Thursday, March 25, 2010

More HVH amazingness ...

Just when you thought Heather Veronica couldn't get any more talented she makes this work of art.  AND tells you how you too can make your own below.  many many thanks HVH.  From the artists own  lips:
Most of us have a collection from our grandmothers of plates, bowls, tea cups, saucers, & teapots. I've also been collecting these from Goodwill for some time. They are so beautiful and dainty but all to often they just sit in a cabinet. Once you have a collection started you will be able to spare a few to make a beautiful lamp. This is a piece that I treasure.
Begin to gather:
3 plates. All different shapes, sizes, and colors.
1 teapot.
1 teacup & saucer set.
2 bowls.
1 lamp kit from your local Home Depot or Lowes.
1 threaded steel pipe also from Lowes or Home Depot.
1 light bulb.
1 lamp shade.
1 drill.
A set of glass/tile drill bits from Home Depot or Lowes.
Goodwill has a plethora of dishes, bowls, teacups, and lamp shades.
World Market has a nice selections of inexpensive teapots if you are unable to find a vintage one.
1. Begin by gathering all of your supplies.
2. You will need a soft surface to drill the plates and such. I use an old towel folded up that i don't mind getting a hole or two in.
3. Begin to drill a hole in the center or your bowls, teacup, plates, saucer, and teapot. I suggest starting out with the small drill bit first and working your way up to the larger bit. Make sure to l slowly so that the plate does not crack. Your hole will need to be big enough to fit the threaded pipe.
4. Once you have drilled a hole through the center of each piece. You will need to drill one last hole in the bottom bowl. This hole will be used to feed the cord through the threaded pipe up through each piece to the top of the lamp.
5. Assemble the lamp kit. Directions will be given on the lamp kit packaging.
6. Screw in your light bulb.
7. Screw on your lamp shade.
8. You can even glue the teapot lid to the tip top of the lamp shade screw.

She's awaiting the perfect lampshade ... so if you know of one please let us know.  


must be livin right

We don't get to move into our apartment until April 15th.  Fine by us!  We are staying at this great little apartment that is right on the Rhine. (pardon the suitcases and the profane bush sticker).  

Today we went to go check out our apartment and silly me-- no camera in tow.  We arrived at a gorgeous big wooden door but then we opened it we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into.  worn out-chic we can call it.  After a few flights of stairs we arrived to this beautiful front door that has this pretty glass on it.  You open up that door and there you find a little foyer and this green door (more on that in a minute) that opens to THE CUTEST KITCHEN MINE EYES HAVE EVER SEEN.  A vintage looking fridge, pretty green tile, and an old as the hills GAS stove with a furnace.  I mean, forget worn out... i now only thought of Anthropologie.  Oh and the storage space ... wayyy more than i though possible in Europe.  We have a big balcony with a hammock and a little place for growing herbs, flowers, etc... Well right over that balcony is a garden!  a garden people.  for me, if i so choose they said.  i so choose.  The balcony is also attached to our bedroom which has wood floors!  Oh, and the best part WE HAVE A GUEST BEDROOM.  So visitors do not fear-- you will have a place of your own to rest your head and your breath that will be taken away when you see our kitchen.  Another perk- the bathroom has a free standing tub!  In the words of Peggy Robinson "I must be living right"!!  Oh but back to the green problem it's paired with yellow and white walls.  JB said he would paint them... what are your thoughts on green and yellow?  and if i take away the yellow what's a good color that i should pair with green?  In other tucker news,  JB is being interviewed for a thirty minute segment TV segment right now.  so cute.  

Hope your day has been as sunny as mine.  

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Luna De Miel

Two months ago we were lounging in the dominican republic on our honeymoon -- just sippin yummy drinks with peculiar names, hanging out in our cabana, and eating 3 lobsters a day!  It was perfect aside from the fact that I "reformatted" our pictures on my good camera aka erased them.  Here are some from the camera that was spared reformatting.  P.s. when your camera asks you to reformat?  just say NOOOO.  that is my PSA for the day.


que lo que?  tranqy-tranqy

The Gift of Time with HVH

Right this second, BASELWORLD is happening just a stones throw from our apartment.  From what i understand, it is where the most beautiful clocks in all the land of 2010 are being revealed to the world.  But the only timepieces I am interested in (besides my faithful michael kors - thank you jb and james!) are the GORGEOUS clocks my insanely talented best friend has been crafting.  This talented soul who loves all things vintage and beautiful describes the process below:  

