Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a beginners tutorial

it would appear i have something to teach you.
unless it is just one formspringer asking the same question.  in this case, this whole post is for you.
Here's my how-to on putting watercolor images on your blog ... or really any image.
this is something I did not understand how to do but then it dawned on me one afternoon.

soooo what will you need?
watercolor paper

a scanner
photoshop elements (cheap photoshop- good for beginners like me)

First things first, get your watercolor on girl.
I'd also say you need to do it a little thicker than you normally would - so it shows well when it scans.
scan that baby into your computer.
open the image.
drop in photoshop.
There are a couple things to do.
you can crop your image. 

so with this image, it is just cropped. 
 if i put it on top of an image in photoshop it will still have a white background.  this can work well if it's just a collage.  
but if you wanted to overlap it on top of an image you need the magic wand.
  it's the tool that not surprisingly looks like a magic wand.
that'll take the white background away.  after you press enter and move it off the grid.
you also have to magic wand inside the o's and e's - wherever there is white space.  
i did that with this image.

so this one could be dropped over an image.
like this!

ok, did i just confuse you?
i hope not too badly.
ask questions in the comments, and i'll answer as best as i can.
or if you are a designer and would like to set me straight - tell us easier ways, by all means...
oh, and i love you too ...

ps: over on simply southern today.  talking about my fear of being taken...

Monday, January 30, 2012

cute overload

I'm a frequenter of cuteoverload.com ... which main demographic is probably 12 year olds.  I'm obsessed with animals.  So it'll come to no surprise that I am completely in love with Lola.  JB is always saying "how can I ever top this present!".  She's a pretty good assistant over here ... when she is sleeping and after a good long walk.  Other times she is getting into my ribbon collection, bringing my shoes to me (after she's chewed on them a bit), and most recently she climbed up to the first step, knocked down a little bottle of martha strewart mint paint and started chewing ... her right paw is completely mint at the moment.  
but seriously, how can I ever get upset with these eyes?  
girlfriend could get away with murder.
just don't tell her that.
Do you have a pup pup?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I feel most beautiful in...

What do you get when you cross Mother Theresa's heart, Gisele Bundchen's beauty, and Olivia Palermo's style?  
A Katie.
Head over to Running on Happiness today to discover what I feel most beautiful in... 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the bravest most beautiful affair ...

when i first read this on on my style/make up/ lifestyle guru steph's blog I got chills, the head to toe variety.  I searched out to see if it was in a book... i found the full text on a blog.  it is Ann Voskamp's beautiful words.


In his sleep, he finds my hand.
It’s the only one I’ve ever known.
Hand in mine, that wraps around a waist, draws in close, slumbering strength always holding on.
I don’t know how another man’s skin feels.
My grandmother lived that kind of courage. The kind that made a vow and had the bravery to let it age.
The wrinkled faithfulness of monogamy, it can look pedestrian, the kind that finishes well, parades up through the Arc de Triomphe, battle scarred, and the tourists just blithely shuffle by, pigeons taking to oblivious wing. She told me about this.
I remember it, nights like these.
How she said that the bravest love is wildly faithful and it falls hard again every morning. How it puts the toilet seat down and the cap on the toothpaste and winks for those already-won eyes. It knows what we seek may be found in what we already have.And there can always be this — the allure of the vows.
I feel his skin, his hand around me in sleep. We sleep like this this night after years of nights, light of the moon stretching long across our room, the pillows, us growing old in this romanced ordinary. It’s grace and fresh gratitude that can make us strong enough to marvel in the seeming monotony of anythingAnd the happily married have eyes that look long enough to make the familiar new. When he comes up behind me and hugs me at the stove, I still whisper it to him: “I still can’t really believe I get to be married to you.” Grandma washed Grandpa’s underwear for fifty six years, and she said it was always so good.
Warm it falls on the nape of my neck, his sleep breath, close. I press closer. There’s this beautiful drama’s in a long faithfulness and aged love might be heroic. God knows the passion of a covenant.
His stubble rubs my shoulder.
He makes me, shape and rib, and my head’s full of how we’ve known each other and how he still is mystery and how the want is still all his. We sleep in matrimony and it is holy.
... ann voskamp...

