Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love affair with Loafers

i got to meet with my first bride today!
i've got an ear infection though, which is not fun, not fun at all.
it's given me time to hunt down my perfect loafers.  really meaningful stuff around here.
the ones that got away. . .
this happens maybe twice a year.  I obsess over something that was so perfect, and yet I did not purchase.  I found these leopard loafers at forever 21 back in October, and for some hair brained reason I did not snatch them up.  I bet I would have lived in them and some skinnies.  and a shirt too!  i'm not going out neked. 
they looked like these but had a $19 price tag.  darn it!
however, I did find these guys at shop ruche.  $24.50
... i'm not sure i can resist. 

Would you wear loafers?  
or are they a bit too grandma for you?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tilly || Maison - Sponsor Giveaway

I first discovered Tilly || Maison at Bettina's flat in Zurich earlier this fall.
I have always been a lucite lover. I've been known to buy a monogrammed lucite tray for a wedding gift a time or ten. Trays are awesome.  They are the carriers of breakfast, a 5 o'clock libation, snacks, my 2pm cup of darjeeling.  They organize my make up, my pens, my jewelry.  They spice up an entry way.  I am a fan of trays.  So when Bettina introduced me to the adorable petite lucite trays which are handcrafted, and painted to perfection. . . I wanted to squeel!
chevron, stripes, glitter ... 
oh my heavenly days, I've found the perfect gift.  

Some of my favorite items are:

A Petite Lucite Tray in chevron red.
The gray and black chevron petite trays stacked together.  perfect for make up!
Would this look great in your office?
The glitter lucite tray is definitely a favorite!
This sample sale Ostrich lucite ... gorg.

One lucky reader will win a petite Tilly || Maison tray of their choice.

To Enter:
Like Tilly || Maison on Facebook 

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Pin your favorite item from above or the shop

Good Luck Beautifuls!

{congrats Between the Boxwoods, you won the Stella & Dot Chantilly Earrings}

Monday, November 28, 2011

a peek inside

Yesterday our neighbor came over with a big basket of fresh veggies.
I love her already.
And since many have asked for a few pictures around the house ... here you go.
the lime and orange tree!
these tropical flowers from our backyard.
This is an old mirror i spray painted design master's robins egg blue, then took the mirror out and replaced it with kitchen twine (fastened with a glue gun), and a few of my favorite things are pinned up now.
this was a fail of a project for me.  we purchased this poster from the kunstmuseum in basel, brought it home ... but it got a bit worse for the wear.  We applied it with modge podge to MDF. 
 both ideas were from Holly at Nothing But Bonfires (a MUST read).
The pretty pom tassles are from Over the Moon Handmade!
i painted this old suitcase i had from college - that i had previously painted that summer at my aunts house in louisiana.  the globe is from pottery barn.  the keys are from a swiss flea market, as are the three books standing upright.  I had to sneak the books home with me in 2010, JB about had a fit that I was bringing them home!  (:  
 The other books I have on there are: 1000 things to see before you die which was a gift from cami, a girls guide to hunting and fishing which i picked up at goodwill (read the paper back version... not very good) and I married Adventure which Bettina gave me when i left swissyland.  I have a ridiculous number of books but these are my current faves to see everyday.
I love filling my home with beautiful things that remind me of times and special people in my life.  i love mixing old and new things.  But mostly old.  
And you?  Are you more modern or vintage or preppy? or?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

snippets from thanksgiving 2011

thanksgiving this year was one of my favorites.
here's why:
we started off the week celebrating my parents 37th wedding anniversary.
i met up for shopping with my mom and sister, where all three of us had {unbeknownst to the others} worn navy stripes. we looked like ridiculous triplets.
being silly with my sister wearing our matching hats... which was actually on purpose.  
my sisters hummingbird cake
peonies at whole foods
lunch with my best friends that lasted three hours.  i think we watched the tables turn over at least 3 times.
sneaking the video camera of my dad dancing to "i'm sexy and i know it"
limoncello.  enough said.
having 11 guests at our house.  thankful for all of jb's montana clan that came to visit.
a fish fry
my ninny's corn

sorry for the poor quality of my blackberry photos.  i just felt like soaking it all up sans camera this year.  
feeling so grateful!...
and now, it is beach time.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful 2011

this year i am thankful for:

cotton candy colored sunrises and sunsets
pen pals in Switzerland
the simple pleasure of a hot shower and a cold drink of water
JB caught fish (free dinners!)
baked apples ... so so yum.
tomatoes. nom nom nom.
ocean waves
being home for thanksgiving
faith, family, friends.

Happy thanksgiving!
Hope you are super full ... of food. and love.  

{thankful list from last year}

What are you thankful for this year?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i'd rather have peonies on my table ...

than diamonds on my neck. the week.

i have a peony obsession.
you might have noticed on this blog...
thought i'd pull all my fave peonies into one post.
so much prettiness.
{vienna 2010}
{zurich 2010}
{basel 2010}
{solingen germany 2010}
{basel 2011}
{the vitra house in germany, 2011}
{colmar, france, 2011}
{bern 2011}

what's your favorite flower?

thankful post coming tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sponsor Giveaway: Stella & Dot

My guess is you've heard about Stella & Dot!
They have gorgeous accessories.
and their packaging is so cute... no wrapping necessary.
it even says "hello gorgeous" when you open the little box!
 my favorite items?  well, i paired them with a photo from our travels.
Camilla Ring: $49
The Tribute Bracelet which celebrates life, courage and strength with this delicate bracelet dedicated to 
breast cancer awareness.:  $36
Jewelry Case in Teal: $98

Today we're giving away these stunners.
The Chantilly Lace Earrings!

if these were mine i'd wear them with every little black dress, or little white dress i own.
or with jeans and a Tee.
so basically, constantly.  

