2012 through instagrams + favorite posts

2012, I like you.  In a different way than 2010 or 2011.  You’re the year I carried my baby boy around with me for much of it.  You’re the year I started my business.  You’re even a year I learned I could love my husband  more than I thought possible.  I’m thankful for your trials, and you’ve given me a lot of blessings.  You’ve changed my heart in a good way.  Thanks for all of this.

excited to raise a baby with this guy.  
get to live near this.  
get to smell these on occasions
cuddle this little monster.  
Happy 2012 was the launch of this.  
I learned a bit about this.  
i got to plan weddings here. 

here too.

i’m about to kiss these lips.  like less than a week. !!!  2012 was definitely the year of falling in love with this little dude.  
i wrote lots of thank you letters.  
my belly sure grew.  

Here are some 2012 Highlight posts… I fell in love with a little pup named Lola.  I enjoyed date nights on Anna Maria.  JB turned 30, and along with it he had a surprise party, and 30 sweet notes from friends/fam.  I did a little re-cap on what I wore in Europe during our travels in 2010/2011.  Spent some time in Boca Grande with the fam.  Went to the farmers market, and had boat days.  I shared a bit about my open heart surgery.  I wore a pretty dress.    I got to cheer my sister on when she graduated college from Ole Miss.  I was featured on Sterling Style.  Jess took some photos of me and lola.  The cat, errr kitten came out of the bag.  I started writing letters to Tuck, and this one is still my fave.  I learned something pretty hilarious about JB… he once sold his dance moves.  I wrote out a few of my thoughts during weeks 6-11 of pregnancy.  Totally guilty- I dress like a blogger.  I headed to Highlands, NC.  Kendall got married in Virginia!  Spent some time in Rhode Island for JB’s cousins wedding.   I went to Making Things Happen, finally!!  We traveled to Panama for Haley and Damaso’s wedding, and I was 8 months pregnant!  I wore Camilyn Beth to Wine, Women, and Shoes.  I confessed my undying love for Christmas Cards, and it looks like I’m not alone.  We went on a little babymoon.  And now… we’re awaiting the arrival of John Bullock Tucker IV.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, inspiring, amazing, 2013.

These two will most likely get the breaking news of Tucks arrival, follow along to be one of the first to see him:  instagram // twitter 

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