Monday, January 23, 2012

what to get: the bride to be

With my line of work I'm always trying to figure a good way to thank my brides.  and with the holidays behind us, we almost all know someone who got engaged!  here are my picks. 
though just being someone to bounce ideas off of is definitely the best gift for a bride.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


{j.crew necklace, h&m blouse, clutch c/o k.slademade, paige skyline jeans, warby parker sinclair eyeglasses, michael kors watch, bracelet c/o laurel denise}

my deepest thoughts for the day ... I tend to let my hair grow and grow without getting it cut.  It weighs me down and gets really unhealthy.  or I just snip off a bit, but the ends are still pretty split.
but i get used to it.  so it is with life, huh?  you get used to something being a certain way even when a simple remedy can chop it off.  
so here's to chopping off whatever unhealthy habit we keep... (:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Years

i am even more proud to call you my husband today than i was two years ago.  
i thought it not possible!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

lola vlogs

hi buds.  its me, lola.  i have been soooo busy annoying my mom and simultaneously making her heart break from my cuteness, that she is simply too busy to blog.  so i vlogged for her.   i am obviously really nice to be doing this for her.  but i wanted to give henry a chance to see what i'm like too.  
since my mom basically is for arranged marriages.  hi henry!  
love you guys!  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i need the sea, it teaches me

I see a recurring theme surrounding my instagram photos.
the ocean.
where's my mermaid tail, again?  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Agave Arnold Palmer

each summer growing up i'd head to my grandmas (ninny as we call her) in mississippi.
i loved to visit her.  i could always count on lots of hours in her little garden, southern made veggies, sweet iced tea, and lots of lemons.
 It's warm here in Florida - like 80 degree warm (don't hate me)... so I needed something refreshing.
agave arnold palmer to the rescue!
you just cut your unsweetened iced tea with the agave lemonade
to make the agave lemonade: juice the lemons (12), cut with 4.5 cups of water, and 3/4 cup of agave. stir! 
a delicious mid day treat!
what's yours?

Monday, January 9, 2012

home office musings

You've got to love where you work.
which is precisely why, i've been fixing up my office lately.  
there's just something about a room of your own.  
Where i can infuse all of the things that I love, and use as much soft turquoise as my heart desires.
oh and the love i have for post it notes, stationary, office supplies, and organizers is kinda ridiculous.   
blank pages in a brand new notebook . . . be still my heart.
Here are a few things I would love to have in there.
and i promise to share a peek of it soon.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Today i was working on a little project for a client and it called for watercolor.
oh my goodness that stuff is fun.
after i finished the project, i picked up the brush for myself.
and though i am far from an artist, i still enjoyed myself.  immensely.
a bit like therapy.
it's cheap therapy too.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pakleni Islands: Croatia

I would download app's when we'd go traveling in europe.  One seemed to be a bust at first.  It was a travel app for Croatia.  It gave advice like - "hitch hike!  everyone does it in Croatia!" ... but it totally redeemed its 99 cent self when we sailed the pakleni islands just off the coast of Hvar.  
It was around 4pm and we were close to being back on Hvar but we decided we'd listen to our guide and see Pansion Tonci.  I am so thankful we did.  It is in the middle of nowhere on an island that is mostly a naturist beach -  only to be reached by boat.  
There is a pansion, a place to tie up your boat, and a restaurant.  
I must have squealed a hundred times.  I found this place perfect to the last inch.  It might have been the white wine from their vineyards, the grandaughters of the owners playing in striped pink suits, the fig trees that surrounded the house, or the collection of sea urchins that were strung together, or the chandelier out of drift wood, shells, and candles...  I could not stop hemming and hawwing over the place.  JB sat there and ate fresh sardines as I marveled.  It had a huge farm table on the porch and it felt much more like being at your grandma's than being at a restaurant.  I think that's why I love environments so much, the feelings they convey.  How a certain style transports you to a place of warmth and and one of feeling welcome.  
That little afternoon snack at this almost undiscovered place still means so much to me.  
Hope you enjoyed a little reminiscing!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


{wearing this beautiful dress c/o BCBG || Max & Cleo}
{photography by Jessica Lorren Organic}

 love the start of a new year.  somehow you see things a bit clearer.  looking back on the past year I do feel blessed, but I also know there are some things I can be working on.  I'm thankful for the soul searching that always seems to come with a new year.  

Some of those things that could use work: 
choosing JB over my phone
consistently exercising
work hard during the week, stop. rest. repeat each new morning.
don't sweat small things
forgive easier
do my hair more often.  sounds so ridiculous, but when my hair is wrong - I feel all sorts of wrong.
and a couple that go along with nice typography (:

I'd really like to work on being kind to myself.  
sounds so silly.  
yes.  once again mary oliver.  you hit the nail on its head.
i'd like to worry less.  trust God more.  pray instead of worrying.
Wishing you all tons of blessings and love in 2012!

any resolutions you'd like to share?