Thursday, September 1, 2011

my excuse slip

Sorry for the radio silence lately.
I feel like I need my parents or JB to write me an excuse.
I loved to skip school, and generally always reached my quota for the semester in high school.
that says very little for the high school i went to since i would get all A's... 
my parents egged me on, and i guess if i was a different kid, they'd have forced me to go.
my mom would say, let's go to the beach.  my dad would say, let's go to lunch.
a few times my father wrote me a note and then when I turned it in to the front office, it wouldn't say "excuse my daughter, for she was sick/had an appointment/etc."
it would say:
"excuse my daughter for being the sweetest girl in the whole world".  
dads. they are the best.

and the next best thing to having your mom visit, would have to be her best friends.
that's a good excuse for my lack of blogging? right? (:

My 3 southern mamas have been in town and we have been having the very best time.
They are now back home and I am currently missing them something serious.
I cannot remember when i have laughed so hard, so often.  Like many of you, laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.   I was caught doing just that a couple times a day for the past week ... so much so that it was pointless to wear mascara.  
best ab workout ever.  followed by stuffing my face with every pastry known to man. 

We had some excellent Basel days and I thought I'd walk you through our time here so if you ever decide to hop over to Basel you will have an excellent time too.

They stayed at the Hotel Steinenschanze, which i give ten thumbs up to!   
Big breakfasts, helpful staff, clean rooms, free bus/tram tickets, and free coffee, tea, wine, whenever you'd like.  So if you are staying the night here  and your budget allows, stay here.  

Day 1: 
We ate at a little mediterranean place for lunch on grunpfahlasasse
recovered from jet lag
dinner at lowenzorn

Day 2:
  Petersplatz flea market
lunch at tapas del mar
walked over the rhine
high tea at Le Trois Rois

Day 3:  
Vintage Tram ride through Basel
SoMa Market in klein basel
Lunch in Merian Park
Mass  (in german!)
dinner again at tapas del mar 

The other days were spent doing day trips.  

But we also squeezed in a few things on our evenings and mornings in Basel.

Cheese Shopping

Cheese and Meat plates at Consum

 Swiss Chocolate Shopping

Day Trips we took:

Colmar, France
for french cuisine at La Table Du Brocanteur  
antique shopping

Lucerne, Switzerland
Lunch at Hotel Montana
Boat cruise on lake lucerne

Zurich, Switzerland 
 shopping along Banhofstrasse

Oh so much fun.
we made memories i will look back on and laugh at all over again for years to come. 


  1. we went on a boat trip when we were in Lucene and it was incredible :)

  2. Pretty pretty photos. So glad you had fun with them <3


  3. What a great tip! Southern mamas are the best mamas out there!
    xo emily

  4. So much fun! My friends are in town as I's the BEST!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  5. everything looks amazing, especially the food!

  6. Awww well I think it's more important to have fun and make those memories and laughing so much than making sure that we know what you're doing every second hehee despite the fac tthat we're impatient and love seeing your photos!!! Looks beautiful (and delicious in some cases) I love those pots (? they're not pots are they?) at the antique market, they're so cute!

  7. Day trips in Switzerland are just so wonderful! I remember taking a few when I lived over there - glad you had a wonderful few days :)

  8. Yayay!! I am glad you ladies had such a good time. I love time spent like that!! Good for you for taking a break and enjoying your time. That hotel sounds awesome!

  9. Sarah - do not even show me that chocolate. It's just not fair.

    Looks like a lovely time - that first picture: PRESH.

  10. oh my goodness. you made my heart flutter. check your email.

    and the picture with the swan is breathtaking.

  11. So, so sweet! My mother's best friends are like my second (and third and fourth) moms as well. I very much wish that one day they'll be able to come visit me somewhere exciting! And your photos are absolutely gorgeous- though no surprises there :)

  12. This sounds like so much fun! That lake looks so beautiful! - Alyssa

  13. ur newest follower girl! - i LOVE Switzerland - like u have NO IDEA - i want to move there like no other!!!!

  14. I can't believe I've never been to Switzerland. Looks like such a fun visit !

  15. Moms are absolutely a GREAT excuse to not blog! What a wonderful experience to have with your mom! Beautiful pictures!


  16. Having friends and family is a definite excuse to skip!! So glad you had such a great time, your pictures are beautiful and made me feel like I was right there with you! xoxo

  17. I hope you had an amazing time with your mom and her friends! The pictures are stunning! Love it!

  18. Free coffee whenever?!? Like, not just until the little continental breakfast station runs out?? Sounds fab!

  19. Aaaaaw, the excuse slip story is too cute!!
    Sounds like a fab few days with the ladies:)

  20. How fun they all came to visit! and I love your dad's school youngest just started Kindergarten, so I think they'll both be sending notes in soon.

    I'm singing your praises on my blog really melt my butter! xo

  21. How much fun!! I have a few extra mommas, too & I love them! :)

  22. your blog tends to make me very hungry, haha. beautiful!

  23. LOVE your dad's excuse slips. So precious, and YES dad's are the best. Mine's a great one too!

    I wanna be on the boat cruise under that bridge in the teal water, next to the swam, under the bright flowers. Gorgeous!

  24. omg sarah. this looks like my absolute DREAM. all these pictures are just incredibly, incredibly beautiful!

    i want to come visittttt.

    ive missed happy your back :) xxx

  25. Your photos are lovely! And what a wonderful thing to have a visit from Mom!

  26. Lucern is my all time favorite city! This makes me miss it so much!

  27. so pretty and lovely!! i adore the note your dad wrote - that is the sweetest thing :)

  28. Such a wonderful post about your mom coming to visit you in such a gorgeous place. :)

  29. Gorgeous photos! I am sure they had such a blast with you! I especially love that swan... so lovely!

  30. How cute that your dad would write notes like that!! He's precious!!

    And I love these beautiful pictures, as always. You make me crave Europe!

  31. What a lovely time! The perfect reason for a break. : )



  32. That sounds like such a fun visit!!!! Beautiful pictures. I'm so happy to have a chance to look through your blog again - can't wait to see what you've been up to!

    XO Star

  33. haha. I had the same kind of high school, I skipped quite a bit but nothing my parents really knew about. I still was in the top 10 people of my class. lol.

    love the photos, as usual! :)

  34. I love all of the photos. And cheese shopping seems quite fun!

  35. I love all of the photos. And cheese shopping seems quite fun!

  36. I love all of the photos. And cheese shopping seems quite fun!

  37. I love all of the photos. And cheese shopping seems quite fun!

  38. Colmar is such a cute town, they have amazing Christmas markets in December that I would highly recommend. I would also DIE to go Swiss Chocolate shopping! : )

  39. So jealous! Love these pics. I can only imagine how much fun it was showing them around! Missing you xx

  40. Sarah I love the picture of the Swan under the Bridge. I feel like I should know this, but have you been to Fribourg the town my great-grandmother is from? if not I really think you will love it. Hope your doing well!!

  41. your blog is always such an escape....all the places, the pictures, the food, the seems not real! hope you're enjoying your time with these women and you and JB are having a fabulous labor day weekend!!!

  42. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love that I just randomly found your's officially bookmarked, and I'll be coming back for more!


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