Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful 2011

this year i am thankful for:

cotton candy colored sunrises and sunsets
pen pals in Switzerland
the simple pleasure of a hot shower and a cold drink of water
JB caught fish (free dinners!)
baked apples ... so so yum.
tomatoes. nom nom nom.
ocean waves
being home for thanksgiving
faith, family, friends.

Happy thanksgiving!
Hope you are super full ... of food. and love.  

{thankful list from last year}

What are you thankful for this year?


  1. I can get on board with all of those except for the one about tomatoes, don't know why but I just don't love them.

    I wrote a very short post about what I'm thankful for (even though I'm not American). You can check it out if you have time here...

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a lovely day :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING X

  2. What a lovely post :) faith family and friends :) what a good way of summing it up! Happy thanksgiving!x

  3. I am very thankful that fairy tales come true, and I've found a blog to prove it... among other things.
    Thank you!

  4. I am loving how happy all these thanksgiving lists are! the cotton candy colored flowers make me smile!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Ah, tomatoes are my favorite! Forgot to add those to my list, heehee. Happy thanksgiving, doll!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your man!! :)

  7. Snugggles are a favorite of mine too!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

  8. tomatoes! yes! and baguettes, cheese, artichokes and priscuitto! haha so thankful for those. and of course my family and friends immensely

  9. today i'm thankful for cups of hot chocolate (it's already raining season here in indonesia) and peaceful afternoon at home with glaaaddd to snuggled myself up with blanket :P

    i love this photo of you and JB.that flowers field is just amazing. look at the colors!!!!

  10. oh awesome is your blog! happy thanksgiving!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah. Beautiful photo!

  12. I am thankful for being healthy and living this adventure here in down under :) happy thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

  13. no need to worry about me, i'm super full of both.

    happy thanksgiving to you, too!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah! Lovely "thankful list"! I just posted mine too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xx Vivian @

  15. Happy Belated Thanksgiving Sarah!

    I am thankful for a wonderful husband; family; friends; coffee dates....and I actually wrote a list myself this year and managed to post it on the right day, which is not bad for me especially as we don't celebrate it here but I wish we did or had a similar day.

  16. love seeing everyone's thankful post :)


    ....tomatoes are the best :)

  17. Sarah I could have written this thankful list myself. Tomatoes, especially home grown ones, I could live off. Ocean, faith family and friends.

    Couldn't have said it better :)

    Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving.

  18. thankful for beautiful bloggers that share their lives and allow me to escape via the blogworld and see parts of the world I may never see but definitely feel like I've visted EVERYTIME I leave their blogs.

    P.s. Your relationship with JB is one of those relationships that comes to mind when I think of a man of GOD and the godgiven LOVE he should have for me and that I desire him to have... Its so beautiful and seeps from your blog!


  19. what a wonderful list of things to be thankful for!! i'm so grateful for many of these as well, especially snuggles and ocean waves...i miss florida!! xoxo


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