Thursday, April 21, 2011

random nonsense

warning: random post ahead of you.

tulips remind me of merian park 
then i get really nervous, like i'm missing something.
will they still be in bloom when i arrive?
 i hope so!  hold ooooon tulips, i'm coming.
this little u-pick is right down the corner from my street.
i live in the country
or so it seems.
i always made fun of this side of the river, and now the joke is on me, i call it home.
i am all for cheese.
this gift for my fave bride to be might be a little cheesey but i think it is always fun to say your future name.
in grad school i probably doodled it 1000 times... future mrs. tucker.
grad school!  i am ashamed.
shirt via weddingchicks
this really happened.
the billboards by my house are as follows:
"want your bad boy home?  1800bailout."
"strong relationships survive" - with a picture of a lion and a couple on a couch?
"cremioso y delicioso"
"bigger is better"

i didn't take this, but my father in law did. 
i want to frame it in my house.

i've been lusting over getting these for Heath  for two years now.
so pleased with them.
they exceeded my expectations.
find them here

i was able to assist/carry a shootsac for  my fave photographer /house guest, jessica lorren.
look at those roots.
am i the only person who gets attached to their roots?
it's pretty weird how i actually start to like them a little. 
this week we've been cooking up okra.
its so fresh, doesn't need much.
just olive oil, salt and pepper. sauteed.  
annnnnnd i think this is my biggest crowd pleaser yet.
who knew kids liked okra?
i also made kale for another class - they kept asking for "fourths".
music to my ears.

this was taken in Live Oak, FL.  at a Walmart.

last easter i was in Lugano for Easter.  With JB.
i'm missing JB so much lately.
even more than before, though i didn't think it was possible.
he's skiing this weekend in the swiss alps.
i don't like skiing but i do like drinking hot cocoa while taking in the view.

anyway, this weekend is as good of a time as any to say:
Jesus Loves You.
... this i know.



  1. this post is why we are friends.

  2. the billboards. my god, the billboards.

    i heart you so much. thanks for being my cheerleader today. i needed that. i think it really truly helped.

    and jesus loves you too.

  3. Ugh! Don't you hate it when your roots creep up on you? It's like you wake up in the morning and are puzzled because "Those roots weren't there yesterday. How'd that happen overnight?!" LOL!!

  4. My most favorite holiday. Jesus loves us so much. There isn't a more beautiful or powerful story than Easter to remind us of that. Thank you!

  5. happy easter sarah! lovely random post :)
    i am off to germany tomorrow morning. jb is going exactly where to skiing? must be really high up, we are having over 20 degrees for weeks now, is there any snow left?? :)

  6. i LOVE that you doodled in grad school :)

  7. i love random. especially this random.

    I'm whispering to the tulips for you. i am the tulip whisperer.

  8. Loved these pictures! such a cute post! and the picture of the okra is so crazy!! I can't believe that!


  9. What a fun post! Beautiful pictures, and nice to feel caught up with what is going on in your lovely life.



  10. okra!!!!!!! my favorite. makes me miss oklahoma where okra is served twice a day and sometimes even with breakfast too.

  11. I love your random post!!! I'm new to your blog - it is adorable. You have a new follower in me! When will you see JB next? My boyfriend lives in Washington and I live in TX - I'll move there next year and can't wait! Hope your week is going well :o)

  12. I kid you not, this is one of my favorite posts of yours to date.

    So deliciously random, and I LOVE IT. :)

  13. Being random can make some of the best posts :)

    Everything you write about is beautiful, and your photos! Breathtaking.

    I also live in the country, which I love. and I love that you grow some of your own food. We live on 2 acres and I totally plan on starting myself a little garden.
    Stay gorgeous!

  14. haha so cute! i'm getting my bff a soon to be mrs ... sash for the bachelorette party. i mean, hey, when else can you prance around in cheesy get up like that??


  15. haha love the post! here's a few random comments for ya!

    those tulips are gorgeous..I want to see more photos of this fabulous place you told me about!!

    those billboards are ridiculous..I saw one one the other day that said "size does matter."

    you are so gorgeous.

    I hope you have a wonderful Easter :)
    I'm glad we're real-life friends now.


  16. I enjoyed browsing through all of your random photos :) Sometimes, random is more fun!

  17. The billboards made me laugh so much.

  18. I really love your grocery store vs. the garden pics - they truly amaze me!!

  19. just came across your blog :) i love it hun! your pictures are stunning!! xo

  20. You're such a cutie!! Teach me to take beautiful pics...

  21. this post makes me happy. :) SMILE!

    I love the pretty flowers and the pretty you. Even those roots are pretty. ;)

  22. How funny is that bad boy bailout billboard?!
    Have a fantastic Easter :-)

  23. Love the randomess. And I had okra for the first time a couple months ago (it's not common in the NW) and it was delish! Love that you are teaching kids about all these yummy healthy foods.

  24. This post is so great! I love you blog! I just found it! Consider me your newest follower!

  25. aw. what a sweet random blessing of a post this is.

    Jesus loves you always pops up in front of my eyes in the most random situations. But it is always when i really need to be reminded He is right there in whatever it is I am venturing to do. so awesome.

    i think your gorgeous.
    I want to eat with you all day everyday and be healthy and beautiful because the two go hand in hand.
    your dog is adorable.

    I don't understand creeping roots. but girl, I had a perm and when THOSE roots started coming in all crazy and curly under the straight I went crazy and just cut out the perm.

    k I am done. goodness.


    be blessed this easter :)

  26. love the randomness/amazingness of this post! happy easter sweetie!! xoxo

  27. The tulips are beautiful!

    Jesus loves you too, Sarah! Thanks for the reminder. :) Happy Easter!

  28. Oh I adore your random post!! It's so lovely!

  29. I love random posts, and your pictures are great! I'm so jealous of JB skiing in the Swiss Alps. Please take me with you to Europe. Pretty please...?

    Happy Easter sweet girl!

  30. aw happy easter! i love your random posts :)

  31. Love the random post! My mom goes to that place with the snap dragons. The shower invite is amazing!

  32. so pretty. love the photo (and commentary) on the okra. mmm, okra is so yummy!

  33. i adore everything about you. there. i said it. in fact, i may want to be you. okay...

  34. Wow, your okra is much more impressive than the supermarket okra!

    I don't think New Zealand has any okra at all! At least I've never seen it!

  35. We don't get much okra here in Seattle. I've never tried it before, what does it taste like?

  36. I just found your blog and am IN LOVE w/it! so so cute. all of those pics are so sweet. :)


  37. love the snapdragon heaven, okra comparison, invites, my tank that i wear wayyy too often, and obvi the billboards. xo

  38. Go on with that okra! And don't worry, Drew Barrymore rocked the dark roots thing too and people called it cool!

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