Friday, January 28, 2011

she'll only break your heart, it is a fact.

She'll only break your heart, it's a fact. And even though I warn you, even though I guarantee you that the girl will only hurt you terribly, you'll still pursue her. Ain't love grand? 
-Ms. Dinsmoor

Nothing harder than being given your chance. At least, that's what I hear.- Uncle Joe

I'm not going to tell the story the way it happened. I'm going to tell it the way I remember it. - Finn
I do love the way you dance.  - Estella
Estella: Can you ever forgive me?
Finn:  Don't you know me at all? 

Can you guess where this is??  Paradiso Perdito aka the Ca da Zan in Sarasota, Fl.
It is where they filmed my favorite movie, Great Expectations.  It might have a little to do with the gulf scenes being filmed just down the road from my childhood home.  But really Estella and Finn  ... i love them even more than i love the crazy catherine and heathclif.  

What's your favorite movie??


  1. Beautiful post! My favorite movie is Serendipity or Run Away Bride. Girly and silly (:

  2. I think my favorite movie ever is Untamed Heart with Christian Slater, Marisa Tomei, and Rosie Perez. I never get sick of it, and although I've watched it a billion times, it still makes me cry!

  3. I think I might be the last person on earth who hasn't read "Great Expectations"...better add it to my reading list!

    My favorite movie is The Princess Bride. I watch it every time it's on, even though I own it :)

  4. oh my gosh. i've read great expectations, but never seen the movie. i feel silly! i'm in the process of tackling pride and prejudice and wuthering heights. i'm in love.

    and i'm in love with these pictures!

  5. ahhh! so great...I had no idea it was filmed there. Reading your post I had instant flashbacks of scenes from that amazing film. great memories & expectations!


  6. this post was dreamy.

    I cannot name a favorite movie to save my life. ugh. pressure.

    Ok twist my arm..

    the notebook, pride and prejudice, ps i love you..

    to name a few..

  7. there is no better film than Gone With the Wind... absolutely timeless.
    I've never seen great expectations but i am now very curious.

  8. I need to see that film now! Your photos beautifully captured the loveliness of Ca'd'Zan! I do adore that rose garden, and the way the sun quietly sinks into the horizon illuminating the back patio area for a few soft moments; tropical bliss. Perhaps I'll run into you there sometime :)

    Favorite movie(s)...Pride and Prejudice, Mao's Last Dancer, Letters to Juliet

  9. um...what is "pinning"? am i out of the loop?

    fave movie: off the top of my head, Good Will Hunting. closely followed by Pride and Prejudice.

  10. these photos are so gorgeous. my favorite movies are titantic and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind ;)
    ...look closer

  11. love this movie, too! so so sooo much. these pics. are. so. great.
    thanks for this!

  12. i love that first quote and that sunset! your photography is amazing! hhmmm - favorite movie? i could watch "the proposal" every day! hope your weekend is wonderful sarah! :)

  13. super nice pictures, this is really a wonderful place. I love the movie and the setting is amazing!
    My favorite movie is the The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain, I simply adore this movie, the actress audrey tautou and paris :)
    viele gruesse, kristina

  14. i love this little photo/quote montage. my favorite movie is sense and sensibility (with kate winslet). swoon, ive seen it a million times. have a lovely weekend! xoxo jcd

  15. Soooo unbelievably beautiful!!! love these pictures!


  16. goodness i have so many favorites...

    the sweetest thing
    in her shoes
    dan in real life

    that is just to name a few...


  17. some of my faves // stealing home, for love of the game, pride and predujice, steal magnolias, dirty dancing....

  18. Gosh, what gorgeous photos. I can always count on your blog to provide me with my beautiful inspiration for the day!

    I'm going to have to ask my husband and dad if they know who your dad was when he played for the Pirates! The Pirates are really terrible these days, but it's still fun to go to the games. I know exactly where Wexford is! Very nice part of town. And I have to say that, even though we don't have the gorgeous ocean and sunsets that you've got down there in Florida, I quite like it here in Pittsburgh. :)

    Hope your weekend is going great!

  19. Oh so beautiful post. Catherine and Heathcliff play second fiddle to Scarlett and Rhett--and they trump everybody else :)

  20. such a beautiful post Sarah! i have so many old romantic movies on my list that i still need to watch!
    But at this current point in my romantic movie watching career, i would have to say: The Notebook!
    Not very original haha but its the one that comes straight to my head. I think Gladiator is my favourite movie of all time though.
    These are such gorgeous photos and i also love the photos from your previous post - you look stunning :) xx

  21. This was quirky and fun! Love Great Expectations, but my favorite favorite movie is Giant with Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson. I could watch it over and over :-)


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