How to make vintage timepieces!
you will need:
-Vintage plate or teacup saucer
-Clock movements
-Painters Pen or Metallic Sharpie
-Glass/ Tile bit
-Batteries that the clock movements call for
1. First chose which plate you would like to create into a clock.
2. You can pick up the clock movements at any craft store but I suggest buying a lot on eBay if you plan on making multiple clocks.
3. Purchase the type of permanent marker or paint pen that you would like to use to pain on the numbers. I suggest using roman numerals or tally marks to make the clock unique.
4. Then make a trip to Home Depot or Lowes to purchase a drill and drill bits. Make sure you pick up glass/tile bits. The size of the bit you get will depend on the type of clock movement you purchased.
5. Set the plate on a soft surface. I have used an old folded up towel that you don't mind getting dirty or a hole or two in it.
6. Find the center of the dish and begin drilling. The slower the better. Patience is a virtue! I've also found that starting with a smaller drill bit and working your way up to the larger bit makes the process a little quicker and the plate less likely to break.
7. Once your hole is made you can place the clock part together. Directions will be on the packaging.
8. Put in the battery and hang!
They make unique gifts and are beautiful backdrop to any picture! I have a grouping of the clocks with other plates hanging on my wall at home. - HVH

 And here is Shannon, Cami, and I being gifted the most beautiful clocks in all the land.  Even topping anything baselworld will ever see (:  !!

Soon I will unveil another work of her art: The Teapot lamp!!  Get excited.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


We're back from Dusseldorf!  Here are more pictures if you'd like a peek into our time in Europe so far.  JB is certain I was a European in a past life and I believe him.  Molly did order Perrier as a child.  no coca-cola for her.  BUT The fresh food, tea, public transportation, bike riding, walking everywhere ... I could go on and on.  we love it!  but we miss our family and friends!  xoxox

Friday, March 19, 2010

jb is famous ... in swissa (:

We stepped off the plane and Seppi and Matti greeted us with swiss chocolate and red wine ...  with a camera man from basel TV.  More to come ... soon.  We leave for Dusseldorf, Germany tonight.  xoxox

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pinch me!

We are about to leave. sleep on a plane. and wake up in London.  Lord willing.

I didn't wear green today.  oops.  OX was my something green.  The Tuckers and OX wish you a very HAPPY SAINT PATRICK's DAY!!  
P.S. I also wanted to Wish Ashley & Shep a great trip down to Mexico!  

Monday, March 15, 2010

Camilyn Beth's high tea bridal shower

Yesterday we had Cami's bridal shower.  It was so perfect!  the weather (70 and sunny), her outfit (a vintage dress she picked up in Sweden), the bride (oh my adorable!), and the Tea!  I don't have many photos of the event because I was working behind the scenes.  But here are just a few of my favorite details.
We marinated Feta, olives, and little tiny tomatoes in a balsamic mixture overnight and then skewered them a bit before the shower.  These little babies were definitely a crowd pleaser.
the kiwi, cucumber, strawberry, lime, and lemon infused water was so refreshing!
I made these a couple days in advance from a williams sonoma sugar cookie mix and their message in a cookie!
I found this vintage avon recipe box at Ella and Ruby's etsy shop.  I had sent everyone two recipe cards in the mail in advance and asked them to write a recipe for a good marriage on one and their favorite on the other.  I loved reading what her grandmother wrote!  so sweet.
I had these made by Miss Pickles.  I adore swizzle sticks!  and aren't these cute?  My mom stuck them all in ice cub trays with a strawberry in each.  Just adds to the yumminess.
We had 11 of these pom pom puff balls all over the backyard.  (we had one casualty as one made its way to the pool).  

And let's just be honest with ourselves here ... is there ANYTHING sweeter than this bride?  Nope.  I can't wait for July 10th!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

you can call me wife all you want Mr. Tucker

Wanna hear my husbands sweet voice?  You are in luck.  It's here!  The recent article is here.  I must admit ... I especially like it when he calls me his wife.  i suppose it's odd to put eye candy of your husband on your blog.  call me odd then.  Look how handsome this man is????!!!  (photos courtesy of Kevin)

My favorite thing about JB (aside from bringing me coffee every morning) is his heart.  That man doesn't think a negative thought about a soul on earth.  It is more than endearing- it is pure.  What's your favorite thing about your love??

Thursday, March 11, 2010


JB and I leave for Switzerland next week!  March 17th. Saint Patrick's Day.  The history of Saint Patrick's day is so sweet.  That little lamb just wasn't going to rest until Christianity was spread all over.  Here's a brief history of my last few SPD's...
1.  2007:  I was climbing into bed after a long night at a beautiful wedding daydreaming myself to sleep when I got a call from JB.  He said he had to be honest about something- he was crazy about me and just had to tell me. right then.  (:  He was living in California at the time but that night it all changed.  for both of us.  we admitted to each other that we weren't just friends and all that hot hand holding was real.
2. 2008: I had been sick for weeks and even after many doctor's visits - no one had a clue.  UNTIL SPD 2008, my test results from my echocardiogram came back and my Doctor admitted me into the hospital for immediate treatment.  Little did I know that I would be moving in and out of blake hospital for much of that year.  Not to mention high risk open heart surgery.  Still, it was a good day... it was the beginning of getting better.
3.2009: Was spent on anna maria island with JB by my side on break from graduate school.  I remember sitting there and thinking how grateful I was just to be there and enjoying life with JB.
4. 2010:  This year I will be moving across seas to europe with a man who has stood by me through three cities, two major surgeries, two states, and  every bit of my insanity during graduate school.      Isn't life surprising?  Even more than surprising, my life is an amazing story where God is present and real and loving.  Please pray for traveling mercies.  I hope you have the happiest st. patrick's day!!

