Thursday, June 14, 2012

i do love my diddy.

{photo courtesy of my cuz ben}

there were mornings i thought you'd  drive me crazy.
my dad, a morning person.  me, not at the time.  
you'd wake me up, throw the curtains back, and say "today's the Lords day lulabelle!! rise and shine!"
i shot him razor blades with my eyes.
then i'd stumble out of bed.  to a breakfast made by him.  
french toast. cinnamon toast. bagels with cream cheese.  and always OJ.
we'd pile in your van half awake. 
you'd then blare praise and worship during the 15 minutes to school.
I thought i would die of embarrassment.  
thanks for that though.  

you've taught me a lot.
not to care so much what people think.
to stand up for what and who i believe in.
to love with actions.
how to pray.

you've given me a ton.
high standards.  for one.
quite a few nicknames.
cars. roofs over my head. education. 
a kick in the tail when i needed it.

when i was sick i'd say "i want to scream"
and you'd be like, me too. let's.
you were always cheering me up.
when you coulda used some cheer ups of your own.

thanks dad.  
i think you're the best.
and you're also cool.

i mean how many dad's played in the game at the end of disco?
or wrote vows like this?
or moved his family to Italy?
or made up stories about fluffy kitty before bed?

happy diddy's day.

to all the diddy's!

What's the best lesson your daddo has taught you?


  1. awww well this is the sweetest post ever... your dad sounds like quite an amazing man. Lucky girl : )


  2. I love this post particularly as I am a daddy's girl.

    I can't think of one thing my Daddy has taught me as he has taught me so much. He taught me perserverence; that he believes in; that I should believe in myself; and that using a vacuum cleaner to catch a watch is a stupid idea, don't think it quite worked out how he planned.

  3. So sweet! Makes me miss my step-dad <3

    ~Lindsay @

  4. I love this picture! It makes me miss my daddy :(

  5. this gave me chills! love this picture.

  6. Very sweet post. Reminded me of how my dad made me an egg, ham, and cheese sandwich every morning in high school.

    One lesson out of the many he taught me: Live your life with style!

    This'll be the first father's day without my daddy on this earth with us, but I know he's watching us making sure sister and I live our lives with style ;)

  7. Awww! What an Amazing Memory you have! :)

    I have a lot of lessons my Daddy-O has taught me. I've actually been writing them down so I can post a blog about it! :)

  8. So sweet, Sarah :) Just about made me cry...I love daddy's!

  9. Oh Sarah, this almost made me cry - so beautiful and what beautiful vows he wrote too.

  10. You're fortunate. If it's any indication of what my dad is like, a friend in 7th grade asked how long my parents have been divorced.

    They aren't.

    My dad lives with us.

  11. So sweet!


  12. This is such a sweet post! I just found your blog and love it...looks like you have an amazing time traveling!

  13. oh! sarah this made me laugh and cry. we are lucky ladies to have wonderful "diddies." (cute nickname, by the way.) thanks for sharing your stories.

  14. Such a sweet post! I am missing my dad so much these days, really feeling that Australia is on the other side of the world. He taught me to be calm and patient (he is like the most relaxed person on this planet) and to appreciate nature and its beauty. Happy weekend! xx

  15. Oh my God Sarah, my dad did the exact.same.thing. Every morning before school - curtains drawn, he'd come singing in the room and start twitching my ears/cheek whatever and tell me the birds were out, and its a beautiful day. I would want to throw my slippers at him haha! He and my mum called me Lulabelle too - I've never heard anyone else being called this, so when i read it it made me smile massively. How strange is that?! xx

  16. beautiful! what a wonderful dad!

  17. Such a beautiful, post that completely warmed my heart and at the same time brought tears to my eyes. Your dad just looks so proud of his beautiful daughter on her wedding day :). My dad died of cancer when I was 12 years old and I would have done anything to have him give me away at my wedding but I know he was still with me.

  18. I want to hug him!! That is one, awesome guy. See where you get your grace from :)
    xx stephy

  19. This is too sweet! What a great dad you have! ( :

  20. love this - heres mine!

    xoxo From Curacao

  21. ahhh this is so cute! love how your dad would blare praise and worship in the car haha. so funny! he sounds like such a beautiful man! you two are both so lucky!

  22. This is SO cute. Your Dad sounds amazing :) I hope to blast worship music to my embarrassed children one day!

  23. That was just insane reading 'Diddy', I used to call my Dad diddy in a funny voice growing up!


  24. Just found your adorable blog and I love it! I'm just sort of getting into this blog thing to document our expat life. Hubby and I are doing a three-year contract in Europe and we love it. Ohhhh, and I love my daddy too!

  25. I'm with Erin, you're definitely lucky to have such an amazing man as your father. Glad you realize it and are taking the time to celebrate him! He really sounds like he's taught you some key lessons that helped you to become such an amazing person.


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