Thursday, July 14, 2011

These few things ...

... made me very very merry today:
1. this is my cat nip as of late.
peppermint tea.
i could sip this all day.
2. my husbands rolled up right leg - just for bike riding.
3. Sunflowers. everywhere i turn.
I've never been the biggest fan... but I'm turning into one.
they remind me of 3rd grade and my entire wardrobe that was somehow adorned with sunflowers.
which then reminds me of lisa frank and trapper keepers. (:
4. boycotting make up lately.
and goodness can i not get away with it as well anymore.
but that's OK over here.
I feel like there's far less make up in general across the pond.
being perfectly coiffed with full make up is a real american thing.
and i do it sometimes, don't get me wrong.
even over here i like to get dolled up.
pretend i'm barbie.
but it's rare in swissa.
so i'm trying to blend in ... or i'm just being lazy? (:
5. heirloom tomatoes 
6. these berries. are so good.  particularly with a little ice cream.
7. the stairs leading up to our flat.  i hadn't realized how cool they are until today.
must remind self to look up sometimes too.
pretty things aren't always right in front of your face.
8. strategically parking my bike next to lavender.
i like matisse to smell nice, too.
9. a greek lunch.
which included:
pine nuts in grape leaves.
pine nuts in pepper.
lentil cakes with carrot topping
& of course hummus and some hot sandwich topped with yogurt.
oh my yum.

What's making you happy today sweets?


  1. 1. My boyfriend ALWAYS rolls up his right pant leg while bike riding.. then forgets to put it down.
    2. Are those Warby Parkers? If so, I have the same ones and l-o-v-e them.
    3. You look absolutely beautiful without makeup - I feel like I can't even go to the grocery (in America) without seeing people all dolled up. I don't know how they do it. Seems exhausting to me.

  2. Just found your blog and really love it! And I think you look great without makeup!!!!

  3. You look absolutely beautiful without makeup darling. By the way, my favorite dress growing up had sunflowers all over it hehe

  4. why not both pant legs rolled up? Why does only the right get all the love? ;)

    thank you THANK YOU for bringing the nostalgia back for a few minutes this morning with reminding me about lisa frank and trapper keepers....ahh......

    I also have been boycotting makeup lately, mainly because I don't want to have to wash my face at night.

    but you are wrong. you CAN get away with it. I bet I am right when I say your hubs probably tells you that he prefers you without makeup?? I mean you are beautiful both ways, but yes you CAN still get away with the no makeup look :)

  5. sadly, i was way more excited about the tea when i thought it was a mojito upon first glance. BUT i was quickly distracted by how much i love that massive ring of yours to mind too much. and no, you don't need makeup...though i wouldn't mind another vlog about your makeup findings (you know, just for me and meg to watch, that is)....

  6. Man, I love being dolled up! Even when I have very very little makeup on I feel like a doll. I think I would hate it if I was strange for doing so!

  7. You so do not need makeup! You look stunning, just like that!

  8. You are so pretty without the makeup! Love that second picture of you! And sunflowers haven't made there way here yet, but I can't wait to get some. They are my second favorite flower and create an instant smile :)

  9. I love that picture of your stairs, I wish mine were that charming and picture-worthy! And until now, I had not thought of my Lisa Frank trapper keeper (purple with two unicorns I believe). What a fun memory to remember!

    My happy list today: pancake breakfast with family, homemade rice krispie bars, and going with my little sister to pick up her wedding dress!

  10. Oh, trapper keepers! I forgot about those lovely things. I've been rocking the (almost always) no make-up look for awhile now. And I'm loving it. And, I'm pretty jealous of your windy stairs.

  11. mmm i want that tea. and those berries with some ice cream. and a bike ride with you and matisse.

    why just the right leg, jb? why not the left?

  12. I had clothes with sunflowers on them too, and the first perfume I ever had was sunflower scented. My parent's got it for me for Christmas. I love them!

  13. Ah, peppertmint tea. So simple, yet so tasty! I love it, too.
    And I really don't get what you're talking about!!! You're rocking the non-make-up-look totally, pretty! You look gorgeous. Such pretty skin... I have serious skin envy.

    Here's to a happy weekend. It's nearly here. XOXO.

  14. Oh my gosh...Lisa Frank and trapper keepers...I completely forgot about those until I read your post....they were my favorite thing when I moved to America. And now my favorites include peppermint tea and greek food, too. And you can TOTALLY get away with no makeup...seriously. If you could only see ME with no makeup ;)

  15. Peppermint tea is the best! :)


  16. You are TOO cute!! Love your blog, I found it through Story of My Life and I love reading your fabulous posts! :) xoxo

  17. knowing there are roughly 12 hours of work until the weekend makes me happy...

    And the lisa frank trapper keeper brought back some memories for this girl :)

  18. things i love about this post:

    1. you called that tea your "cat nip".

    2. you referenced lisa frank.

    3. you put your bike into a lavender bush to enhance it's smell.

    ... you're a gem mrs. tucker! xo

  19. my massage/facial 2 hour combo i'm getting today. makes me oh so happy.

  20. i love this post for a variety of reasons, including: peppermint tea- must try this, you with no makeup is perfectly GORGEOUS- since i usually NEVER wear make up, i'm adding this to the list of reasons why I ought to live in Europe rather than the US, you're hubby and his pant leg reminds me of my dorky, lovable goofball of a hubby- men are great, Matisse is your bike's name?? -gah! I DIE over it, and, finally, that food. oh the food. i mean, this post could have been nothing BUT food and I would be happy, but this particular pine nut extravaganza makes me a wee-bit jealous...
    what's making me happy: my morning yoga, decaf green tea, and my handy man hubby who is fixing our guest bathroom (we've never had a functional guest bathroom since we moved in, 4 years ago..) eel! yay for happiness!

