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December 2010

    learning to latina dance

    The girls and I threw a hawaiian party last night.  By the middle of the night it had turned into a full fledge latina dance party.  Perfectly fine by me!  
    the fact that i have no rhythm did not deter all of them from teaching me a thing or two about latina dancing.  they are such a passionate bunch.  This “dance party” lasted for at least three hours.  a bunch of women singing and dancing.  it was a sight to see/hear.  They did not laugh at the poor gringo girl who so obviously could not dance.  All were so encouraging and sweet.  I hope to be more like them in the coming year.  
    the very brave solo man
    Hope you all have a lovely New Years Eve!  We’re headed to Las Tablas where the carnival (think: mardi gras) will be in full force.  
    What are your NYE plans?
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