Tuesday, November 1, 2011

currently topping my happy list.

These few things are currently topping my happy list:
  • weekends with friends in town
  • putting a little chocolate in my morning coffee
  • 4 outfit posts by yours truly coming to a computer screen near you
  • lunch dates with new friends
  • dressing up for halloween
  • being able to take my ninny to her appointments... knowing it could change in a moment and i'd have a job to run off to and wouldn't be able to take her.  so enjoying being able to do so.
  • my husband officially being hired.
  • snail mail - being both the sender and recipient
  • trick or treaters coming to my door last night.  specifically the lady bug little girl.  
  • treating myself at 11 and 4pm on the daily. just a little glass of tea or piece of chocolate will do.
here are a few etsy finds you may want to purchase.  immediately:

a congrats card to buy for newlyweds.
mr & mrs. burlap stockings
pretty brushed gold earrings
cake flag set; french inspired
my favorite birthday card
this photograph needs to get in my life. and on my wall.
a very pretty 2012 calender

Happy Tuesday!  
what's on the top of your happy list today?


  1. oooooh chocolate in coffee =)

    - Sarah

  2. I need to start ONLY treating myself at 11 and 4, instead of every other hour. Happy Tuesday to you too!

  3. just treated myself to chocolate at 11am. great minds think alike.

    oh and that calendar i must have. so soothing. perfect for work!

  4. Funny, I worked as a barista for a company called Great Lakes Chocolate and Coffee. Delish!

    I'm happy over:
    pretty things to look at
    my hubby
    my doggie
    pasta and really any kind of sauce

  5. lovely things :)

    i sat with my bowl ready for trick or treaters from 5-9pm and not one came by!! so sad.

  6. Love your list and the links!

  7. can't ever go wrong with chocolate :)
    my happy list includes a brand new jar of nutella, the colors of fall on my walk to school, a little tv show called Downton Abbey and planning my first ex-pat Thanksgiving.
    ps. snail mail is the best.

  8. What a great happy list! Glad you're enjoying tea and chocolate! :)

  9. burlap is so maaaaajorly on my happy list lately! and trick or treaters last night made my life so complete. it ALMOST makes me want a little nugget to dress up!

  10. i love the last one. two little indulgences a day sounds perfect.

  11. Just found your blog and already am in love with it! Look forward to following and reading your posts!

  12. I love happy lists! I'm a huge fan of snail mail. Baking is definitely on my happy list right now. So are days off - so amazing!

    Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist

  13. i love that calender! on my list right now tazo chai lattes at starbucks!

  14. Love your etsy choices, especially the watercolor calendar! Also love the idea of having set times for little treats :)

  15. Love love this happy list. Makes me happy too:)

  16. I married a Brit, and discovered just how wonderful a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate or "biscuit" could be. It's the simple things, and so often we don't slow down and savor them as we should. Good list, a good reminder... Thanks

  17. Ahhhh, I can't wait to see y'all dressed up!!

  18. I love your happy list!!
    Looking forward to your outfit posts! yay :)

  19. Snail mail is indeed lovely. And chocolate. Yes.

  20. i wish we got trick or treaters. i don't know what it is about the city but i think they all go to the burbs for halloween

  21. I love snail mail too! Writing letters is one of my greatest joys!

  22. Love your list! I really want to put chocolate in my coffee tomorrow! :)

  23. Chocolate treats are the best! Congrats to your hubby :)

  24. Can't wait for the outfit posts! I love the rest of your happy list, by the way! I'll be sure to check out your Etsy finds too - I'm sure they look as amazing as they sound!



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