Monday, November 22, 2010

da birday girl

{in st. augustine, anna maria, pensacola, & new orleans}

10 fun facts about kendall:
#1:  has perfect hair and skin.  i swear she's never had a blemish or a split end. 
#2:   in loooove with MJ! ( She likes guys with initial names too!  )
#3: we met on the second day of classes in college - in Ms Keys class.  POW lover.
#4:  doesn't believe eli whitney invented the cotton gin.  
#5:   a whale lover
#6:   dying to go to Iceland
#7:  LOVES Michigan!!!
#8:  former London resident
#9:  she's an art history buff with a masters from Sotheby's- braniac
#10:  An Excellent friend, girlfriend, daughter, and sister!!  

Go check out her Blog CWFHL, and wish her a Happy Birthday!  doooo it.  

wish i could be in D.C. to give you hugs and bake cupcakes.  



  1. thank you sarah - this just made my day! hope we get to see you at christmas!!! xoxo love and miss you.

  2. Great birthday post!Happy Birthday Kendall! Love the pics of you guys together!

  3. Awe so sweet of you :) You guys are adorable!

  4. What fun photos! Off to check out her blog.

  5. Happy happy bday to your bud and my bday twin!

  6. This is such a sweet post! Looks like she had a fabulous birthday!

  7. awwww. what sweet pictures. happy birthday kendall! :D

  8. Your friend Kendall sounds like a sweet girl! Happy birthday to her! Your pictures with her are chiccc-tastic!

  9. awww love this and these pics!! happy bday kendy!! and i just noticed my mom is in the background of the first big pic! love it :)


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