Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guest Post by Lauren of Aspiring Kennedy

I'm away visiting my BFF4L (ha. i'm twelve :)
in beautiful Pensacola Beach, FL
While I'm headed out, you guys get a big treat!
The incredibly inspiring Lauren of Aspiring Kennedy is here today.  Lucky y'all (:


Hi, friends.

 the writer behind Aspiring Kennedy.

As you may or may not know,
the land where
white tea, men in great suits, & Kate Moss 
reign supreme.

Over the last few months,
I've keep hearing Ms. Moss' famous quote
get passed around in social scenes...
and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

If you haven't heard it, 
Kate famously dropped the line:
"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."

I see the logic, 
but if you will excuse me, Kate...
I'm not you've tasted some of the my favorite things.

Allow me to introduce you to...

Five Foods Worth Gaining Ten

1. Pie & Mash

Chicken, leek, & pancetta pie
over Irish mash {potatoes with cheese & onions}
drowned in gravy.

My personal favorite pie is 
next to Liberty of London

2. Street Food

The smell of onions cooking on a grill
draws me in like a magnet every single time.

...and so do tarts

...oh, and pretty fruit.

3. Southern Desserts

What is summer until you have some
fried pies & strawberry shortcake?

4. Croque Madame

Kate must have been too busy 
walking the runway at fashion week
to sit down at a cafe for one of these gems.

I dont eat ham, cheese, or runny eggs...
but this creation breaks every rule.

Don't forget the mustard. 
Please, do not forget the mustard.

5. Laduree 

Their macarons are incredible...
but the Isaphan tart will make you cry.

Rose macaron with raspberries and cream. 
It's inexplicable,
but trust me, Kate...
it'll be worth trading in those size 0 skinny jeans.

*all images are original to Aspiring Kennedy. 


  1. My kind of girl! Couldn't resist all this deliciousness just to drop a size.
    You've got me drooling over my desk for the rest of the day! xo

  2. Dang, look at all that delicious food. I just ate but I could go for almost anything on that list right about now.

  3. Silly Kate. She obviously hasn't seen this post. I am starvinggg!

  4. Oh yummy! Those are way too delish to miss out on!

  5. a part of me envies the willpower of super skinny women like kate, but mostly i just feel sorry for them cause that food looks AMAZING!! i just had breakfast and i'm already starving!

  6. Love this post. I am in total agreement!

  7. YUM. ALL of these look delish. And, I have to agree with you on the street food. :)

  8. Lauren is cute! I would totally trade in the skinny jeans for those delicious eats!

  9. beauitful photos, its look very delicious, :) xo

  10. I would def agree with the smell of onions on the grill...somehow on the city street it's even more tempting.

  11. Oh my gosh? How is it I didn't get to try any of this amazing food when I went t London? I looks sooo delicious! I love the pictures too. Great guest post!

    - Sarah

  12. so sad to go through live not experiencing any of these delicious treats! No way could I resist that long. No way.

  13. c'mon, kate, nothing tastes as good as FOOD does! ha

  14. Everything looks so delicious...I am craving a strawberry shortcake now (my favorite!)

  15. You will need to apologize to my co-workers...because I was serioulsy laughing AND drooling for 3 minutes. Just fyi.


  16. The best thing that can happen to an Englishman is that he sees his Country through the eyes of an American... You see, I had no idea that I was missing out on so much - Croque Madame?! Oh boy...

  17. I love when my clothes fit well too but not enough to give up the food I love!! You've got some delicious classics here - how could you not love croque madame (and her husband isn't bad either) and Laduree!! YUM!

  18. ah! i hate that quote. it sends such a horrible message.

    LOVE this list tho :) hello street food. xoxo jcd

  19. i remember that controversial quote! And while i do see her point, it is completely unhuman not to totally pig out on delicious snacks once in a while! yumm

  20. My husband lived in England and it was fun to see the pictures of things he has talked about haha

  21. ummmmm ALL of that food looks AMAZING! I'll take one of each please! :)

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  22. You've got some great British Food there, but I can't believe you didn't mention curry! Its Britain's national dish!

  23. cheers to good food! did you know that kate moss quote is apparently being stitched onto pillows to be sold commercially?? so wrong.


  24. I love this guest post! I hadn't heard that line from Kate but I'm not sure how I feel about it...I think you can be skinny and still enjoy yummy treats! All of your choices are definitely making me hungry. My all time favorite are macarons :)

    <3 kris&kel

  25. Oh goodness, everything looks amazingly delicious! I love Lauren and Sarah, too! (:

  26. This all looks SOO yummy! Totally worth the 10+! Thanks so much for sharing...I'm officially hungry!!

  27. I LOVE this post!

    So many things taste better than skinny...

    You nailed it.


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