Thursday, December 30, 2010

learning to latina dance

The girls and I threw a hawaiian party last night.  By the middle of the night it had turned into a full fledge latina dance party.  Perfectly fine by me!  
the fact that i have no rhythm did not deter all of them from teaching me a thing or two about latina dancing.  they are such a passionate bunch.  This "dance party" lasted for at least three hours.  a bunch of women singing and dancing.  it was a sight to see/hear.  They did not laugh at the poor gringo girl who so obviously could not dance.  All were so encouraging and sweet.  I hope to be more like them in the coming year.  
the very brave solo man

Hope you all have a lovely New Years Eve!  We're headed to Las Tablas where the carnival (think: mardi gras) will be in full force.  
What are your NYE plans?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a year to remember

what a year!
My mother calls this my year of recompense.  Life has not always been a cake walk for me.  2008 was spent in and out of  hospitals literally fighting for my life.  Maybe 2010 has been that kind of year for you.  If it has please know that in Gods timing he restores everything in ways so good you could not dream them up yourself.
Thank you Jesus for giving me the man I've always prayed for and a beautiful year abroad spent traveling with him.  
Cheers to 2011.  May this next year be truly amazing for all of us.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a year from now you will wish you had started today.

If you want to get fired up about 2011 then you need to read and participate in Lara Casey's manifesto here.

2010 was by far the best year of my life.  But I'm planning on making 2011 even better.  
I will:

finish grad school
give back through teaching children
travel tons and tons
learn more about my camera
take better photos
be selfless
eat better
entertain more
let go of the past
spend more time reading my bible
be a better friend, sister, daughter, wife

What are your big plans for 2011?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Top Ten in 2010

Some girls are obsessed with shoes.  I, however, am completely smitten by dresses.  Finding the perfect dress is probably similar to how JB feels when he hits a homerun.  We both get loads of adrenaline; him in a game, me in a mall.  
It's time to play dress up again.  
Top 10 in 2010
drinking a beer in amsterdam while wearing an h & m lace shoulder dress
being a hostess in an anthropologie dress
kind of looks like a little girl dress but i still loooove it.
OK. so it is a romper.  i adore them too.
this is a 5/48 romper i wear constantly!  
i adored this red h & m dress with dramatic shoulders
this tracy reese dress made me squeal with delight upon discovery
Number five is a little dress that was on my last list.
i wore it for a bridal shower & as a bridesmaid dress.
LOVE this little anthropologie number that was last christmas' gift from JB. 
 Marc by marc jacobs
i wore this beauty in salzburg, austria and could have been mistaken for a Vontrapp! (:
blaque label
what i wore to our rehearsal dinner. 
my sweet friend, Mere, sent it to me the day of the rehearsal.  Thank God for her.
This little Forever 21 dress made me feel like a million bucks.  
even though i only shelled out 30 for it.
My wedding gown!!

I apparently wear a lot of ivory and shades of pink.  What can I say? I am all girl.
Won't you play along?
Let me see your top 10 in 2010. 
I wanna peak into your closet.
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my soapbox

{at the market in malaga, spain}

I've received a few emails lately from readers asking for health tips.   And since we're coming up on 2011, I for one, want to make this the healthiest year yet.  Maybe you do too ... and maybe this little list will help make that a reality.  (and serve as a reminder for moi!)

It all started with my mother.  She was a nutritionist, and because of that I've certainly had an advantage in developing healthy eating habits.   {thanks mom!}  It is helpful to know that I am  from a family of miniature people.  we are all really small.  tall and small.  so maybe only halfway miniature.  But we ALL have healthy eating habits.  Read:  it isn't just genes.  Being thin isn't always a nice thing - sometimes you get called an ethiopian.  That actually happened to me recently.  side note:  I firmly believe that people can make just as hurtful comments about your weight when you are thin than when you are not.   That deserves its own post entirely.  But the bottom line is - be kind, especially when you want to make a comment about a persons body.  For now we'll just talk about some healthy habits.

 here's a few things I do without much thought:

