Monday, June 28, 2010


that's where I'm headed. back to the USA for two weeks today.  
     I'm excited to see my fam, play in the sun with my friends on miami beach, and witness a beautiful couple say i do!  

but I have to admit I am going to miss JB so much. too much.  it already feels like I've been punched in the stomach.  i know - i'm rather dramatic.

On the brighter side - I love going home. 

A few reasons it's easy to love returning home:

1.  My mother always manages to make it special.  
She puts fresh flowers in little votives around the room and she leaves little treats around the room- magazine's and chocolate. 
2.  My dog Lucy the boston terrier licks my face and sleeps at the  foot of my bed.
3.  Ocean star or starfish house - I cannot wait for fresh sushi
4. Peach's most mornings with my bests
5. laying out in the pool with my sister in our backyard which I adore.  talk about relaxing.
6. strolling down anna maria island
7.  biking robinson preserve
8. lazzzy days sleeping in
9. long walks around azalea park
10. the outlet mall.  the best ever.     

what are some reasons you love going home?

movie that never fails to make me smile: sweet home alabama

young melanie giving her whole heart to jake. 

{images from we<3it}
“What do you want to be married to me for, anyhow?”
“So I can kiss you any time I want!”
Sweet Home Alabama


What's your go-to guaranteed to make you smile movie?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The other Basel train station.
just discovered it yesterday.
Basel, i adore your many pretty treasures.  

Freiburg, Germany

When JB was 3 years old and his sister 5, his parents invited a foreign exchange student from Germany to live with them in Black Foot, Idaho.  She even holds a diploma from Snake River High.  Now Ivonne has two children of her own and lives in Freiburg, Germany - just an hour north of us.  We had fun visiting with her yesterday!   
and... we're off.  

Freiburg, Germany

In Freiburg, all of the walkways have a little stream running down them.
the fable is if you fall into one  - you will marry a German.  i did not fall in (:

Then Ivonne took us to her village.

JB & Ivonne

Ivonne & Armin's home.
Armin is an Architect and designed their home.

lots of open spaces in their home.  with a great porch in the center. right next to their canal.  

Armin made this!
And this!  
(the window below has a view of their neighbor, and the stream running in between them.)

then we hiked to a castle (made in 1250) in the spooky black forest
it was worth it.  take a look at this view!
not just JB (;
Ivonne, JB, and Me (:

our train was delayed so we took a late night stroll in Freiburg


We had so much fun thanks to Ivonne and hope to visit again soon.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

i'm thankful for this blogs thank you notes.

 a blog that helps me be thankful ...


Museum Van Loon - an amsterdam must see

my favorite room.  you can't see much because they do not allow flash but this opens up to their incredible garden and the whole room is shades of turq.

this parisian turq clock.  jb had to claw me away from her.  

a beautiful kitchen with lots of blue accents

more kitchen


anyone who decorates with peacocks is my hero

molding. everywhere!

those stairs!

the rose garden

a bedspread.
"be not afraid.
be patient."

more bedspread- on the other twin.
"can i do anything for you? do you know love? do you know beauty? can you transport yourself easily? can you go to Russia easily?"

oh hey goodlooking.

Lovely Textures and patterns.  dripping from this home.

hanging out in the Van Loon's rose garden.

The Van Loon's were a wealthy dutch family who preserved their home and created a museum out of it. it has take my breath away beauty.  when you love antiques, rose gardens, and patterns- you don't have a chance.  you will fall in love.  
to read more about this beautiful architectural antiqued beauty click here.  


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holland - a bikers paradise

the girls.  in cute clothes and even heels!  

the boys ... 
in suits, etc.  and even toting babies.

these are everywhere.  

a typical amsterdam mommies bike

one day I will have one.  and people will think I am even more of a hippie/crazy. (:

@ Central Station ... no parking spaces but holy moly are there space for bikes.

I have never been to a city more enamored with bicycling.  The whole city is made for biking.  if you are a car or even a pedestrian you are basically a second class citizen.  Really- you will get run over if you are walking and if you are driving- good luck getting anywhere.  
It inspired me to bike more.   
please bike everywhere when possible.  

Have you ever worn heels while biking?  
I'm fascinated and in love with the women who can/do.  


Missing Holland already ...

in my favorite font - Feel Script

some pretty flowers

JB in Vondelpark


The best place in Holland for dutch food - Kop Van Jut
they even brew their own beer!

@ the Film Museum

bikes and flowers- dutch specialties.

sometimes you think your husband looks like the bear man on space balls
and sometimes he indulges you (:


smiling girls are the prettiest girls

Normally I am not a fan of these mirrors.  I'd rather not see my pores so close.
but I would not mind if it said this - like it did in our hotel in Amsterdam.