  21. I love your passion for life!! And, I agree, peppermint tea is ahhmazing!! Your glasses are cute! xo.

  22. Lisa Frank!! What a blast from the past. I was overly obsessed. It was a problem.
    And you look just gorgeous with no makeup!

  23. GREAT blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love for you to tell me your two cents on it! your opinions would mean a lot to me. :)

    follow me?

  24. sunflowers and trapper keepers...hahahahaha that just made my day...thank you!

  25. Gosh you look freakin' amazing without make up!!

  26. atleast in summer one should let her skin breath!! It's so great to be just acqua & sapone (water and soap, as italians say)! and you look much radiant:) great photos and really nice blog.

    Greets from Rome,

  27. Those tomatoes look great! I made little crostinis with heirloom tomatoes and parmesan cheese this week that were delicious!

  28. speaking of sunflower attire...i definitely had a jean hat with a huge sunflower on the front. tell me you had the same.

  29. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! And now I'm hungry!

  30. i like that au natural beauty thing. especially when it includes YOU. umm, i don't think i've ever seen peppermint tea made with fresh peppermint leaves?! SO fun! and...lentil cakes with carrot topping? oh my my. i would like some of THAT.

  31. Love the photos!!!

    Please visit my English Fashion Blog:


  32. I try doing the no make up thing sometimes, too hehe. It's good for the skin (: LOVE the idea of mint tea. Trying it asap. Bam.

  33. that rolled up pant leg is fantastic!

    so much yummy food!

    i'm loving that work was so productive today and tomorrow is friday!

  34. watching ugly betty on netflix with my sisters!

  35. Today-a crab trap bouy painting project. Love all the paint colors from Michael's. Easy enough for me and fun. You are sooo cute. JB too!!

  36. loving the pant legs. :) how very euro of him. :)
    did you make that greek feast yourself? impressed.
    today- i was made merry with a lunch date with a friend that turned into a lunch-play-dinner-drinks date. :) tyler is already in india (for a month!) and i'm hating it the long hours alone. blah.

  37. It may be that I am just blind in Europe (they say love is blind), but I think it is much easier to just be yourself. I feel like they value you for YOU, not for how big your house, bank account, car is...and they don't expect you to be Barbie...just Barbie-thin.

  38. My mom's fav flowers are sunflowers. Your pictures make me think of her :) Guess it's time to call her.

    You look darling without make up! And your greek feast, hmm, hmm!!


  39. Peppermint tea is delicious ;)

  40. My mother-in-law loves sunflowers and I don't get why... maybe someday I'll develop a newfound appreciation for them. =) You look great without makeup! Natural beauty, all the way! Very pretty ring, too! Peppermint tea is one of my favorites...but I haven't been able to drink it much lately because it causes acid reflux....and the last thing I need during this pregnancy is yet another case of acid reflux. Yours looks delicious though! Great pictures!

  41. Oh my goodness!!! I'm addicted to peppermint tea! I always buy it dried and in tea bags though - and was actually wondering earlier this week if I could do it with FRESH! So glad you shared! :D

    AND - you look lovely without makeup ;)

    Blessings - Katie

  42. Oh I am totally in love with Mint tea too! I can't believe I hadn't heard about it until I got to this side of the pond.

    Also - what are those berries? I see them at the store all the time but am too afraid to try them (I'm going to have to now) I thought maybe they were cranberries?

  43. Put sunflowers on my blog today, too! They're probably one of the greatest flowers out there. So universal!

    Some things currently making me happy:

    Kelsey :)

  44. Love your cat nip tea idea! I just discovered catnip this year actually. My boyfriend always feeds it to his cat, so can you imagine how surprised I was to see humans can use it?! How embarrassing.

  45. Fun photos!

    PS - You pull off the "no makeup look" beautifully my friend :) Embrace what God gave ya & wear it proudly!

  46. i am totally with you on the boycot of makeup, but you don't need it, you are naturally gorg! and i agree with that being more of an american thing, one of the many reasons im excited to move across the pond

  47. I'm over here, boycotting make up right along with you.

  48. THIS blog entry made me happy today, EVERY bit of it! I want to be sipping tea sans makeup, right along with you ... and the sunflowers! Love your blog. love it. love it. love it!

  49. I love this post so much! I recently gave up wearing make-up this summer, so I love that you did too! And that peppermint tea! That looks so fresh and delicious. I'll have to switch up my coffee routine and try this one morning!

  50. SARAH I LOVE YOU! and i have missed you so much. and i missed reaadingg your blog everyday while i was in sydney!!!
    you are gorgeous and i lovee your photos! xx

  51. your man has such a base ballers build. love it. (i know this because i used to be a "sports medicine trainer" in HS..aka i checked out of the sports guys.

    not that i was checking out your hubby.

    im gonna just go ahead and this comment now.

  52. hello! i'm a new follower and i just can't stop looking through all of your posts. what a lovely blog!

  53. totally agreed! the blog is wonderful! The photos are adorable, and you guys are super cute!
    also, i try not to wear any make-up in summer, too, it's just so hot that i would feel bad for my skin to be all covered in something unnatural..


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