Monday, August 8, 2011

So you pretty much get the gist of our Croatian Vacation.
We kayaked, we swam, we sailed, we island hopped, beached it ...
imbibed on some delicious croatian wine & beer 
and ate sooo much seafood.
that is precisely where my problem stemmed from.
i'm allergic if I have too much.
the only other time this has happened was on our honeymoon, when I kid you not... I ate 5 lobsters a day.  just because I could (all-inclusive) ... lobster at 2 in the morning?  sure. why not? 
JB thought he married a monster.
a lobster monster.
Then I got the hives ... I basically looked like a leper.
It's real cutesels.
Way to unleash the cute side a week after your marriage, Sarah!
Oh surprise JB!  this is what I really look like.
So per usual, I can't say no to seafood. 
and here I am again.... all, loooook how cute your wife is!!  
itch, itch, itch.
to sum it up, i have no self control where shellfish is concerned and my skin pays a hefty price. 
We did have a great time even if the last couple days I started looking like a dog with the mange.
a happy mangey dog at least.  
Enough about my ailments.  
Dubrovnik City Walls!

If you go, walk the city walls.  It's long... but worth it, the view is spectacular.  



  1. Ha...I am totally picturing Hitch after he eats that shrimp and breaks out with such a HUGE face! As always, your photos of Croatia are amazing!

  2. Hey that's ok! I came home from my honeymoon with what the Dr. described as an "strange, unidentifiable caribbean parasite." I had bug bites (from the inside out) from my feet to my neck. It was so attractive. It took 3 months to clear it out of my skin.

  3. Oh, those pictures are so gorgeous!! I love the roofs and the anchors! I'm quite a sucker for shellfish as well. I can't imagine breaking out in hives :( Ah, you poor thing!!

  4. You look adorable nonetheless! I'm jealous of all your travels.

  5. Oh i think i've fallen in love...thanks for taking me on your travels through your lovely photos ;)

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  6. Love all of these pictures! (I always say that, how original.)
    But really I do... I appreciate your eye and photography skills!

  7. Love all the pictures - so pretty! I too am a lobster monster - however - luckily - I don't have any allergies! Love me some lobster!!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  8. Bryan and I went to Dubrovnik June 2010 and fell in love with Croatia. Your photos capture how magical of a place it is!

  9. It looks beautiful! And Sarah, you are too cute. You crack me up!

  10. I don't blame you for giving in to the seafood, even if it does make you look a little cray cray!!

  11. Five lobsters in as many days sounds like a fantastic idea! I'm also slightly obsessed with the pattern on your shorts.


  12. your blog is hot! i love it! can't wait to start following ur blogs! xoxo

  13. how blissful! as always, you take the most exquisite pictures... sorry about the hives! self control woman!! or damn the self control and bring on the itch! hehe

  14. I am getting more and more jealous and these posts continue! Simply stunning!

  15. coming to your blog is always like taking in a breath of fresh air. every. single. time! thank you for giving your readers even a glimpse into your beautiful life :)

  16. You take gorgeous pictures! It looks so amazing there.


  17. o sarbear, the sweet angel girl, i adore these!! you are so lovely.


  18. ohhh sarah!! well if i was allergic i would still eat it too. actually i think i am allergic because i feel really funny when i eat crab and lobseter but no physical break outs.

  19. Your pics are amazing!!!! Cute outfit by the way.


  20. That's a pretty funny honeymoon story! Beautiful pictures, they make me wish I was there!


  21. shrimp gives me hives too. like, as of recently. the first time it happened, i thought it was a fluke. so i vowed to try again, when i could afford to pass out from the benadryl. well, turns out...there's never a good time to have an allergic reaction.

    lessons learned. you inspire me to keep on truckin. safe travels back from the Mother Land!

  22. first, GORGEOUS photos. seriously breath taking :)

    second, a lobster monster...heehee!! And I must ask...are you a Friends fan? (the TV show?) because there's an episode where Pheobe says that Ross is Rachel's lobster (because apparently those critters mate for life) is the most hilarious and adorable thing ever. And you little story made me think of it :) I am so sorry though that your skin pays such a price for you enjoying such delicious food!!! I'd be there chowing down on that shellfish in the wee hours of the morning if it was all inclusive, trust me ;)

    and i saw your guest post over at Sophies. your little things list made me happy :)

  23. these photos are too beautiful! What a lovely place and you are always a stunner :)

  24. Lobster monster! So funny! I break out into hives if I have too much wheat... like if I have pizza and beer, I'm going to get hives. Just pizza I'm OK, just beer, I'm OK, but the two together and I'm a splotchy mess. Life is cruel, how can I have pizza without beer?! (my answer is with red wine) x

  25. Sarah - Love the photos! I love your unique view of everything - it is beautiful!! I think I am going to buy one for my apt in black and white!!!!!!

    <3 Shay

  26. You two are just too cute for words! Love the black and white pic! Since I'm still afraid to fly right now Sarah, I'm toally living vicariously through you!


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