Wednesday, June 15, 2011

do you know franco?

wow.  two warnings in a day.  this crazy life.  
sooooo warning, if you're offended by fur coats you should probably not look any further.
disclaimer - i did just try on.  not buy. 
instead of just mixing in these next pictures with Firenze's post ... 
I thought I'd explain a bit.  Because a line or two just won't do.  You'll see...
these need an explanation.
Meet Franco.  The owner of  David 2   in Firenze.
I called out to him while he was driving his golf cart on the streets by the replica or David.
Because it said "Leather Factory" & JB wanted a new wallet.
He gave me his card, pointed to his store and said "tell them you know Franco..."
We did.  I milked knowing Franco... what?  I wanted a good price.  
The man shutdown his store and immediately took us to another location.
Franco soon arrived again and started popping bottles and turning us into models.
Franco told us he was a retired ex stud muffin. 
 Gave us his thoughts on the jersey shore - saying they're "tacky" ... I ate it up I tell ya.  
After about an hour of trying on ... we bid our goodbyes.  
But he wanted a picture with me in his cart.  
I obliged!
He then took off with me in tow.
blaring Pavarotti through the streets of Florence.
in my coat made for the Alps in 80 degree weather.
JB followed on foot ... worried I was being stolen. 
and many of you know this is a great fear of mine.
Since I expressed my fears, he quickly took me back.  
an anti-climatic end.
but a true story.

If you are in Firenze, head to David 2 ... and tell them you know Franco.  ( ; 


  1. haha, great story!!! still laughing!

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  3. Awesome Story. I Love You and Your Life!

  4. i love this story! and you guys look all absolutely glamorous.


  5. What an exciting and kind of scary story! Poor JB LOL! You look lovely =)

    - Sarah

  6. haha hilarious. but you look like a legit model. i'm gonna be in florence in a couple weeks, maybe i'll head in ;)

  7. this is one of the weirdest stories i have ever heard in my life.

    love it.

  8. WHAT?! hahaha! Fantastic story! And Those coats are pretty pretty... haha!

  9. Ha! What a great story!!! So fun!!! I would have been a lil scared. You are total model material and looked like you were having a blast! You rock star :)

  10. baaaahahaha i am cracking up. franco.

  11. amazing!! what a great story!! will certainly visit Franco next time I am in Florence :)


  12. How fun! Love that story. LOVE Franco. How wild is that? And I just love that he drives a cart... but maybe that's more common in Italy?

  13. baaaahahahah! amazing. period!

  14. Haha!! So funny! I love this. Lookin fab (:

  15. hahaha that is excellent. What an adventure with Franco!!

  16. Haha that's amazing. I love stuff like that! Jealous you're in Italy! And those fur coats are kind of to die for :)

  17. I looooooove random stories. This one is just too funny! :)

  18. i am literally dying. this is too amazing for words. i only wish i could have been there to see this amazingness. hahahahhaha. love you and your stories so much!!!

  19. this is the best story ever! i think that top pic might be my all time favorite pic of you ever! XO, A

  20. so much fun! love the pictre of you riding around in the cart!

  21. That's insane! So funny. And I'm SO glad you didn't buy a fur...whew! :-)

  22. this is so cute! and.. i have to be a bad girl and admit that every christmas in st. moritz, I have a twinge of jealousy and I really want one of those gorgeous hooded fur coats.

  23. amazing!!! what a crazy experience!

  24. This is hilarious! I love it!!

  25. oh my goodness this is like the most glamorous thing ever!

  26. haha Great story! I love this- I am looking back through all your old posts before I email you trip questions.
    I just have to say- my oh my- I love how much fun you have. :)


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