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June 2011

    Sometimes I channel Rachel Zoe and then …

    Modern Eyelet Necklace c/o In Honor of Design
    … I wake up and am the real Sarah.
    The cheeeese/ham of the nation.
    the one who makes my husband belly laugh  because I am very seriously holding a bottle of wine and eating my sandwich as I walk the streets of Basel.  
    I am really excited today.
    Yesterday when I opened my mailbox, I found more than cobwebs and german flyers …
     I found a package!
    From the prettiest designer/mom/blogger out there.
    Who is celebrating reaching some big mile markers for her business and blog!
    She’s reached the BIG leagues.
    The ones that matter … the Etsy & blogging big leagues.
    I adore her jewels, baubles, gems.  they add the perfect amount of color and sparkle to complete the outfit.
    I’ve bought earrings for myself … at $7, how can I resist?!  
    And a few presents for family and friends as well… it’s only fair.
    The prices are just right, its quality jewelry, and the packaging is adorable.
    When gifting yourself or someone else … the safe choice is 
    Congratulations Anna !!!
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