Tuesday, November 30, 2010

love florida sunsets

i'm thankful for your ...
beautiful sunsets
salt water smell
tropical flowers
Lucy had her first boat ride tonight.  homegirl was terrified.  
then she started to enjoy it. (i think!)
smooooches under a sarasota sunset

I feel like Florida gets a bad rep.  i do understand why!  
But all in all, i love it here.  
Its beauty is breathtaking on a daily basis.  
maybe I'd feel that way about anywhere though.
my mom was talking today about how she looooves her home.  she's so gushy over it.
but then she said - she's loved everywhere she has lived.  even the teeny tiny apartments right after they married.   I think I'll also feel that way if JB is by my side.  
Plus, I truly believe that there is beauty everywhere - if you really look for it. 
Do you love where you live?  


  1. Cute pictures! and the picture of your doggie enjoying the boat ride is the cutest thing ever!


  2. I don't love where I live ha. maybe becuase i've lived here too long and need something new! I love the picture of your and your man kissing :) SO SWEET!

  3. it's true i think you can love everywhere you live if you learn to see the beauty.

  4. my family had moved 14 times beFORE i moved away to college. and i've basically moved once a year after that. i share yo momma's sentiments entirely. there is something to love about everywhere you live, if you live with someone you love.

    p.s. i misssss flo-rida right now. but we're having this winter's first snow. which is magical in its own right. (:

  5. I absolutely love where I live. Both home, and now away at college. I believe that it's all about the people who surround you! If you're unhappy where you are, then that isn't a good thing...life is too short and too sweet to spend time unhappy.

    Florida looks gorgeous! And I love the chunky scarf you are wearing - beautiful!

  6. I LOVE where I live and if I lived in Florida I'd love it there too! It looks like a positively gorgeous afternoon!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  7. I'm so jealous you live in sunny Florida. Bad rep? No way! I am in love with Florida. My sister lives in Tampa and I am dying to go out and visit her.

  8. I agree, it's definitely possible to love where you live, if you have the right company!

    Love these photos, girly!

  9. Now I love where I live! At first, I didn't feel at home. It was cold, rural, and isolated!

    I think that no matter where you are; it's what you make of it that can turn it into someplace special.

  10. Looks like your having a great time and the pictures are awesome. Are you guys visiting home or back home?

  11. lucy is freakin' adorable! nothing beats living by the water, that is for sure :)

  12. Beautiful pics as always - gorgeous sunset. It's a lot colder up here, but I do love where I live. Boston is home.

  13. I love where I live!! Except in the summer and when it's 75 degrees in November and December (which is only occasionally). And giiirrl, that pic of your dog CRACKED ME UP!!!! She totally looks horrified. LOL!!!

  14. What gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Most of the time I do love where I live.

  15. I LOVE Florida, specifically Sarasota. Sarasota has me wrapped around its sweet, tan, lotion smelling fingers! Every time I come home (I will always call it home) I fall in love even more. I just got left there yesterday & I am counting down the days till I get back. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets for all of us!

  16. I just starting following your blog. I love your post.

  17. You make me feel really guilty about not appreciating Florida more. HA! Side note...would you be interested in a blogger get together?

  18. I also live by the water and this is such a stunning post! Those photos are magical:) Kisses and hugs

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas.

  19. Lucy is sooo cute!!!!

    love the pictures


  20. ahhhhh, I seriously got the biggest smile on my face when I saw this post. I misssssssss everything about Florida, [even the retirees] especially the water. Swoooooon.

  21. I loooove where I live! I live in Los Angeles and it definitely has won my heart. It's always sunny, has the best whether and not only do I get to experience LA, but I can leave the city and experience the mountains, the ocean, the desert, and so many other places! I usually photograph and blog about those places ....so check them out:)

  22. i LOVE your scarf! and all of these pictures really. you just look oh so happy! :D i can't wait to feel that way! i'm so glad you commented on my blog (i LOVE yours)! it really did make my day! have a wonderful thursday xoxo.

  23. thanks for all the comments love..

    i love washington DC, however I miss istanbul/turkey a lot too...

    i wish i could mix and match both and live in this unique place :)

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