Thursday, February 25, 2010

Featured on Style Me Pretty: JB and Sarah?

Right after marrying my true love, hanging out on a beach in the dominican for a week, and anticipating a move to switzerland ... a big highlight of 2010 so far would have to be being featured on Style Me Pretty.  If you haven't discovered this site and you are a girl mildly interested in weddings .... well. good luck.  i hope you have something around to keep your blood sugar stable. now you will only be taking bathroom breaks until you sleep.  I am not joking around when I tell you I looked at this website (often before checking my own email- how irresponsible:) every single day when I woke up.  Oh, and then a few times after that to check for updates.  Yes, I am a total freak of nature.  But who in the world is thoughtful enough to make my dream of being featured on SMP come true?  Jessica Lorren.  I honestly cried when i read what she wrote:

 "When Sarah first emailed me about her wedding, I took one look at her custom made wedding website and knew we were meant to be. When we met she shared with me how she and JB fell in love and how they planned to move to Europe after the wedding for JB’s baseball career.

When the big day came, Sarah’s attention to detail magically blended timeless nostalgia and delicate flowers with touches of America’s favorite past-time to create a day as unique as the love she and JB share.
In honor of Sarah’s family she carried an heirloom hankie and wore her grandmother’s vintage watch. To celebrate JB’s love for baseball the little ring-bearer ushered the rings to the altar in a tattered baseball glove. And to top it off the couple pledged forever at the foot of a handcrafted wooden cross built by Sarah’s father and adorned with her favorite flowers." - the one and only Jessica Lorren
If you read the comments ... well, then you'll discover that i am all about spilling details.  You want to talk wedding?  anytime.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

dark beauty

This picture is inspiring me to go dark:
*problem: my skin is fair, i am not a latina, and she is much more badass than i.

Monday, February 22, 2010

JB turns twenty (eight:)

JB turned 28 this past week!  yeah, he's old.  and let me tell you. it is HOT.  I made him a carrot cake from scratch.  Here is the recipe.  Oh, and here are some pictures of the process and final product.  It may not look pretty (I will get there)- but it was seriously delicious.

I like to get all of the ingredients out ahead of time.  then take them away as i use them.  this helps me be a less crazy woman in the kitchen.  

mix those goodies together!  and voila! 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010