I'm going to miss all these guys! ( photo credit: jessica lorren)

and waking up to this ...
JB is where home is to me now.  (:

( photo credit: jessica lorren)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cheese markers

Our friend Tory gave us these cheese markers for our wedding from pottery barn.  We've already used them for a dinner party and a super bowl party!  The next friend engaged gets a wine and cheese party all because of these babies!!  ... just don't be married by the time we get back to the states. pretty please.   Here are some pictures of the cheese markers and the cheeeeeeese.  is your mouth watering yet?  

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

la la la love lucite

I was recently gifted a beautiful monogrammed lucite tray.  Perfect for breakfasts in bed, in an office, serving drinks, giving Oscar his meals ... the possibilities are endless.  I wanted to share the joy this lovely lucite tray gave me so i searched for one comparable to gift a lucky bff.  Then God smiled down upon me and I  found Dabney Lee!  I could talk all day about the patterns, oh and the fonts......!  gorgeous.  Dearest Dabney Lee, where have you been all my gift giving life?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to make a banner that makes your friend smile

Let me preface this post by telling you: I am not crafty.  If you asked me to draw a simple straight line for you I would.  But I'm certain it would be followed by you looking at me funny and wondering if i had been drinking. for hours.  However I disregarded my shortcomings because I wanted to craft a banner.  I couldn't find one I liked for Cam's bridal shower on etsy.  So I went searching in my moms amazing ribbon collection.  velvet? midori? silk? in ANY color.  it's all in her beautiful awe inspiring collection of ribbons.  And that is where it began.  
Then I found these martha stewart stickers from Michael's 
and bought some grey paper from there as well.  AND that is when my trusty glue gun and I went to work.  
Here she is!!  Do you like? or maybe you think I am a two year old with a glue gun.  no matter. i like her. (: 
p.s. once I got everything together it took less than ten minutes.  

Friday, March 5, 2010

my new favorite salad: Crisp Goat-Cheese Salad

Throughout the course of my engagement I was gifted many cookbooks.    I am talking somewhere in the teens.  And what a perfect gift!  I truly love being in the kitchen and feel a sense of accomplishment when I try something new or have someone say mmmmmm.  I initially shied away from Martha Stewart's Great Food Fast.  I realize that it didn't say "great fast food" but just the words together in a sentence really threw me off!  I couldn't even look at her- and she's turquoise! outrageous.  I completely neglected her for the first month of our marriage.  And then I decided to get over myself and take a peek.  AND are you kidding me?! the thing is dog-eared to death!  Purchase this book now.  Not a thing has been anything but EASY and DELICIOUS and QUICK.  
here is the recipe to my new favorite salad:
1. First heat the broiler
2. brush a baking sheet with oil (olive oil please)
3. place 3 large red potatoes (about one pound) in a medium suacepan and bring to a boil. (leave them there for about 20-25 minutes, until fork-tender).  
4. In a shallow bowl, whisk one large egg, with 1/4 teaspoon of salt and pepper.  
5.Then place breadcrumbs in another shallow bowl.  
6. slice the goat cheese into 8 rounds ( Side note: if you freeze it for a few minutes, it is much easier to slice.) 
7.  Pat each goat cheese round into a disk that is about 1/2 inch thick.  
8. Dip the disks into the Egg bowl, then into the breadcrumbs and place on the prepared baking sheet.  
9. now for the DELICIOUS dressing.  seriously my mouth is watering and i just ate!  get a large bowl and whisk together 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon of grainy or dijon mustard (i used grainy from williams sonoma- brand is braswell. Oh. my gosh. so good.) and then another 1/4 teaspoon of salt and pepper.  Then slowly add 1/4 of a cup of olive oil, whisking to emulsify.  Then set this delectable treat aside.  
10.  Brush the disks lightly with a little olive oil and put them into broil for approx. 5 minutes. or until golden and crisp.  
11.  Your potatoes should be done.  Rinse them in cold water and when they are cool enough for you to touch, cut them into 1 inch chunks.  
12.  Then toss the mixed greens and potatoes in the dressing.  
13. your goat cheese disks are done i bet!  don't forget to take them out.  
13.  Divide the salad among 4 plates and top each with 2 cheese disks.  

And there you have it: a little salad straight from heaven.  

you may need this. i do. *The goat cheese prayer: 
 Lord help me restrain myself from not making the cheese disks and instead eat the entire block by. myself.  I know it is possible. Give me discipline. Amen.

voila!  enjoy

Monday, March 1, 2010

17 days to go ...

It is the first day of March.  We have seventeen days (17!!) until we leave for Basel, Switzerland.
I am at a stand still because I don't know what I should pack. eek.  I'm also a terrible packer.  I usually get to where I am going and ask myself if someone drugged me while I was packing. 
 (* aside from  a quick reprieve in July for Thee Leavitt Wedding*) 
What would you pack if you were moving to Europa for 8 months?!