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October 2012

    Happy Halloween. And a preggas update.

    Just a little update on the pregnancy.
    I’m 30 weeks now!  Tuck is around 3 pounds.  I’m still refusing most maternity clothes.  I just prefer yoga pants that give my body a vacation every time I wear them.  Are yoga pants not the best thing in the whole entire world to pop into when you’ve been wearing whatever else all day?  I think so.  I’m starting to become a little like Gloria from this episode of Modern Family.  My regular clothes, though mostly mumu’s are starting to betray me.  I realized this when I had to take my coat off at the doctor’s office this week… ummm… I looked like a  And don’t get me started on how I need to buy new bras. 
    I’m starting to have trouble sleeping.  Which is a major bummer.  But I guess I’m getting ready for the sleepless nights ahead.
    The best moment this week has been hearing that my two besties from college are flying down for my babe shower!  
    As far as movement goes, this guy is active.  I’m beginning to know which body part he’s poking us with.  
    As far as food cravings, I love shrimp still.  No change there.  
    No labor signs yet… i think I’ve had a couple braxton hicks moments.  just weird cramps.  
    My belly button is officially out!
    I still miss a margarita.  
    As far as symptoms go, I still throw up in the morning.  The honest truth?  I threw up while waiting on my script at Walgreens this week.  Just opened my car door.  It was super (embarrassing). Yep, even at 7 and a half months pregnant!  I don’t recognize myself when I say this… but it’s honestly not that bad.  
    from Lola the Shark, and Lucy the Pig.  
    How awesome is the pumpkin my sister did of a boston terrier?  
    Lucy sort of scares us in this photo.  Looks like she’s fed up being a pig and channeling 
    Lord Voldemort if you ask us.
    We’ve been calling her Lord Lucy lately. 
    & Darn Sandy!  I’ve been praying for all of y’all on the east coast.  
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