Tuesday, August 31, 2010

let's take a trip tuesday

Remember when you would spin the globe, close your eyes, use one finger to stop it, open your eyes and discover where it had landed - well, that was where you were headed?  Well, in your dreams anyway.  Ohhhh wait.  you didn't do that?  That makes me a bit embarrassed.  But yes I did this and it wasn't just in my childhood.  

Today we are spinning the globe and our finger landed right on Washington, D.C. where my drop dead gorgeous bestie Kendall Marie is living and loving.  I find it perfect that she lives in our nation's capital because she is an american dream -  always dressed to perfection just like a beautiful first lady would be.  Her blog, CWFHL,  is filled with visual treats.  After college (where we lived together in a quaint little bungalow over on 60 Saragossa- where part of my heart still remains) she moved to the big city of London over in the U.K. to pursue a masters at Sotheby's institute.  So she knows art, what is beautiful but also what is interesting.  The girls got a great eye! So over at her blog you'll be inspired, you'll enjoy hearing about her sweet family,  and will certainly LOVE her posts on what she wants to wear the upcoming Saturday. ( Those are my favorite K!  )  

So pack your bags because we are headed to our Nation's Capital!

Name:  Kendall Bennett 
Blog: www.cwfhl.blogspot.com

How long have you lived there?  2.5 years
If you moved from somewhere else, where did you move from? Why?   London, UK.  Had just finished grad school in London and wanted a new adventure - have always wanted to live in DC and decided to make the move.
How is the weather?  The weather is one of my favorite parts of DC.  We get all four seasons (but sometimes winter runs a little too long).  

Tell us what a typical weekend is like for you there?   Friday night dinners with MJ and then meeting up with friends at our favorite bar (Four Courts).  Saturdays and Sundays spent at museums, shopping in Georgetown or watching the Nationals.  

K & MJ 
on their friday night dinner dates

Four Courts 

georgetown shopping

@ a National's game

Where do you like to eat in your town?   Boulevard Woodgrill or Rocklands BBQ in Arlington, Columbia Firehouse in Old Town Alexandria or my new favorite Vidalia on M Street.

Where do you like to shop?    South Moon Under

Suggest some must see places for an out of town visitor.    

Besides the obvious momuments and smithonians you must make it to Eastern Market in Capitol Hill (a huge outdoor market with everything from food to clothes to jewels to antiques), the waterfront in Georgetown and the Corcoran Gallery of Art.   Oh and if you make it during the summer - Jazz in the sculpture garden.
Kendall & MJ at the Willard during the best time of the year

Tell us why you love your town:  There is always something to do in DC.  There is so much history and culture all around.  Its a small town with a big city feel - you will run into people you know all the time.  I love that about DC.

Anything else we should know about where you live?     our metro system is awesome! 

Thank you for submitting Kendall!  I want to hop on a plane and visit you right this second.  Love you!

If you are interested in submitting email me at here


a day at the basel pharmacy museum

The Pharmacy Museum in Basel

ohhhh, if every pharmacy looked like you and gave out tea for ailments ... 

the vintage watch store
wearing my camel poncho from h & m fall collection. 
i'm infatuated with all clothing that is blanket like which doesn't do a lot for the ol figure.
perhaps a belt next time?
oh and this guy!  
we see him all the time.  
he cranks a box.  and drags his dog along who walks sideways.  
i like his get up.
just a typical day in Basel.  

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!!  

Sunday, August 29, 2010

be my guest pretty please

I love learning about different towns all over the GLOBE.  Truly the world is filled with so much beauty - you can find it anywhere.  So I want to do a weekly feature just like the adorable Krstyn from After I do does on where my readers live.  If you'd like to tell us about your town- where you like to eat, drink and be merry -  email me at sgmtucker@gmail.com and I will send you a form.    please and thanks!  


ten types of french cheese and too many of bottles of wine later ...

please don't be mad at me.

 i took a total of 5 pictures from the party.
i was entirely too busy laughing till i cried, eating french cheese, stealing kisses, dancing, and drinking french wine.  
we ended the night at 2 AM.  !
which sorry i'm not sorry but it is the latest I've stayed up in a gazillion years.
We finished the night eating nutella crepes and swiss chocolate.

i want every single night to be a wine and cheese festival at our home. 

