Wednesday, August 31, 2011

sponsor giveaway: k.slademade clutch


Oh do I have a treat for y'all!
ever since i discovered k.slademade i wanted one of her beautiful and lovingly made by hand clutches, or bracelets, or earrings.  anything!
 and then she became a sponsor and guess what?  I got my very own!
isn't she a beaute.  {also worn here. }
I'm not just flaunting my pretty teal clutch for no reason ... one of you will get one too!
and not just any one.  an all leather one of your choice!

 A bit about her line from the talented designer herself:  

"My passion is to create something for women that makes them feel beautiful.  I use natural leathers and beautiful fabrics from my travels and local shops to be the basis of my designs.  These precious finds are used to create one-of-a kind handbags, clutches, carry-alls, totes, jewelry pieces and accessories. Today kslademade pieces are scattered from Germany to Australia to China and throughout the United States, perfect for brides and bridesmaids, businesswomen and stay-at-home moms. I continue to add to my materials and repertoire to create global pieces that speak to women everywhere." - Kelsea

TO ENTER:  Check out  k.slademade and let us know what your favorite item is. 

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buy something from k.slademade and send me the receipt!


:::congrats to Katy Pflaum, you won the LEIF bangles, send me an email!:::

Thursday, August 25, 2011

oh my perfect day.

oh my heart.  it is full.
i was riding the bike today, and smiling like a fool.  the kind where you aren't even aware you're smiling.  
then a truck filled with men passed by and I realized I was smiling at them too.  
it was the prettiest of days.  spent in my favorite park in the world with my favorite human in the world.  
i love days like these.  i want to hold onto them forever.
to wrap them up tight, and keep them stored away for always.
but what's even better is knowing that what is ahead {whatever that may be} will be even more amazing
then I think my heart may explode of happiness.  jump right out of my chest.
switch modes from mush and gush to funnies.
The picture on the left is how I found JB.  I kept calling after him... he was trying to blend in with the tree?  
i think we may need to work on our hiding skills.  

the one on the right... oh this one, this is played on me bi-weekly. 
the scene: man with rat tail sunbathing alone in speedo.  JB says "PSSSSST" ... JB ducks into bushes, 
 the speedo man looks at who else?  ME.
I laugh awkwardly.   run and hide.  

oh JB, your time is coming, I will get you one of these days!  
and please don't ever stop being silly.  i'd miss it too much.  
but really, no more psssst-ing.


oh and here's some music by the band The Civil Wars.  I can't stop listening.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

must have been a mermaid in another life.

Summer has finally hit Switzerland.
In late August??  yes.
Even though I'm enjoying all this sunshine, rhine swimming, and bike rides ... 
I'd sure like to take a dip in the Ocean to cool off.
These photos from our Croatian trip will just have to do. 


I'm also sharing about how we handled having a long distance relationship
 over on AV's sweet blog, Long Distance Loving!  Check it out (:

We have a winner!!  

:::congrats to Emily of All you Need is Love, you won the Shabby Apple Francine Skirt:::

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LEIF giveaway

Thanks to all who entered!:::

I have a real life LEIF obsession.  
The creative girl behind LEIF has incredibly discerning eyes for beautiful, fresh, and fun items.
Lucky for us!

For a special hostess, birthday, house warming gift ... look no further.
and don't forget to buy one for you too (; 

Here are a few of my very favorite items:

omg. these guys were made for me.

And guess what?
one of you luckies will win these fab bangles.

These pretties are handmade in Mali.
"A traditional African design that somehow feels so right now."
Could. not. agree more.

TO ENTER:  Just be a follower of this blog, and let me know which way you follow.

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good luck!


Monday, August 22, 2011

in a sea of gladiolus

I am lance armstrong these days.
onnnnly kidding.
you know how I know I'm not?
besides the fact that i'm not male... {i'm not, i promise}
I get passed by great grandmothers on the road.
like 10 times a day.
but hey, i get off my behind (yay!) ... even if i do go slow as molasses.  
corn on corn!

we are obviously a very intimidating biker crew.  
Hope you all had a great weekend! 
 Mine was filled with flea markets, buying gold keys, couscous, french food, a hop in the rhine and bike rides. 
what about yours?

::: don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple Giveaway:::