Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a beginners tutorial

it would appear i have something to teach you.
unless it is just one formspringer asking the same question.  in this case, this whole post is for you.
Here's my how-to on putting watercolor images on your blog ... or really any image.
this is something I did not understand how to do but then it dawned on me one afternoon.

soooo what will you need?
watercolor paper

a scanner
photoshop elements (cheap photoshop- good for beginners like me)

First things first, get your watercolor on girl.
I'd also say you need to do it a little thicker than you normally would - so it shows well when it scans.
scan that baby into your computer.
open the image.
drop in photoshop.
There are a couple things to do.
you can crop your image. 

so with this image, it is just cropped. 
 if i put it on top of an image in photoshop it will still have a white background.  this can work well if it's just a collage.  
but if you wanted to overlap it on top of an image you need the magic wand.
  it's the tool that not surprisingly looks like a magic wand.
that'll take the white background away.  after you press enter and move it off the grid.
you also have to magic wand inside the o's and e's - wherever there is white space.  
i did that with this image.

so this one could be dropped over an image.
like this!

ok, did i just confuse you?
i hope not too badly.
ask questions in the comments, and i'll answer as best as i can.
or if you are a designer and would like to set me straight - tell us easier ways, by all means...
oh, and i love you too ...

ps: over on simply southern today.  talking about my fear of being taken...


  1. I suppose in order for one to do this, you would need fairly neat hand writing, or printing. So much for me being able to do this! haha My writing is decent sometimes, but with a paint brush? Forget about it!

  2. Ooo thanks for sharing! I'm super new to all this blogging/craftyness that goes on computer style so it's super helpful to have tutorials!

  3. AMAZING. Thank you for this. Don't jude me if something like this pops up on my blog sooner or later :)

  4. Ooh so cute! Trying this out for sure! :)

  5. I came across your blog a week or two ago and I've been wondering how you make your watercolor images! They're really beautiful but I think I would have to work on my handwriting first if I wanted to try it!


  6. I was wondering how you did your watercolors {which I absolutely love, by the way}. I've been looking for a watercolor brush for Photoshop, but I haven't found anything yet. I might need to try this soon, so thanks for posting :)


  7. Love it and sounds easier than I thought. Do you also use photoshop to make your photos into circles on your sidebar?

    www. something-simple.net

  8. @ashley - I did. but i think you can do that in picnik too!

  9. next question.

    what kind of scanner do you have? i dont have oneeee... dont know if i need one... we'll see.

    and love the tutorial!

  10. Thanks for the tutorial! :-)
    xoxo from Trinidad

    p.s. i posted a cool recipe today - I thought you might like it

  11. Oh this is beautiful I want to try to do this asap =)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  12. I love this post! And you! Thanks for sharing! I need a PSE tutorial as well. That junk is not easy to use!

  13. I love it! I know mine will look like my three year old did it because I am the most inartistic person there is. I know, I know, its probably very simple, but I also have awful handwriting! lol so sad!

  14. This is so awesome. I would have never thought of this but it seems so easy to do.

  15. I just bookmarked this page!!! I'm pulling out the watercolors as we speak!!! Thanks sharing hun!


  16. I LOVE the magic wand tool - I use it all the time! & I love love your watercolors - my mom got me a set for Christmas, so I should start playing around with them!! :)

  17. Photoshop really is the most awesome tool on earth, I love it! Cute photo of you guys!

  18. Love this! And love your new layout too! it's gorgeous!


    Ps...Enter my MASSIVE Giveaway!

  19. I am totally trying this...How Cute and Fun :)

  20. That looks awesome! :) What a great idea!

  21. You've inspired me yet again! Can't wait to try this!

  22. Now that is awesome! You guys are so cute!

  23. I'm loving all your watercolour additions lately! So pretty freshand feminine. And I like the tutorial , wasn't confusing at all. I guess another really easy wayis to go to select - and then colour range...and iit lets you pick the white and immedietally select it all.... I luuurve that feature in photoshop! hehe and now that I scrolled all the way down in comments I see Lola again, and even though I commented yesterday, I just want to say (again) that she is soooo cute!!!!

  24. ugh I need to learn how to do shorter comments.

  25. Okay so this pretty much my new favorite thing ever! i seriously am going to go try it right away i love love love it so so much!! <3 Thanks for sharing this little gem!

  26. good to know, sarah! and i am loving your new layout! check out my giveaway tomorrow, xo!

  27. love this!!! loving the new look of your blog too!!!!

  28. what a fabulous idea! thanks so much for sharing :)


  29. I really need to practice my painting skills first, but at least now I know! Thanks Sarah, it was really sweet of you to post this - I'm always looking for blogging tips :-)

  30. This is super cute..!




  31. This is sooo helpful. I was actually trying to figure this out the other day and had little luck! I must try again now!


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