Monday, July 18, 2011

i want to be her. so i am. sort of.

Have you ever seen I want to be her!  ?
The author illustrates these fab women that she spots on the street.
I find the whole site exhilarating as I often see women and think just that, "I want to be her".
Recently I was inspired by one of her drawings , I want to be her!'s, London Bicycle girl!
i had to find that english riding helmet!  
and so naturally on saturday at the basel flea market ... I set out to look a little like her.
We wandered the market, creepy dolls to our left, pretty china to our right,  and as we came toward the end I thought the hopes of me finding my riding hat were slim to none.
Then I heard Crissy say "Sarah Tucker!"
oh m gee guys, She found one!
It even has a little black bow on the back.
All mine for 28 swiss francs.
So Mom, no need to ask me on the daily if I have a helmet anymore.
I'm safe now mom!
i realize I look a bit ridiculous.
and not too much like her ... yet.
but i love it.  and isn't that all that matters?
i think, yes.

jb gets quite the kick out of everyone staring at me as I ride past them.
i'm sure they're thinking i've escaped from the looney bin. 


  1. You never cease to amaze me. I want to go to the flea with you. Hang on to the helmet. It h
    as to come home with the bike. JB needs something to match!! Adorable!!

  2. you look amazing sarah! only you could pull that off with such class. Love it!

  3. I have a very similar bike helmet! I bought mine from a scooter helmet bike shop in Ho Chi Minh City for 3 bucks (US). I probably get weird looks too but at least I am safe.

  4. love the helmet. and you look adorable.

  5. Hahaha you are soooo stinkin' cute. Only you could rock that hat on your bike! Love it!

  6. oh my gosh so cute!! i dont think it looks ridiculous at all! normal bike helmets looks ridiculous

  7. i love it. and do you know that she matches your header? just sayin.

  8. It's an adorable riding helmet and I love your style!

  9. I love it! I actually have one that looks just like a riding helmet, but plastic. I don't look as cute in it, but safety first, right? For our moms. : )



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  11. you're probably the cutest ever! with your little basket and cute bike!

  12. Mike says you look like you are heading to a polo match.

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  14. OMG Sarah you are too cute! I bet ll the girls staring are just wishing they could get a helmet and be as cute as you!

  15. LOVE IT! Horse riding helmet on a bike, who knew it'd turn out to be so cute!

  16. Haha. I love that blog, but I love this story even more!
    Love, Leigh

  17. haha I love it! I have a horseback riding helmet just like it, never thought about rocking it on the bike but why not, my husband would think I'm crazier than he already thinks I am :)

  18. I think you look adorable, and very much like the girl in the illustration. Perhaps even... better?

  19. Sarah darling, you are definitely cooler than her (and she's pretty cool so that's saying a lot) ;)


  20. Oh, contraire. I'm sure they are thinking you're gorgeous. :)

    Too cute, Sarah. Love the helmet!

  21. this looks so fun! i love your helmet and glasses regardless of the looks. they probably just want them too :)

  22. Hey Sarah, Congrats on getting over 1000 Followers!
    Love Bennie!!


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