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September 2012

    Nothing you really like is ever out of style.

    There’s a few things that have been part of my wardrobe for ages and there’s no end in sight.  To name a couple of these I’ll include touches of lace, stripes, leopard, maxi’s, polka dots, riding boots, anything that’ll define a waist, tortoise, and chic pencil thin black pants.  In doses, all of these things are so good.  I’ll totally be that old lady rocking some polka dots one day.  I love to see how these items get remixed and revamped through the years.  I hear something like “lace is big for the fall”, and I’m usually all “when pray tell did it ever go out?!”.   I’ve always been super particular about what I wear, and it’s a rare day when I ever ask someone for their opinion.  I think if I’ve gotta ask “do you like this?” … I’m obviously not sure if I really do.  So it’s a moot point and onto something else.  I’ve always stuck to my classics and mixed trends in here and there.  and I’ve loved this quote since I read it in a box from Furbish.  It’s thought of often when I’m not sure about sticking to my guns on something for work too.  Long story short, here’s my picks for fall.  and may you always be true to your taste (:  !
    {maxi dress, chunky knit dress, polka dot sweater, chunky knit sweater, cords, high heels, polka dot flats, peplum, and eye glasses}
    What are a few items you just can’t stop buying no matter what magazines tell you?
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