Hope you have a happy Sunday!!   

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday in France - Strasbourg this time

We just cannot get enough of France lately.  
So we took an hour and a half train ride from Basel to Strasbourg, France.
This is the big city for the Alsace region and was such a delight.

it was windy and rainy at times but we decided to Seize the Day as the above sign nudged us in that direction.

starting off at the cathedral

then we enjoyed lunch and vino al fresco.

we strolled along to find the Hospital.  
Where the oldest wine in the WORLD is located.
yes, at a hospital.

postcard pretty

and we found it.  the oldest wine cellar in the world and behind us the oldest wine in the world.  1472.  

more Alsatian treats - hearts galore and beautiful window displays.

We stumbled upon a Michelin rated restaurant.  - Chez Ivonne.

This is our Fois Gras sampling.  it was mmmmmmm - amazing.

our dessert - chocolate fondant with warm chocolate filling served ontop of lavender custard.
i could eat this all day everyday.

I'm off to buy more cheese and prepare for the wine & cheese fest tonight.  can't wait!

Hope you darlings have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

ze cheese tester

we were being so good yesterday.
i made bruschetta, baked fish, stuffed vegetarian peppers ...
and then ...
at the end we remembered the brie we bought.
not just any brie cheese.
tomato & olive.
brie cheese.
the creme della creme of brie.
we devoured it.
more to come this Saturday at our Wine & Cheese Festival.  

missing Ole Miss ...

Fall has me reminiscing about going back to school.
I do love learning, books, having thoughtful discussions with classmates, the smell of libraries...  i am missing school!

This time last year, I was meeting my students at Ole Miss for the first time, going to grad school, volunteering for mended hearts, and planning our wedding while attending a few out of town ones.  
It was a crazy time.  And sometimes I miss it.  

Today I wanted to share with you the unique little gem of Oxford, Mississippi.  

first things first.
if you go - you must promise me you will go to the football game GROVE.
It really is all it is cracked up to be.  i guarantee you will have a blast.  those Ole Miss Rebels will make sure of it.  
The Grove is southern hospitality at its finest.  
And where else can you find cuter clothes on even cuter girls?
i need to know. and then i need to go there.
i love beautiful girls in gorgeous clothing. strutting around like peacocks.  you cannot blame me.

my boyfriend at the time (: 
(me: wearing a Theory dress
jb: polo (prob from 10th grade homecoming) 

here's the grove a little less dressed up than on a game day.
This is when Obama and McCain were next door for their first debate.

and the grove when HVH was visiting

For breakfast you have to go where skcouch and I eat breakfast.
gotta start your day off right, you know?

Bottletree bakery - a sweet eclectic spot with fresh baked goods and great coffee.
Or if you want a HUGE breakfast - hop over to Big Bad Breakfast.

And while you are on the square you have to pop over to Square Books.
You will find signed copies and lots of treats.  

For some night life you have to go to the square - and specifically The Library where Elvis shows up at closing time for a few serenades.  

About 10 minutes out of Oxford is Taylor, Mississippi.  Where you will find an amazing southern living design house, Emileigh's - the best food in mississippi, and next to that- one incredible antique store.  

At Emileigh's EVERYTHING is outstanding.
but you have to have some of their red velvet cake!  

also in Taylor is TAYLOR GROCERY
if you want fried cat fish you have come to the right place.
oh, and it's bring your own (beer,wine,etc.)
This time we were waiting on a table so we had a little wine on the back of JB's truck.  

their homemade apple cobbler 
no one does it like the south.

Fall in Taylor, Mississippi in their plein air community.  

and if you like fishing ... 
well, there's not much to catch other than catfish.

BUT i sure do not discriminate.

there are also lots of outdoor parks.
ones you can get lost in.

Sometimes being in Oxford feels like stepping back in time.  Right into a William Faulkner book.  That may have to do with the fact that his home still resides there - which is a sight to see!  And Oxford is just flat out charming - from its square to its people.  If you are nearby then I suggest a trip.
and say hi to my baby sister.  

Hope you darlings have a great Thursday.  
What's going on this weekend?

we are trying to figure out where to go tomorrow ... Maybe Locarno, Switzerland where the sun is always shining.