Saturday, November 13, 2010

new haircut

new haircut.
i'm sort of obsessed with hair.  even though I rarely feel i have good hair days.  which is entirely my fault, since i hardly ever even blow dry it.  With the short hair though, I think it'll be more manageable.  here's to hoping.
i do believe that this quote to be true - "if your hair is wrong, everything is wrong" ... it's how i feel anyway.  

happy weekend!!  


  1. Love the hair I am in total agree agreement with you!!! Hair can totally make or break your day! :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! <3
    I am always too scared to go short, looks great on you!

    xo Lynz

  3. Your haircut is lovely! It looks super fabulous! :)
    I never blow dry my hair either!
    You picked out a great quote!

  4. Love it Sades!! So much volume!! xoxo

  5. so glad you blogged about this. would you believe i woke up this am and literally, my 2nd or 3rd thought was "i wonder what sarah's haircut looks like". i went so far as to go to your fb page on the ol' iPhone just in case i missed the big reveal on my newsfeed.

    thought you would enjoy this mildly obsessive anecdote. i really enjoy the hair. (:

  6. so cute!
    from experience- shorter is easier!

    did you feel lighter when they chopped it?

  7. sooo pretty! you are gorgeous!

  8. Really cute!! And I totally agree. If you're hair looks good, you feel more confident and you automatically have a better day! (:

  9. hey! great new haircut! I m sure your hair feels super strong and healthy! Gotta love a haurcut!

  10. Gorgeous!!! I really love it. :)

    And regarding your comment on my blog - I would just be so happy to meet you one day too! Perhaps when you're through gallavanting all over the globe we can arrange something! ;)

    Have a perfect Sunday!!

  11. You are beautiful, the hair looks fantastic! I love the feeling of a new haircut. Enjoy it!!

  12. Very pretty!
    And I've never heard that quote before but it is so true!


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