Monday, October 4, 2010

a sweet tribute

my friends Pam & Jodi did the American Heart Association's Heart walk in Nashville this weekend.
They walked as a tribute to, yours truly.  
What a sweet surprise &  how incredibly touching!
thank you schaetzlies! (swiss german for little darlings)
Pam and precious baby Wyndam in Debloom Designs head gear.
maybe you are wondering ... what happened?
Two years ago I had strep throat which due to a heart defect led to a heart infection. a few mini strokes, two months of IV antibiotic therapy, open heart surgery and a thoracotomy.  It was a scary time but even in the worst I still had a peace that passes all understanding (thanks God), a loving family & JB.  And now here I am - in stunning switz, married to a guy who loves me even though I've had some "work done" :)  , and having sweet friends who'd walk in tribute to my little heart.  i am the luckiest duck.

if you'd like to know more you can read this or watch this

if you have a friend who needs the above plush golden heart (thanks ashie), 
or any other organ due to surgery.  


  1. wow! what a journey, so glad you're here with us though :)

  2. amazing. amazing story, so glad you are healthy and well now! praise the Lord!! and that is sooo sweet of your friends.

  3. that is so sweet. wow. i started to cry after seeing your name on their backs!!! what an insanely scary time but so glad you are better! GOD IS GOOD. I LOVE YOU!!!

  4. wow, you've really been through a lot. that is so scary that something like strep can turn into a full-blown scare. That was so nice of your friends to think of you! :) hope you're having an excellent week!

  5. wow, I am out of words. I am so happy that you are well now and that you have such a wonderful family and husband!! must have been a really tough time, I can only imagine!! hope you will never have to go through this again!!

  6. Wow Sarah, I cannot believe that you have been through so much. You are so inspiring. It would have been such a scary and tough time.

    Lucky you are where you are today :) and that you are going to London tomorrow - you will love it!!

    Lots of love xxx

  7. oh wow, this is so sweet of them - such a touching story :)

  8. Wow, what an amazing story!! You are such a strong woman!!! You really are living "happily ever after".


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