Saturday, July 31, 2010

czech us out

Strolling around Prague is like stepping inside your favorite fairy tale.  The castles, fire works, soldiers-  that look and act like toy soldiers, bright colored buildings, the architecture you could only dream up ... it's all inside Prague.  

you feel like you are a character in shrek.  
i am fiona. (:

i love the above.  (:

The cathedral at Prague Castle
(the biggest castle grounds in all of Europe)

The Dancing House

Peacocks in an alice and wonderland garden

flowers in bloom. everywhere.

i wanted one of these guys. 
it is the arch bishop of prague castle

the old town near the astronomical clock

These Trdelnik's gave me a toothache they were so sweet.

We went to the communism museum.  It's hard to believe they were under communist rule just twenty years ago!  we are so grateful they enjoy freedom now.

& for your enjoyment here is a little video of a remake of kelly from youtube.

have a great weekend!!  

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why don't you ...

take a gondola ride with us in Venice ... (:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Milano part 1

Milano holds a special place in my heart since I spent first grade  as a milanese.
My father was the first major leaguer to play baseball overseas in Europe.  I never thought about it before but he is quite the pioneer.  I remember two italians flying all the way from Italy just to get my dad to sign.  Together, him and my mom have taught me that you do not need to follow a normal path for your life - just to pursue what you love.  (:  It is an important lesson!

So coming back to Milan was really amazing.  Particularly, emerging from the metro to check out the duomo, where we walked to the top as kiddos - pretty fantastic for me.  Then I could have passed out when we walked into la rinascente - truly the most beautiful shopping experience you will ever have.  Next up, We had dinner at Charleston and you better believe we are still drooling over the meal!  


<3 Milano

Monday, July 26, 2010

Positano - straight out of my dreams part 2

just a few more pictures... i couldn't help myself!

a bougainvillea ceiling!

 One of the best things about Positano is how few tourists are there compared to Capri.  It is an oasis of rest and relaxation.  
please visit!

Capri - little slice of italian heaven

Capri ... have I convinced you to come yet?

we took a boat tour and swam in the grottos.  
just look at that water.  clearest water I've ever seen.  you could see your toes - no problem.  

my little fish

we rented a scooter on Capri!  
I have to admit that it was frightening in the beginning but necessary and then fun to get around easily on the mountain/island/paradiso of Capri.

JB is such a serious driver.  maybe because of the precious cargo. :)

these are the taxi's in Capri.  lovely.

Capri looks a tad how I imagine Santorini to look.

relax. deep breaths. easy to do here.

the handsome mr. jb tucker.

I hope I've convinced you to hop a plane, boat, or train and head down to the isle of Capri.



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Positano - straight out of my dreams

The first full day in Positano was straight out of my dreams.  lots of sun, beach, italian food, amazing views and JB.  What more can a girl ask for?

(bathing suit is juicy couture from off 5th for 15 usd)

Our lunch - gnocchi, spinach ravioli, bruschetta and limoncello.  
we were little fish all day long.
<3 JB- can you tell? (;

This is the view from our Villa Sofia in Positano.
Not a bad place to start your day from ... an added bonus - we were the only people there so it was nice and quiet.  I think we may never stay anywhere other than a bed and breakfast from this moment on! (:


will be in PRAGUE until next week.  then Milano, then Austria!  
but have it set for updates on this past vacation all week long - so be sure to check back.  

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just wanted to share with y'all a quick picture of the view from last night at Le Sirenuse in Positano, Italy.

Le Sirenuse is the hotel featured in the movie Only You - where Marisa Tomei  falls in the pool after a long trip trying to find her true love.   That is a movie I can never resist when it's on television.  The next being - Under the Tuscan Sun.  Diane Lane in that white dress against the Positano harbor is too beautiful!  

Anyway ... I'll share much more when we get back but wanted to show you gorgeous positano in the evening.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Shep!!

Happy birthday to Shep (my bestie ashie's husband!)!!!  
You are an incredible husband, son, brother, captain of the seas, friend, and let us not forget JB's man crush!  
Way to be amazing!


Check out Ashley's post on Shep's birthday week  - it has tons of ideas on what to do for your lovies sweet day as well.  


Venice in photos

Arriving to venice will take its own blogpost ... in the future, when I can physically wrap my brain around how crazy it was.  Let's just say that today it is a hilarious story - yesterday it was a little harder to find the humor in all the mishaps.  But we're here and it is so beautiful.  It's been TWENTY years since I've been in this city and I still look at it with the same childlike amazement.  
love to venezia

top is ancient f21, belt jcrew and shorts - catherine holstein

Started out the day with a gondala ride.  

our little gondala-man.  
aren't their shirts cute!?  
and it seems to be pretty standard to wear raybans.
i like his job.

Sea horse on our gondala - it had to be ours.

one of the 122 gorgeous churches in Venice

San Marco 
view from just a few steps off San Marco

terrifying to me = being around all of these pigeons. 
those creatures of the dark may be my biggest fear.

 a true Italian if i've ever seen one.

cute american girls with their lace umbrellas.

our delicious appetizer at GAM GAM's - amazing israeli-italian food in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto

um, can I have you?  please and thanks.  

my sweet husband JB enjoying a treat - nutella gelatto.  mmmmmm

Have a great day!