Monday, December 27, 2010

Top Ten in 2010

Some girls are obsessed with shoes.  I, however, am completely smitten by dresses.  Finding the perfect dress is probably similar to how JB feels when he hits a homerun.  We both get loads of adrenaline; him in a game, me in a mall.  
It's time to play dress up again.  
Top 10 in 2010
drinking a beer in amsterdam while wearing an h & m lace shoulder dress
being a hostess in an anthropologie dress
kind of looks like a little girl dress but i still loooove it.
OK. so it is a romper.  i adore them too.
this is a 5/48 romper i wear constantly!  
i adored this red h & m dress with dramatic shoulders
this tracy reese dress made me squeal with delight upon discovery
Number five is a little dress that was on my last list.
i wore it for a bridal shower & as a bridesmaid dress.
LOVE this little anthropologie number that was last christmas' gift from JB. 
 Marc by marc jacobs
i wore this beauty in salzburg, austria and could have been mistaken for a Vontrapp! (:
blaque label
what i wore to our rehearsal dinner. 
my sweet friend, Mere, sent it to me the day of the rehearsal.  Thank God for her.
This little Forever 21 dress made me feel like a million bucks.  
even though i only shelled out 30 for it.
My wedding gown!!

I apparently wear a lot of ivory and shades of pink.  What can I say? I am all girl.
Won't you play along?
Let me see your top 10 in 2010. 
I wanna peak into your closet.
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  1. Such a cute post, I love all of your dresses, so pretty, my favorite would have to be your wedding gown as well!


  2. I'd love to play but I sadly don't own more than 3 or 4 dresses! :( sad face. I'm not a shoe girl either. Or purse. I think I have the most tops. that must be my thing. I loved the pink dress the one you referred to as VonTrapp :)

  3. I definitely would enter! I need to figure out my top 10 first! :) I loved yours, so beautiful! That red dress is absolutely fantastic!

  4. Can I please have one of each? Your style is so lovely and elegantly girly; I love it!!

  5. woops! i commented in that linky thing by accident.

    but, you already know how i feel about these.

    send them. i will be yours forever.

  6. 10 & 2 are my faves....i got chills when i saw the salzburg pic (my former home and the place where i left my heart....sigh)

  7. i seriously LOVE your style - i want to share closets! haha

  8. your blog is soo cute! I too love dresses the most : )

    Following your blog now, hope you'll want to follow mine too : )


  9. I'm pretty obsessed with all of these! I think I might search and see which ones I can still buy:-)

  10. I would love dresses to if I were as cute and little as you are! Love all of your pics! You are inspiring me to eat healthier!

  11. wow your dresses are amazing. and the wedding gown is the creme dela creme!

  12. love the romper! and of course the wedding gown! oh man, they all have me swooning really. it certainly helps to have a gorgeous girl modeling them all!!

  13. you are SO SO beautiful!! If I had your gorgeous legs I would want to wear dresses like those all the time too! I think a new New years resolution will be to wear more dresses, thanks to you! Beautiful post!

  14. Love all your beautiful dresses! I don't think I've worn very many dresses this year. I'll have to scroll back. :)

    xx Vivian @

  15. Love love love both of your lace dresses (#10 & #2) and the red dress looks so fun!

  16. looooved this. i definitely just did my own. i'm a sucker for dresses. your number two is my favorite! looks great on you.

  17. You look wonderful in all of them! Have a great New Years in Panama!!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  18. 1. i love all of them. 2. your wedding dress is gorg, everytime i see it i swoon 3. love that lace number!

  19. 1. i love wearing dresses and the cold weather is killing me because i cant wear them as often. 2. all of yours are absolutely gorgeous! especially your wedding gown. 3. once i find 10 pictures of my faves im sooo totally doing this because i too love dresses wayyy to much!

  20. You look so pretty in all these! I love dresses too especially in the summer -- nothing better or easier to pull on than a pretty dress! I love you Marc by Marc dress and you wedding gown, of course!

  21. OMG, you look GORGEOUS in that pic with the red h&m dress!

    Love this top ten idea...


    November Grey

  22. love, love, love! i still don't know how you ranked 2-10 because they are all ahh-mazing!

  23. SO FUN! Would you believe that #2 is my fave???

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