Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Girl Crush: Day 6: Liz from Portland to Peonies

Liz from Portland of Peonies is so darn creative, beautiful, sweet, and well dressed.
She takes the kind of photos I aspire to one day.
 Her blog is filled with a lot of my favorite things: great design, Henry - her french bulldog, beautiful photos, and one downright adorable girl.  She's
Enjoy her guest post here and then run on over to From Portland to Peonies,
where you'll surely spend the rest of your day.


Hi there! So nice to meet all of you lovely readers! I was so excited when Sarah asked me
to write a guest post for her while she’s away on her fun girl’s trip. Her blog is absolutely
one of my favorites. I mean, what’s not to love? She’s gorgeous, has amazing style, takes
beautiful photos and the love between her and her hubby is so inspiring. And to top it off,
she gets to travel the world and is nice enough to tell us all about her trips here on fairy
tales are true!

I racked my brain on what to share with you all, and I figured all of Sarah’s readers must
love travel, so I’d share some of my most favorite places I’ve had the opportunity to visit.
So here goes…

Costa Rica.
 My husband and I traveled here for 10 days early on in our relationship.
I still think it was one of our most romantic vacations we’ve been on. The gorgeous
jungles, the beautiful beaches, and monkeys!

My husband proposed to me here so it’s a very special place to us.

We took the train here for a quick weekend trip after Corey proposed. It’s so
quaint, we loved it! Perfect place to enjoy some Belgian beer, chocolate and frites!
Buenos Aires.
They call it the Paris of Buenos Aires. I’ve never been to Paris, but if this
is true, it multiplies my desire to go there! An amazing city with SO much to see.

Iguazu Falls.
You have to see this in your lifetime. Just trust me.

And last, but certainly not least, Kauai. We honeymooned here, it’s a 5 hour flight from
Portland, and it’s one of the most beautiful tropical destinations in the world!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my travels! I’m not sure about you, but I’m
excited for Sarah to get back so we can continue to hear about hers 


  1. I loveeeee Liz. I follow her blog too! :) Love you Sadie!

  2. I loveeeee Liz. I follow her blog too! :) Love you Sadie!

  3. love me some Liz. Such a great blog. Ugh Hawaii..take me there now please. thanks.

  4. headed to her blog now...loving "meeting" all these new (to me) bloggers :)

  5. oh i'd love to stand in awe at a waterfall someday.

  6. I loved that you had Liz as a guest today. I love her blog (you & her are actually two of my favorite girls to follow)!

  7. love her blog and she is so darn cute!

  8. Great post! Iguazu Falls looks amazing! Great photos!

  9. Hello :) I found your blog through Jenni at Story of my Life, and I love it!!!

    So excited about following your posts!! I'm going through a bunch of older posts right now - your wedding looked amazing!!!

  10. I'm dying to go to Costa Rica! It's in my top 5 at the moment - I have yet to go to a rain forest. Must. See. Monkeys.

    Loved your guest post!


  11. Liz you're so precious! This is such a great post & by great I mean it just made me very jealous :) your trips look like fairytales too! xxoo

  12. what a gorgeous couple! love all of these photos & Liz's blog, of course!

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  14. loved learning all about liz!!! love her blog :) and how adorable is the pic w/ the hands and rings in the sand?! love it!


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