Saturday, July 30, 2011

Suisse Saturday

Truth be told i've been in a little funk.
post vacation blues along with the fact that reality is going to strike soon.
i had my once every six month cry-a-thon which was therapeutic.
While I cry JB tries to make me laugh, and it works, but then i go back to crying, 
which causes us both to laugh.  
it's so cute.  i tell you what.  
ok so it's actually not cute.  I look like a total freak show when i cry.  
Anyway, the funk was short lived.  thank goodness.
I do know in my heart that fear is the opposite of faith.      
The future is bright - wherever we end up. 
Today we went to the flea market and then down to markplatz to buy some produce. 
 i love old things and fresh veggies.  what an odd combo.  
{steve madden boots, j.crew riding leggings, f21 knit top, old navy sweater, flea market riding helmet}
two in love bikes (:

put this on the list of things i wish i would have bought.

there's that mint vespa again ... love finding her.
we stopped in for JB's fave beer - Leffe Dark
i love this guy/ the fifth beatle. 

Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday!
Just you wait for monday - something sooo fab is going to be given away - maybe it'll be to you! (:


  1. So so beautiful! The flea market looks divine..I would love to look through all the little treasures to be found!

  2. That is such a great market! I wish we had something like that here.

    And Leffe Brune is my favorite beer after Guinness! I love stouts and dark beers.

  3. your outfit, bike, helmet, glasses....i love.

  4. okay, i know what to ask for now for my upcoming birthday: a bike and that helmet! that helmet, i tell you!!! (ps: i've been in a funk too, glad yours passed. hoping to force my good cry today). lots of love your way. xo.

  5. haha...i really like you two :)

    i have been in a sad funk too. i totally agree though that fear is in total opposition of faith. if only we could be fearless all the time!

    your photos are so lovely....they take me somewhere else!!

  6. Glad your funk didn't last long.....but on another note...Your photos are beautiful!! And I am with you, I love old stuff and fresh veggies!

  7. that last picture is epic... and your riding outfit? AWESOME.

  8. I love that chandelier! And all the cheese! oh my!

  9. Ohhh my goodness bike riding in Switzerland sounds like a fabulous weekend activity to me!

  10. i still love everything about your travels :)
    don't be sad--i know it's tough not to. C and i wish we were back in Chicago every day of our lives. but i always have to remind ourselves that: life is the longest thing you'll ever endure during your human existence. therefore, we've got nothing but time... :)

  11. Hope you feel better. I loathe funks but sometimes it's just what you need to get to the next place. And I believe that one could always use a good cry!

  12. Thank you for posting so many gorgeous photographs - I am definitely living vicariously through you right now! I love how you're wearing a riding helmet on your bicycle. That's just too cute! Enjoy the rest of your travels!


  13. This is how I imagine heaven! : ) Good food, artwork, and European architecture!

  14. No, I don't think these kind of cry-sessions are freaky! On the opposite! I know exactly how those moments are, I have once in a while too, but instead my boyfriend I have my mother to give me support and make me laugh. It's really good to let out those negative feelings once in a while.

    PS! Those Coratia pictures are just AWESOME! I never thought Croatia is so beautiful!

    PS!PS! I love the way you write, really easy and interesting to read.

    Sending you sun from Rome,

  15. not an odd combo...the perfect pair!
    LOVE that last picture, cute! and love everything about markets...

  16. I'm sorry you were in a funk... I get in those sometimes, too. The market looks awesome, though! I wish I would have gone with you (: That chandelier is amazing...and the tea cup is, too! Adore.

  17. I ONCE AGAIN WANT TO DESPERATELY TRAVEL TO EUROPE!!! So freaking praying.... lol

    Your pictures were lovely darling. I hope that God works everything out and that the CHANGE that comes causes nothing but GROWTH and JOY :).


  18. I know how you feel! I've been in a funk all summer and can't pinpoint the reason why! Thankfully you have a good man who will help you laugh through it!

    Love the pictures! I can't wait to travel with my hubby!

  19. once again, beautiful pictures/people and THE FOOD!

    No idea how you stay so thin around all that cheese and bread. I would be up 50 pounds at least.

    LOVE the bikes in love and the 5th Beatle :)

  20. you make a well-balanced diet and wearing helmets look so good...

  21. Hope you feel better soon Sara...Also, love the riding outfit and photos - keep snapping!!!! <3 Shay

  22. I'm glad that your funk was short-lived. We all go through it. Sometimes you just need to release it through tears and then you feel so much better! :)

  23. i want to go to swissy if nothing but for the cheese!!! and to see my bestie of course :)

  24. That helmet is so cute on you! Thanks again for the help with the ring :)

  25. well you just made my day you sweet thing! i had a crying fit last night, channeling you, and my boyfriend, channeling your sweet hubby it sounds like, tried his hardest to make me giggle through the tears. lo and behold, it worked! i think we are kindred spirits:)

  26. I totally take part in the occasional cry-a-thon although my husband has a variety of responses... sometimes he tries to make me laugh, sometimes he tries to console me, and sometimes he just stares at me like I'm nuts (and sometimes I am!)


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