwide.
The winner will receive on 8x12 Bettina Zygmont Photograph of their choice

To enter:

Head to Bettina's Etsy shop and let me know which one you'd choose if you won.

Additional Entries:

Like the BZP fan page
One entry for each photo you pin from here, her etsy shop, or her website
Tweet about the giveaway - including @sgmtucker

Good Luck!
And for those who'd like to go ahead and shop, you can use code
 FAIRYTALESARETRUE at checkout for 15% off

Monday, February 20, 2012

love letter to my husband on his birthday

JB turns 30 today.
30 years of pure awesomeness.
i'm rather obnoxious with how much i love that fella.  but it's true.  i do.
man i am so glad that guy was born. and that we ended up together.  
JB has taught me so much about life.  still hoping his good traits are transferred to me by marriage osmosis.
JB is everyones friend.  I am not kidding.  He has more friends than hairs on his head, and he's got thick hair.  He loves to be around everyone.  He doesn't judge people harshly.  He is patient.  He is so clever, witty, funny.  He knows how to not take himself too seriously.  In fact, he rarely does.  He doesn't take things personally.  He forgives.  He is almost always in a fantastic mood (he isn't mr. rogers after all).  
He is giving of his time, his energy.  
Even though a circumstance in his past could have left him closed off, bitter, angry.
  I see none of that in him.  I see someone who loves freely.  with all he has.  
that pure, open heart.  it is such a beautiful thing.  it blesses me everyday.
to say i admire my husband, would be putting it mildly.  to say the very least of how i feel.  
he makes me proud every single day.
of course there are frustrations with each other, there are fights... but there's also what comes after a fight.  
inspired by holly, i started a 30 years of memories project.
i had family and friends send in memories of JB.
i presented him with 30 envelopes this morning, each with different memories. 
the stories flooded the mailbox, pictures, drawings even, and of course funny and touching stories.
don't want to call anyone out but here are a few excerpts.

"what can i say about that devilishly adorable kid who i high fived in the halls of the upper school"
"JB always had this incredible and sincere grin on his face that was there all of the time"
"I've never met such a cheerful and secure 14 year old guy" 
"JB convinced me that he was Jewish.  I had known him for almost 10 years at this point ..."
"when he was a toddler he would ask me to "sleep for a few whiles" at bedtime"
"he was the only child in his play group to catch a fish with his bare hands"

"what I remember most about JB was his absolute "joie de vivre" a completely honest love of life"
"JB has become part of my family"
"i always thought I would cry the day of JB's wedding.  But instead I felt an enormous sense of pride.  of the man he has become.  of the woman he chose to marry"
"you are always positive and getting the best out of everything"
"you were my friend when i did not speak a word of english"
"being in a speedo, or at each other's weddings OR better yet being in a speedo at the wedding"
"hearing you give your speech to the happy couple was the sweetest thing and showed so many things - the value you put on friendship, your delight in other peoples happiness, your fun spirit, your sincerity and your love for sarah"
"this was the moment JB taught me to be a man"
"at 5 years of age he had more patience than many adults"
"JB's eulogy at Alexi's funeral was incredible  That courage and strength he reflected, at 16"
"his first SEC at bat was a home run against Ohio State"
"Tuck said how cool it was to see this mexican guy get a baseball from one of the players... little did he know that the mexican guy was my father.  smooth move JB.
"JB would make fun of me if I sulked.  he is awesome"
"he rode his bike straight into a row of parked bikes, bowling the bikes and himself over"
"when i reflect on our childhood the term "entrepreneurial spirit" comes to mind.  once it was selling painted rocks, or the time we went door-to-door peddling our sweet dance moves"
"thanks for being the best catcher and teammate we've ever had"
"when we picked Lola"

... so many good memories.  
i cried, giggled, and was flat out touched by everyone who took some time to write their memory.

i wrote many memories down for him.  I couldn't help myself!
we've had so many together.

a couple i'll share...
i'll never forget the strength of character he showed when i was sick.
how he would hold my hand, his devotion, the way his heart broke for me. 
or his away message (aol, what's up) after our first kiss..."i kissed you" it said.
some people ask what set JB apart for me from other guys ... he was a man.
he took responsibility, he cherished me, and he always followed through.
and then there were those darn butterflies that took up residence in my stomach... ( ;

i know few things for sure.  
but i am certain,
i am The luckiest.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


linking up with Jenni today... sharing my instagrams from the past week. 
{fresh mint, strawberries soaked in sugar, and champagne}
{meetings with my sweet brides.  stunning locations}
{live music at Starfish Company in Cortez, FL ... a band on a boat.  heaven help me. i love this}
{walks with my mom at our fave park}
{lace do-rag}
{cotton growing next to the seaside.  yes, please.}

Tomorrow is a very special day, my favorite's birthday. 
 so expect some mush around these parts.
you've been warned ( ;

Friday, February 17, 2012

What I Wore: Europe

I'm working on a post for dear sweet Liz on what to pack when you plan to travel Europe.  
I've been pouring over old photos in order to get a sense of what did I actually wear... 
the verdict? a lot of rompers, swaggs, dresses, j.crew pixie pants, and intyce boots.
I thought it might be fun to do a little review for everyone.
Here's a bit of what I wore while traveling Europe/Central America in 2010 & 2011.
Can't wait to share my guest post for Liz coming up later this month.  
Paris 2010
H&M Romper, booties, tights, bangles, red nails, BCBG sweater and a F21 belt.  
It's Paris.  You have to wear stripes.  have. to.
well, at least one day while in paris.  stripes are a must.
here i'm wearing an off the shoulder top, intyce  boots, and some j.crew skinnies.

while in venice over the summer of 2010... off the shoulder F21 top, catherine holdstein shorts, j.crew belt, and a little gucci.
while in positano in july... all you need is a cute suit (juicy couture) and a mojito... or two.
visiting a winery in france?  stripes. with a little oomph.  this little diddy is from H&M.
Salzburg?  well it's a marc jacob dress and some stuart weitzman pumps.
j.crew dress... that turns into a skirt.  bril.

jones new york top, 3 euro side vendor scarf, and zara shorts
j.crew jacket, j.crew minnies, and heidi braids... gotta dress the part!
Strasbourg, France ... h&m dress and f21 necklace
castle de chillon ... bcbg top
romper in casco viejo - panama
forever 21 and target leopard shoes in casco viejo

romper in Milano
h&m dress, j.crew leggings... and wow.  i could have stood to run a comb through my hair! ha.
In honor of design necklace, f21 top, h&m shorts

warby parker- sinclair - h&m dress in split, croatia
Backpacking style.  in a top shop blouse and some navy shorts
swiss riding in my intyce boots, and riding helmet as my bike helmet
 h&m dresses and necklace (above and below) in Hvar, Croatia
f21 necklace and skirt - h&m necklace
j.crew pixie's, 

forever 21 maxi & scarf

I think I'm keeping h&m and forever21 in business! 
Hey, when you want to see the world, your wardrobe sometimes takes a backseat. or rather a cheap seat.
Which is very Everygirl of me (:
The everygirl mixes high and low with ease, don't you think?
speaking of which, I put together a shoot to be featured on The Everygirl ...  i cannot wait to share!