Wednesday, December 28, 2011

where did you get ?

A whole post dedicated to what I got for christmas / bought myself with christmas loot.
{sparkle & fade dress - lace trim dress}
{i went with mustard by the way for the holidays}
I also bought jeans.
i'm not much of a jean girl.  I prefer to buy dresses instead.  
i also don't enjoy trying on jeans.  just not into it.  
i buy the same ones from j.crew year after year.  
which is pretty boring of me.
but with some christmas bounty i bought
paige skyline denim!
and let me tell you they are worth every penny.
I'm 5'9'' and it's hard for me to find jeans the right length.  these can be worn with heels, with flats, rolled up ... and they look good every which way.
they look good.
let's just say JB been playing conway twitty's "babies got her blue jeans on"
i might be a jeans girl afterall.
I found this pretty sheer thing at forever too.  
I just put the sparkle and fade dress underneath.
i think this is my NYE dress!
I can't find it online... or even a similar one.  best to check your store.
{you can buy the iphone case here}
 the loafers were found here
necklace is j.crew
watch is michael kors - similar one here

{cardigan is forever, shoes are urganog, necklace is h&m, jeans are j.crew}

All right Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ah I love all your loot, lady! I wish I wore more dresses but I am such a wuss with the cold. I think if I lived in Florida, or anyplace that is consistently pleasant, I'd definitely wear more dresses. I mean, I see lots of ladies wearing dresses and skirts here (NYC) in the winter with tights and I think "homegirl, we know you look awesome but you and I both know you're freezing!"

  2. The link for the mustard dress isn't working. I would really love it for a wedding I have coming up. Can you retry the link? Thanks!

  3. @christin - I know what you mean... I'd be a wuss too i think!

    and allison - the link works for me, but it could be a browser thing. it's a lace trim sleeveless dress from forever21. look in new arrival dresses from their home screen. sorry the link didn't work for you!

  4. thank you for posting the link to the loafers, I have been on the hunt for a cheetah or leopard pair and happily found them while checking out the ones you have. Also that mustard dress is killer, might have to check that out too

  5. loving your nye dress!! pretty pretty!

  6. loving your nye dress!! pretty pretty!

  7. I love dress one! So so gorgeous! The colors I love :] Also, you have the BEST bod ever! Seriously... I'm jealous lady! You are the cutest :]

    Come check out my style blog and follow along if you wish!


  8. looks adorable! come check out my shabby apple giveaway! xo

  9. your loot is awesome! love everything you got/bought!

  10. OK...LOVE # 1 - SUPER DUPER cute! I also have those beige shoes...seriously...just bought them...i'll have to tweet you... you feet look WAY cuter than mine

    xoxo from Trinidad

  11. i have that sparkle and fade dress in the magenta, LOVE it! It fits great and is one of my go-tos!

  12. Ah your loot is all so so good- adore the sparkly loafers and NY dress!

  13. Loafers are simply sparktacular! Love your fashion sense, can't wait to see NYE pics with that fabulous dress!

  14. I have those Paige jeans and they are amazing!! I gotten so many compliments on them. Looks like you had a good Christmas!

  15. Awesome loot Sarah! My gift from J just arrived today and I'm not allowed to open it yet. I also got a few small things. I need to reward myself after I get over this flu. And you're 5'9" wow! Can you please send a couple inches my way? heheh

    xx Vivian @

  16. You're like my sister! I'm a jeans girl through and through, but I'm trying to muster up the care to shave my legs and wear dresses more often haha :)

  17. love your style and your looks! i'm not a jeans girl.. i find one pair I like and buy it in different washes and wait for them to fade away before I buy other pairs. The sparkle and fade look is gorgeous!

  18. love that h&m neckalce - always have. it reminds me of europe!

  19. I feel like I just went shopping with you! :) I love that JCrew necklace and the MK watch :)

  20. You found some of the cutest stuff! I am jealous!

  21. Oh I absolutely LOVE that first dress you got and everything else for that matter! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

  22. Love the potential NYE dress! And aren't Paige jeans great? (They actually make me look like I have butt, which I don't really have from all my running...tmi?)

  23. Looks like you made out well this holiday season :)

  24. Beautiful long dress...I agree with the jean thing..I hate shopping for jeans because I am short..haha I can wear dresses everyday...but unfortunately it is cold in the I do have to wear jeans sometimes...:-)

  25. Love the J.Crew shoes in the last photo. Amazing!

  26. Your style makes me melt a bit, lady! I'm a huge huge forever fan of baby blue and turquoise and all the lovely hues I've been seeing from you lately are just perfect. I too prefer to buy dresses over jeans, but every once in a while it certainly is a great feeling to find a perfect pair! Adoring those dresses too, and mustard = perfect for holidays.

    tanti baci bella and happy new year!

  27. Hi Sarah, I love your style... i got the same f21 lace dress last month and wore on Turkey day!
    PS- tell JB its not Twitty... but the great Mel McDaniel who sang that classic ;)

  28. Love it all! So cute! :) Happy New Year!

  29. I absolutely love the Paige Skyline. Try J Brand's slim boot too, they are amazing too!


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