Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guest Post by Lauren of Aspiring Kennedy

I'm away visiting my BFF4L (ha. i'm twelve :)
in beautiful Pensacola Beach, FL
While I'm headed out, you guys get a big treat!
The incredibly inspiring Lauren of Aspiring Kennedy is here today.  Lucky y'all (:


Hi, friends.

 the writer behind Aspiring Kennedy.

As you may or may not know,
the land where
white tea, men in great suits, & Kate Moss 
reign supreme.

Over the last few months,
I've keep hearing Ms. Moss' famous quote
get passed around in social scenes...
and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

If you haven't heard it, 
Kate famously dropped the line:
"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."

I see the logic, 
but if you will excuse me, Kate...
I'm not you've tasted some of the my favorite things.

Allow me to introduce you to...

Five Foods Worth Gaining Ten

1. Pie & Mash

Chicken, leek, & pancetta pie
over Irish mash {potatoes with cheese & onions}
drowned in gravy.

My personal favorite pie is 
next to Liberty of London

2. Street Food

The smell of onions cooking on a grill
draws me in like a magnet every single time.

...and so do tarts

...oh, and pretty fruit.

3. Southern Desserts

What is summer until you have some
fried pies & strawberry shortcake?

4. Croque Madame

Kate must have been too busy 
walking the runway at fashion week
to sit down at a cafe for one of these gems.

I dont eat ham, cheese, or runny eggs...
but this creation breaks every rule.

Don't forget the mustard. 
Please, do not forget the mustard.

5. Laduree 

Their macarons are incredible...
but the Isaphan tart will make you cry.

Rose macaron with raspberries and cream. 
It's inexplicable,
but trust me, Kate...
it'll be worth trading in those size 0 skinny jeans.

*all images are original to Aspiring Kennedy. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

prague dreaming

So JB left. 
I'm pretty much the gloomiest looking girl on my block.
I can't decide if I love or hate the hidden notes everywhere.
each time I find one, I start to cry.
no, but i can decide. i do love them. particularly the one near the cheese in the fridge.
you knew I'd go there first.

I'm gearing up for the next time I see zu mann (german for the husband- i think...?) 
 . . . we will be jetting off to Scotland just a few days after my arrival in Suisse.  a whole 6 weeks away.
To visit our friends and return to my homeland.  
My maiden name was morrison y'all.
we even have our own plaid.
i'm scottish.  the kilt wearing kind.

sooooo in preparing for our next adventure and honestly mainly to cheer myself up ... 
I thought Prague deserved a re-post.  I didn't do it justice the first post around.  
 due to exhaustion.  Yep, exhaustion from a two week summer vacation.  
Yeah ... don't feel bad for me. 
 But my head was spinning by the end of the trip.  I definitely arrived at the point where I could not read another sign or go into another museum.  I'm apparently not that cultured.  So anyway, pardon my first post.  Here's a few better photos from our lovely time in prague. oh and a video (: 

{we're not ballers. that's like 10 $ usd.  annnnnd love midday espressos in europe.  would never do it in america}
{garlic bread. an app on every menu in prague. yes, please.}
{a piano in the middle of a park in prague.  why?  i don't even care. just please, please continue}
{basically my constant companion, next to JB when i was there}
{note to self: take sunglasses off this summer}

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into prague.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Florida Living

this guy is my best friend.  suisse- can he just stay a little longer?

 a little movie with a fave band of horses song.

Spring break.  late twenties style.  we fished a little, drank coronas, met up with friends and tied up to their boat, and are now quite sun-kissed.
JB leaves for Switzerland on Wednesday. this wednesday.  It has come quick this year.  far too soon in my opinion.
I'm stuck here until May 10th finishing up grad school.  
I know it's what needs to happen, but a big part of me wishes i could just sneak into his suitcase.  

I'm thankful I have a lot to look forward to.
a road trip this weekend to visit Ash, Carley, & Janet (:
a trip to Memphis & Oxford, MS to take a very BIG test (which i'm terrified of)
HVH's second bachelorette in Vegas!!  

Thank goodness I'll be busy . . . 
Although I'm sure there will be lots of these posts coming to you in the near future.

(gigantic baby human who already misses her not yet gone husband)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

what i wore to a concert

Citizen Cope was incredible live.  Even though I was practically man handled at the door due to my camera.  Two men started screaming "she has a 35mm!" the other one says, "she's got a detachable lens" ... I just stood there, very confused.  and dear security guard,  I don't have a 35mm lens!   I guess it's a sign that I don't go to concerts often enough since I thought I'd skate passed security with my big camera unnoticed.   
No matter, we still had fun with our favorite couple friends- Michelle & Eric, also in tow was with their incredible and hilarious family.  The night was perfect.  particularly slow dancing with JB to Sideways (:  

This is what I wore to a Concert:
{dress - h&m, belt- h&m, necklace - saks, glasses - warby parker sinclair}
PS I actually wore the dress backwards because it was a little more modest that way.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notes from the kitchen . . .

At dinner I like to load up on my phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, and omega 3's.

brussels sprouts.  one of my faves, but they get a bad rap.
  these little guys can be quite tasty if cooked correctly.

recipe here 
green beans: boil for 2 minutes, pour in ice cold water, saute with garlic & EVOO 
husband caught trout- with EVOO & seasoning.  perf.
artichoke - boil in water for 30-40 minutes
dip in butter.
i got this for JB from Sur La Table last weekend
we love how this fish keeps our hands from burning up!

squash from the garden!
our squash from the garden is the above one.
the "organic" squash from grocery store is on the bottom.
in this case, bigger is better, and sweeter too!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Bride's Brunch: A Jessica Lorren Photography production

So now that you've been introduced to some of the privileged characters in the last few posts
(emily, jessica, kate, sarah)
(P.C. = privileged characters = that's what my little mississippi momma says. 
just teaching you southern, that's all. )
You can enjoy this post even more.  Now that you know the P.C.'s .

I know I've shouted from the rooftops about how much Jessica Lorren is the best thing to ever happen to wedding photography.  
But can I pleeeeease do it one more time?  
or let's just be honest here, this isn't going to be the last time.  not hardly. 

She hosted a Bride's Brunch
For her brides past and present.  
What wedding photographer does that?
It was delightful in every single way.

photo via em=me
{F21 scalloped skirt, anthro necklace, banana tank, stuart wietzman nude pumps, collected bangles, glasses- warby parker}
HVH - the hand/ring model.  
yep, the sandwiches are in the shape of whales and fishies. yummy and cute.
best photographer in the world.  jessica lorren.
awww look it's airforce barbie.
and i quote "I could have gotten my wings instead of coming down here" ...- emily
who arrrrre you?  
kate's granola will ruin all other granola for you.  it just won't compare.
if you're engaged, look no further.  go here right this second and book while you can.  


Today was far less glamorous than this Sundays brides brunch.  
i sauteed squash and carrots with my kiddos.