To Enter:
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you will be entered to win hundreds in free stella & dot!  
Then let me know in a comment (:

Good Luck!  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Introducing ...

Dreams are precious to me. 
So much so that sometimes I have a hard time telling anyone about them. 
 I am guarded at times, in more ways than I would care to admit.
I fear their reaction.
I don't want them to discourage me with a look,  words  I deem careless, or an outright dismissal.
I don't wish I was any less sensitive.  I admire transparency, emotion, an abandonment to ice queen in other people.  And it's time for me to admire that in myself.  
I have always seen and felt everything on an entirely different level.
That's the INFJ in me.

Thus, why I've been reluctant to tell anyone about what I have been wanting to do for sometime now.
It has always been a dream of mine. 
 But one I thought someone else was lucky and talented enough for, surely not me.  {see this post}
Even when countless people have told me for years that i'd be perfect at this.
I began telling my husband, my mom, my best friends, and people i've "met" on the  interweb that i knew 
would shoot me straight.  
I prayed.  and prayed.  
I asked Amazing people who to say I admire would be taking it very lightly, in the industry, that were so incredibly encouraging I really had to pinch myself.
I first started telling the people that "get it" on the creative front.  
Everyone came back to tell me similar things:
You HAVE to do this. // You were MADE for this.  // This is your CALLING.
... and my feathers would puff up.  i'd gain confidence!  
... and then one person would roll their eyes.  or just wouldn't say anything but look at me with wide wondering eyes as if to say "you poor lost dreamer of a soul".  ha.
just a few ... and I'd crumple to bits.
but i am over it.
over seeking approval.  
Because Gods been more than nudging, and the faith He has put in my heart is enough for me to follow my dreams.
 i know in my soul  that I will be exceptional at this.
and my heart just isn't wrong y'all.
there's nothing rash about this decision, as i've been plotting, researching, dreaming ever since 2009.

i am detail oriented, a natural planner, a celebrate-a-holic, and incredibly quick to discover solutions.  
with killer taste. {yes, i just said that}
i am absolutely T totally in love with love. 
celebrations where love stories are rejoiced is exactly where i belong.

After being in a number of weddings, planning my own, and others ... 
I'm opening up:

 full {and a la carte} styling, design, and planning company.
Sarah Tucker Events is a 

I'm working with the most talented, passionate, creative people to bring the site live in the next month.  
I cannot wait to share it with you!

But since you all have encouraged me in more ways than you'll ever know, I wanted to give you dibs.
oh and if you'd like to be my cheerleader in the comments below you can be sure I'll be blowing you kisses from FL.

{now booking weddings for 2012/2013}
{email me if you are interested:}
{will travel absolutely anywhere, obviously (:}

Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 adventures of our first year abroad...

some favorite euro moments
#1 Leyman, France
we had been living in switzerland for two weeks.  we figured why not hike to france and up to their castle.  while that was super fun (also exhausting) we did work up an appetite.  We walked into a place where not a soul knew english.  oh joy.  we ordered, well ... we weren't sure of what we ordered.  But when our plates were in front of our faces the waiter said something very stern.  it apparently was DON'T TOUCH THE PLATE IT IS HOT
but we didn't know.  jb touched the plate.  everyone in the room died laughing.  
ha ha ha, the joke was on us.  we laughed about it then, but we belly laugh about it now.

#2 Lugano, Switzerland
easter sunday.  the first easter i had ever been away from my family.  it was spent basking in the italian section of Switzerland.  The sun was out.  We hadn't lived in Switzerland for very long.  We decided we'd try a hostel as this was how our european peers traveled.  UM.  not okay for newlyweds.  We were in a room with 10 14 year old girls, JB, me, and a man who kept ordering the girls around.  i abandoned my bunk and hopped in jbs top bunk.  I'm sure that made the 14 year old girls really comfortable.... we made it through the night all right.  But this would certainly be our last hostel experience.
Basel, Switzerland
Our first years stove.  On the right we would shove old papers in there to gain warmth.  and oh that sweet stove.  we'd have to light it each time with a match.  i was bald for a time due to a light gone wrong.  i love this little apartment.  I cried when we left.  It was the first time we had a home together.  One that was all ours.  we had dinner parties here, we developed friendships there on our porch, oh and the wine and cheese party ... just the mention brings a huge smile across my face.  

to be continued... 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

it's tuesday and i'm feeling... loved.

I love this guy.
i feel super blessed to have him.
he's supportive, encouraging, and makes a point to tell me something sweet every day.
i can't believe i have that.
and i never want to take it for granted.
never. ever. ever.
{note to self!}

:::photo via jessica lorren photography:::

Monday, November 14, 2011

Heather & Billy || The Wedding

the photos are in!
check them out - over on Jessica Lorren's site
and grab a box of tissues.  
 soo stunning, moving, dreamy and just flat out perfect.

Billy & Heather from Ashten on Vimeo.

and a video too?

Wake Forest

we were in charlotte this past weekend.
for one of our closest friends surprise birthday party. 
it was a success! yay!
we also were able to see other friends  {and their cute babies}, and visit JB's alma mater.
Wake Forest.
Which basically looks like a country club for smart people. and cute dressing girls.
and north carolina in general is gorgeous.  particularly so this time of year.  

Happy Monday dahlings.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

walks through desoto

hear, hear.
walking with your momma is the best.
sun-up or sundown works for me.

have you called your momma today?
or someone who feels like momma to you?
you should ...