  •  I use olive oil.  maybe you don't like the taste?  i do not even notice.  After a while, I will bet you won't either.   You will probably prefer it. 
  • I sometimes eat roasted garlic for dessert.  (random, but garlic has pretty incredible properties!)
  • daily supplements I take:  Vitamin D & C.  a multivitamin.  and tumeric.  iron.
  •  I try to eat out as little as possible.  everyone can cook.  
  •  Eat fresh veggies and fruits when you can, frozen when you can't.  I stay away from canned.
  • learn portion sizes.  get smaller plates.  
  •  Buy fresh so you don't have to read labels.  Stay away from the packaged and processed.   But if it is - read the labels.  Be knowledgeable about what you are eating.
  • Vary your fruits and vegetables. 
  •  Eat healthy snacks.  Don't let that blood sugar drop too low.  An evil twin comes out when mine does.   I always have almonds or walnuts in my purse.  
  • I do not count calories, I count saturated fat grams.  and sugar.
  • Track your fiber intake for a few days on livestrong.    I made my college students do this and it was disturbing.   Not a single student was getting enough!  Find out if you are.  If you aren't, then add some fiber rich foods - avocados, whole wheats, beans ... 
  • try different vegetables and fruits.  at least taste it.  don't shy away from it because you didn't like it when you were eleven.  You've grown up, so can your taste buds. 
  •   you have a craving?  go for it.  just eat a small portion.  i never deprive myself but i rarely over indulge.   And when I do, I don't feel guilty.  I enjoy it.  until I start to have a tummy ache.  which only serves to teach me I shouldn't have had so much (:  
  • I am not a believer in dieting.  The facts are there - very few people maintain their weight loss on fad diets.  I believe a diet is what you eat.  Not something you go on for a bit and then get off.  Make your change in diet a doable lifestyle and I find people are far more successful.  
  • It isn't all about weight!  There is a healthy weight for each person, and it is an individual number.   People should care about the state of your heart, not the size of your jeans.  
  • As far as exercise goes, I am not the best example.  I walk a lot.  and maybe I'll get back into running one day, big maybe there.  but walking does the trick and helps me feel good.  My best advice and what I would teach my patients in cardiac rehab is to start small.  It takes 5 minutes to become aerobic and thus beneficial for your heart.  Start there if you need.  Then move to 10, 15, 20 ... It will get easier and easier.   If you need some exercise motivation my friend Lexi is good at inspiring exercise.  you can read her blog HERE
I hope this little list helps you live a little healthier and happier life.  

Cheers to a healthy 2011!!!  

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our First (married) Christmas

Christmas Eve in Panama is the big celebration.
Everyone stays up until midnight, passes out kisses for everyone when the clock strikes twelve, and then opens their presents.   Then you go sleep until your hearts content.  
{dress was a jackpot find from F21}
Why yes, that is a REAL pig.  Pretty frightening if you ask me!  When in Panama though...

Christmas Eve is also very big on fireworks.  We sat on the balcony for a while enjoying the light show.
It is midnight!  Feliz Navidad!
After a few of these authentic tamales, we ventured to the miraflores locks down by the panama canal.
we ate an incredible early dinner.  We sat there for three hours watching the huge boats go by and the locks do their work.  
We toasted to our first married Christmas.
& Found it only fitting we were sipping wine by the panama canal.
I was worried I'd be a bit mopey on Christmas since we're not spending it with our families.  And even though I missed them heaps I still adored our first and very untraditional Christmas.  It was one we won't ever forget.
How was ya'lls CHRISTmas?  
I hope you had an amazing one! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pedasi, Panama

I am sorry for my absence.  JB whisked me away to Villa Romano in Pedasi.  A Tuscan inspired villa on the pacific coast of Panama.  What a breathtaking combination. 
 The owner, an Italian, also cooked us delicious meals.  dear italians, i love you.  you do everything so lovely.  
a glass of wine and sunset = perfect way to end our day

completely private beach
being from Florida, rocks on the beach thrill me. 
It is hard being away from family and friends this holiday season ... but with JB and sweet trips like this, somehow i think i'll manage (:

Congrats to the ever so sweet Jessica Elaine from Loving Fast,
you won the sparkly OPI nail polish.  
I'll email you today.


Friday, December 17, 2010

oh hi little sadie

Oh Hi little Sadie!
You're all grown up.  Twenty seven to be exact.

guess what?
Since I have literally been spoiled silly ...
I've got a present for one of you lovely readers.
y'all deserve some spoiling too.

What better time of the year to give your hands a little sparkle?  This is all my hands have been adorning lately.  It really helps me get into the Holiday Spirit!

to win simply be(come) a follower


leave a comment telling us about one of your favorite birthdays.  

I'll choose a winner through at the end of my birthday weekend,
 December 20th.

love from the birthday girl <3

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Playa Venao takes the sting out of 27

Twenty-seven years old does not sound too bad when you're sitting pretty on Playa Venao.
It certainly takes the sting out a bit.  So does the margarita with extra salt. (:
Playa Venao is a little horseshoe shaped dip in the pacific where surfers flock.  
a spot where your hair is never blown dry.
JB surfing
 I was told he did indeed stand up toward the end, but I had already gone into shower.
  too bad i missed it!
my book nook
Panama has delicious beer and fresh margs.
the keys to sweet dreams
the wishing tree
i could lay out here ALL. day. long.
or here ...
thanks for the trip and birthday week kisses, mr. tucker

enjoying my last night as a 26 year old,
sarah tucker