Sunday, February 27, 2011

dear weekend, come back soon.

it was the weekend.  and what's not nice about that?  I ate tons of seafood, shopped with my mom, went to a spring training game, hung out with not one - but two - boston terriers and bought the perfect strapless bra.  it is border line awkward how much i'm obsessed with it.  when i showed jb he said "all bras are the enemies" ... and then i laughed all day.  Any weekend i get to hang with my mom and boston terriers, shop, and eat husband caught fish is one heckova good one.  Oh, and i watched 3 back-to-back episodes of modern family. cherry on top.  
hogfish & sheepshead galore.  
Meet Cuda & Igby.  They love to make out.  literally, all day long.
So soooo cute
my mouth is watering just looking at these and I already ate a HUGE meal tonight.
chop these up.  add a good fish = ceviche
dinner party for our parentals
Em at em=me gave me this baked brie recipe.  drizzled with honey.  mmmm. 

Hope your weekend was just what you needed/love. 



Thursday, February 24, 2011

another love letter to italy

milan. milano. italy. italiano.  
i love you.  you're divine.  whenever I hear about you or reminisce about you, my eyes glaze over like a love drunk fool.  

my husband makes fun of me because we have to see other places in Europe ... but all my heart wants is Italy ...  I keep telling him - we could just go down for a few days to Cinque Terre or Portofino or Florence.  I mean, we will literally be four hours to the italian border.  positively crazy-ness not to, right?  But he is wise and tells me I need to be open to the other places we're heading this next year.  I say - OK. fine.  but we are going back to Italy next year, right?!!  Hoping I feel that same way about Greece, Sweden, Scotland, and Croatia.  But perhaps this little heart of mine couldn't handle that much longing.
What is it about gelato, italian tomatoes, and the gorgeous milanese women? 
 straight out of heaven i tell ya.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

reminiscing about paris ...

I love to live in the moment.  But this morning I found it hard to stay put there.  Found myself daydreaming of our european vacation plans.  And since I haven't really shared much about our trip to Paris, a post was necessary.  

My top 10 fave things about paris:
1. people watching
2. cheese
3.  real french fries
4. the eiffel tower lawn
5. wine
6. kissing in such a romantic place
7.  the plethora of striped shirts
8. beret's
9. french coffee
10. gawking at french women.  

Have you been?  what's your favorite thing about Paris?

engagement gift

A little engagement gift for H & B.
with some unsolicited advice tied to each.
always butter each other up. (butter dish)
always spoon each other at night (measuring spoons)
always pour yourself out to each other (pitcher)
i totally ripped this off from somewhere on the internet.  was it you?  let me know!

what's your go-to engagement gift??