Friday, July 8, 2011

a winner and an unsolved mystery.

Just a few snapshots from this week.
I haven't been feeling too keen which means little has been happening.
But we did get to go on a little rhine cruise, 
and today we crossed the border into Lorrach, Germany to eat like king & queen for 10 euros.
While JB and I were on foot in this little german village enjoying a stroll, a man slowed his car, stuck his head out, pointed at me and literally said "HA HA HA!"  from the depths of his belly.
My reply was hehehe.  Internet, I could not make this weird exchange up.  
I immediately  thought this was because I was wearing my dress that is BRIGHT neon.
After all I looked like a giant highlighter walking the streets.   I don't blame him. 
As it is basically the color of a parking cone.
I asked JB if my dress embarrassed him ... 
it never does, as he is color blind.  fun JB fact.
but the real reason for this whole exchange has left me scratching my head and will remain a mystery.
unless you can crack it.
{yes, it is laundry day, and we are those poor euro souls who do not have a dryer....
but back to the dress ... it's not that ridiculous!
side note: don't you love those girls who look so glam smiling with no teeth.  that isn't me.  toothy smiles seem to be my best bet}

now onto some other photos from this week.  
love those bebe blues.


I was super excited to see that Ashley Lane won the giveaway.  
She is really the sweetest. and writes hi-larious stories of her life.
Congrats Ash Ham!
{send me your address}



  1. Love the pictures. I love that dress even more!!! Esp paired with that glitter belt :) I would NOT be embarrassed standing next to you. And yeah...I envy those olsen twins and their no-teeth smiles!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. the dress is adorable...maybe said man suffers from a child like syndrome that causes him to point and laugh uncontrollably at whomever he sees (some of my kids have this syndrome)... hehe nice pictures, as always :)

  3. Hey Sarah,
    Loving those photos (as always). That fence has so much character. You've got such an eye for the everyday beauty all around us.

    As far as that funny man...I'm gonna say that it was totally the neon. I LOVE that dress btw, but in my limited experience wearing neon I've gotten a few laughs as well. I truly don't understand it. It's not like I'm waving around glow sticks and rockin' the snap bracelets. I have a shirt--a sold neon pink v-neck--and some people just think it's hilarious. But hey, if it brightens their day (pun TOTALLY intended) then I'm all for it ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I'm such a nerd! :)

    I love the dress! You look perf.

  5. Gorgeous photos! And that dress is amazing, I don't care what the silly man says! Highlighter neon is in these days! Does he not know that ?? ;)

  6. Looove the dress/belt combo!!

  7. Wow, I **LOVE** that dress! So cute! And your tooth-less smile is cute!


  8. Ah. Your photos are always so beautiful. And I don't know why he would laugh at your dress.. it's fabulous!

  9. Such a pretty dress and unique color. I love the softness of the fabric and the vibrancy of the color. Very summery.

  10. I love the dress!!!! I would take pride in the old men that laugh...I'm sure he was just jealous he couldn't wear that outfit..hehe :)

  11. i have to think that he just thought you were dead sexy and laughter was the best compliment he could come up with.

    there is no other explanation.

  12. AshHam you crack me up!! sadie i love the dress - never stop wearing it!!!

  13. im sorry you aren't feeling too good! But those flowers are just beautiful especially the yellow ones!

  14. love your dress. the brighter the better!

  15. I love the dress! SUPER FAB! Congrats AshHam! I know this is the BEST DAY EVER for you! :)

  16. I wanna be you. THAT'S how awesome you are. Happy Weekend, Beauty :)

  17. I would definitely wear that dress and see absolutely nothing wrong with it! That's my 2 cents... and the mystery lives on. =) Those flower shots are amazing!

  18. HELLO SARAH! THANK YOU, MERCI BEAUCOUP for coming to visit my post. It is linked to where I actually live and dream. GREAT PICTURES!!! Anita


  19. You're so purdy whether you look like a caution cone or not! I happen to LOVE this dress. To the crazy laughing guy, you should've just point back at him and laughed as well! He would've been stumped too ;)

    Beautiful pictures, my dear!

  20. LOVE the pictures and LOVE the dress! I don't think you look like a highlighter AT ALL!

    xoxo, Ana
    Check out my giveaway!

  21. i LOVE that dress. seriously in love. where is it from? what a weird little man. but beautiful pictures :)

  22. the dress is fab! i am LOVING the brightest highlight hues for summer too... so happy!! and yay for ash ham!!!! :)

  23. Not to sound like a broken record. But girl crush you look so adorable in your dress

    And ok… that story is hilllarious.

    i am picturing it and it is making me giggle. i think he really is saying HAHAHA and then thinking in his head. i wish i was American but no I’m not and now i have to go back to my wife.

    sad, but probably true.

  24. Toothy smiles are always better! : ) But you look great, and I LOVE that dress.

    Beautiful pictures as always!

  25. probably jealous of that awesome dress. i'd wear it every day. i love me some super bright colors

  26. devafreakingstates for multiple reasons.

    a. that dress is not on my body
    b. i didnt win the giveaway
    c. i didnt win the giveaway

  27. I wanna know where you got the dress too...I'd wear it all the time! Love it!

  28. Too funny, love the dress! Maybe he was having a bad day, finally flipped his switch. :)

  29. I miss the flowers of Europe! I hope there's still a good many in September when we head to France!

    Thanks for sharing these pics! Love the dress :-)

    Sal x

  30. Love that dress! And I am definitely one of those girls that fails miserably at smiling without teeth. My family makes fun of me constantly for always have the same smile in every picture (which I admit, I do), but I look like a have serious issues when I attempt the half smile! Anyway, happy weekend!

  31. obsessed with the dress and belt combo!

  32. Love the dress! random question...i noticed you are wearing your wedding ring on your right hand and ive noticed many Europeans do that too. Do you know why they where them on the right and we where them on the left in America? How come you wear yours on the right?

  33. @chantal - Mine isn't actually on the right - it's a mirror picture, so it's an illusion (:

    I don't know why they do it either. I've heard some people wear it on the right until they are married here. I am honestly unsure and have wondered myself.


  34. Where did you get that dress? It is SO pretty! love the color!

  35. that dress is FAB and if anyone can wear a bright orange dress and rock it, it's you!



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