Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I pulled a Celia Foote


you see things have been busy over here.
with JB's office opening, and my new biz launching.
dinners have taken to the back burner around these parts.  my poor husband.
the days of me cooking a couple courses, and having guests over a few nights a week are just not now.
there was a time when he'd ask if someone could come over for dinner, and I'd eagerly say yes!  and then start dreaming on how i'd make it special for them.  
 those days will be back.
In Switzerland I went to the market every single day.  I'd happily ride my bike to the store while JB was at work, dreaming up what I'd buy that day.  I loved cooking and hosting in that tiny apartment.
But then real life happened.  And cooking lavish meals and arranging cheese plates daily became hard to do.
suddenly, it was 5 o'clock and I was all, oh goodness.. JB is going to be home real soon.  and i have nada.
SO.  i pulled a 
 Celia Foote.
It happened innocently enough.
I went to the Chop Shop to figure out dinner.
Then I saw this uncooked chicken florentine.
The man behind the counter told me all I had to do was plop it in the oven for an hour!
And so I did.  along with some veggies.  voila.
 That night JB was all "what is in this!?" "it's so good!" ...
butter, i thought.  something I rarely cook with.
I didn't lie but I didn't tell the truth.
I called and told my mother. I felt guilty y'all!  mom laughed at me.
and the home ec teacher herself said :
"dinner at home, is dinner at home"
that night I told JB what I had done!  he laughed at me more.
it's true though, we both love to eat dinner at home.  i love that time so much with him.
dinner on the table, no matter how it got there is still a time to enjoy one another, say grace, and savor some food. 

so it is with life. work. decisions.  make them.  do them.  instead of doing nothing.  
i am not and will never be superwoman.
i can't do it all.
i am not perfect.
i am so good at many things, but not everything. and not all of the time.
and that's OK.
done is better than perfect.


  1. pre-cise-ly.

    done and over with is better than not done and still needs to be done...

    LOVE this post! (we hardly ever cook with butter OR oil..coconut water all the way! at least, when i cook.. hubby uses earth balance since we both dont eat dairy..)

  2. I loved this story!

    And your mom's quote: "a dinner at home is a dinner at home". So true.

    I'd rather have dinner at home (regardless of how it got there) then dinner out. So much for intimate, just the way I like it.

    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  3. My dad does this same thing all the time when my mom's out of town and he has a business dinner or something. He scampers out and gets a Lemon Garlic already cooked chicken breast from the grocery and the n passes it off as his own.. so sneaky and so brilliant!

  4. Love this post. Such a great message. And you're just adorable. Unfortunately, I pull a Celia Foote about every night. But like you say, done is better than perfect! ;)

  5. I'm terrible with my dinners...but I do try...
    They love me still. :-)


  6. Aw what a sweet story and so true- we should all savor that time with our loved ones no matter whats on the table.

  7. I love this post! You're right, dinner at the table is so important. I definitely don't judge you for getting the chicken... I would have done the same thing!

  8. Love the Celia Foote refernce...all throughout The Help, I kept sympathizing with that poor girl trying to learn to cook!


  9. Yep that was me the last four years just trying to make sure we ate SOMETHING after work! (: great advice, Sayd. As always. Its like we switched places because now im in that wonderful la la world of cooking feasts and having the time to put so much thought into it. Life has so many different seasons!

  10. Awesome post. It's so true. Our priorities change and go through phases, and the amount of time that one part of our life requires may increase, requiring us to spend less time in other areas. So we figure out ways to make it work. It becomes even more apparent as you start a family and the 'juggle' gets even bigger. Good to acknowledge it, accept it, and move on.

  11. I loved this post, sarah! A meal shared with the one you love is special no matter where the food came from!

  12. I loved this post, sarah! A meal shared with the one you love is special no matter where the food came from!

  13. That is my life right now! I've been so busy that fabulous dinners have been completely absent. Forget about dinner parties! I miss it. but I guess life is never constant!I need to find that chicken florentine ;)

  14. so true. better take action then a complete stand-still. life is to precious to be wasted by always trying to be perfect... nothing is, nothing will :)

  15. You are too cute, Sarah! I've been feeling like done is better than perfect these days, too. I just started a new job that is so time consuming & leaves me exhausted by the end of the day. Hopefully soon I'll figure it out :) Until then, I'm lucky to have a guy that understands & doesn't mind take-out & left-overs instead of a home cooked meal, for right now :)

  16. You're too cute Sarah. This is encouraging to hear from someone who always seems so pulled together, that it's not always possible to actually have everything together. Love the quote too!

  17. That is ah-mazing! Well done. You gotta do what you gotta do, am I right?

  18. Ah, good for you! I need to put this mentality into practice myself. Often times I just don't do things because they won't be perfect... I'd be so much better off if I'd at least do whatever it is because just like your quote: Done is better than perfect!

  19. love this :) so true! we have cereal for dinner at least once a week... hey, it does the job! xoxo

  20. Love love love this! And so true

  21. You are so right! Whether from scratch or reheating, the important thing is that time with each other over good food. I try to cook something nice every night and find myself thinking about it all day long! Then I remember.... my husband doesn't really care. He just enjoys (our time) and not having to get dressed up to go out! Love this post. Touche!

  22. This is so great. I have to remind myself that I can't be superwoman! Love your blog, I'm so grateful I found it!

  23. Haha I love your mom's comment, it's true though, the important thing should be eating together rather than what you eat or who made it! :)

  24. totally love this post. so impressed that you were able to juggle cooking (and cheese plate arranging) so much in the past!

  25. your mom is so wise. can she come and talk me through school? haha.

  26. I love this. You are always so encouraging and inspiring. Thanks!

    ps. we cheat all the time - Whole Foods has amazing meals that you just plop in the oven for an hour for $15. yummy and fresh.

  27. You still cooked that chicken yourself! You put it in the oven and served it! That's all that matters :)

  28. Oh this was just a lovely post :)

  29. Love that you mentioned Celia Foote! Everyone has those days. I totally agree with you. Dinner with my husband after a long day is the best way to catch up and spend quality time together. The best kind of company is always shared with good food... even if you didn't make it. Hey, a frozen pizza every now and then is necessary in our house.

  30. BUTTER...you always make me smile girlie. Dinner at home is always better than no dinner hee hee hee... I've been away (aka busy as all get out) lately and am enjoying "catching up". It seems you are happy/excited/doing well?!?! Lovely...
    I am ready for another adorable post all about your doggie.... :-)

    xoxo from Michigan (still)

  31. I love this quote. It's so true for my life, as well. Keep going strong girl!!



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