Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's take a trip Tuesday - New York, NY

Today my friend Emily is going to show us around New York City! 
 I couldn't think of a better person for the job (:
Be sure to check out her blog which is filled with beautiful photos, fashion, and musings of a beautiful girl in love with life.
{Meet Emily: a drop dead gorgeous redhead residing in New York, NY!}

Name: Emily Diane Collins
Location: New York City 

How long have you lived there? 

 Almost 3 years
If you moved from somewhere else, where did you move from? Why? 
I moved from Palm Beach, FL where I went to college. After living in Palm Beach for a year after I graduated from college I knew I wanted more from life, more career opportunities, more adventure, more culture, and more excitement. I had lived in Florida my whole life (growing up in Sarasota) and had always wanted to experience seasons and after spending a semester studying in London I knew I loved living in a big city. Everyone I met always told me that I seemed like I would fit in perfectly in New York City and they were right!
 Best choice I have ever made hands down.
{fall in central park}
How is the weather?
New York weather is very strange; it is completely unpredictable and changes from day to day. There are four distinct seasons and they can be very mild or very severe. This summer was my first time spending the whole summer in the city and I actually loved it! Supposedly it was a very mild summer compared to recent ones but I really loved the fact that all of the rooftop bars and restaurants open (outdoor seating is the best), everyone has parties on their terraces if they have one, you can spend all day laying in the park on the grass or walking around the city shopping, etc., you can do boating or a sunset cruise on the Hudson River or East River and on the weekends everyone takes the train to the Hamptons to spend time at the beach. Despite all of that, I would still have to say that my favorite season is definitely fall. I love the first day after summer that the air turns brisk and you decide to pull out your jackets, coats and sweaters and evaluate your past seasons wardrobe. The leaves in the park are so beautiful and I always spend fall days walking around the city and enjoying the air and wearing/seeing all of the new fall trends on the street. Oh yeah, and fashion week usually marks the beginning of fall and fashion week is my favorite time of year!
Tell us what a typical weekend is like for you there? 
Let me just preface this next answer by saying that I am at an entirely selfish stage in my life right now where I have zero obligations other than myself and it may seem as if NYC is a completely self absorbed place, and makes anyone who live there become the same way too (i.e. what is portrayed in SATC and other glamorous movies), but it is not all glamorous, it really just depends on the person and their means and what they are living for at the time.
If I am not travelling out of town, or don’t have any friends visiting (another perk: everyone wants to visit you when you live in NYC) a typical weekend consists of sleeping in on Saturday and then waking up and relaxing around the house, which is such a refresher since I am NEVER home during the week, doing a bit of cleaning and organizing (while drinking a whole pot of coffee), spending time with my cats, and doing whatever errands I need to do for the next week ahead (grocery store, dry cleaner, etc.). Brunch is my favorite cuisine so on the weekend I try to brunch as much as possible, usually I brunch both Saturday and Sunday, even if I just go by myself and read my paper. I typically go out on Saturday night and try a new restaurant then meet up with friends and go to a party, gallery or bar of some sort (there is always something new going on in the city). If I have no plans I love to go to the movies by myself. Sunday is a completely different story, I always wake up and go to the gym for a couple of hours, then go to brunch with my girlfriends at my favorite spot Jack (sometimes we mix it up and go somewhere else) then if the weather is nice I like to do some vintage shopping at the flea market, thrift shopping on 23rd St. or sample saling in Chelsea market, get a mani/pedi for the upcoming work week (sometimes a massage too), and read the NY Times. Then I usually go to church and do dinner afterwards with church friends if possible. Sunday is my favorite day of the week because I love my routine and get to invest entirely in myself and my girlfriends. 

  Where do you like to eat in your town?
That is such a hard question because NYC is by far the best place in the world for food (they say that you could eat at a different restaurant everyday in NY for your whole life and still never try every one of them). I am constantly trying new places and eating tons of different kinds of cuisine. I think it all depends on the neighborhood, and what you look for in a restaurant and who you are with, it all changes based on the season and who you are at the time. In NY eating out is the way that people entertain and have community, since most peoples apartments are too small to host when you want to get together with friends or spend time with someone, you go out to eat. It is safe to say that you eat out a lot in NY, on average probably 4 nights a week for some (but I know people that have never used their stove or oven EVER!). 
Some of my favorite restaurants at the moment are: Dumont – best mac n cheese (off Union at Metropolitan, Brooklyn); Jack – brunch (11th and University, G. Village); 202 cafĂ© – brunch, French toast (at Chelsea Market); Clinton St Bakery – Brunch, pancakes (Clinton St. at Houston); Alta, Tapas (10th St at 6th ave); Dell’Anima, Italian (Jane St. at 8th ave); Upstairs at the Kimberly, cocktails and bar food (50th St. at Lex.); The Standard hotel, cocktails or anything (Meatpacking); CafeAsia, Thai (8th St. at University); Vermicilli, Vietnamese ( 77th st. at 2nd ave.); Ma Moun’s, Falafel (St. Marks or W 3rd St.); Ost, coffee (East village); El Cantinaro, Mexican (12th St and University); 675, Underground restaurant, American (Meatpacking). 
Some of the more classic New York style places are: Pastis, very long wait (Meatpacking); Bagatelle, always a party (Meatpacking); Dos Caminos, Mexican Chain (several locations in the city); Fig & Olive, Mediterranean (several locations); STK, Trendy Steakhouse (Meatpacking); Cipriani, Italian (several locations), just to name a few.

Where do you like to shop?
Anywhere! I love shopping and could probably find something to buy in almost every store I go into, but what I admire the most about New York and in myself is the ability to find what I want, what I love and things that are timeless at an affordable price. I really enjoy things that I will have forever, not trendy stuff (well everything in fashion is a trend at some point) but stuff that will eventually come back around or that I can wear to the ground. I appreciate quality far more than quantity, by the looks of my closet some would beg to differ, but I would rather buy one really amazing showstopper piece that I can wear over and over than 10 cheap things that I will wear once. Shopping is a very specific art for me, and typically I find a lot of the things that I love at thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army, City Opera Thrift, Housing Works), vintage shops (Cheap Jack’s Vintage, Vintage Thrift Shop, What comes around goes around) or sample sales. My general idea is to go into a store with something on my mind that I want but if I find something else that is amazing along the way I typically buy it. Everything in my wardrobe has a specific place in my life and a specific place in my closet. I typically study my closet and make executed decisions when it comes to maintaining it (color-coding), thus I always know what I have in there and have an idea of what I want to wear before I even look at my closet. One of my good friends in NY is a designer and has an amazing line of dresses and typically if I am in the mood to buy something new, as opposed to used, I will get a dress from her. She is amazing and her dresses are even more amazing, I recommend them to everyone and probably own about 20 of them now. She is my shopping go to for fabulous in-style dresses. www.anamariacouture.com

Suggest some must see places for an out of town visitor. 
Well it’s NYC so there are a lot of obvious places that everyone is aware of (Times Square, statue of liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, etc) but my best suggestion would be to come to NYC with no plan, no map and a great pair of comfortable shoes and just get lost. Walk until you can’t walk anymore, lose yourself in everything that you see, wander in and out of shops, stop to look at the street signs, watch the people, and just enjoy. Anywhere you end up you just hop in a cab and give them the address and you are home again. New York is by far the best city in the world to get lost, and I could confidently say the best city in the world in general. 
{emily's view at work!  not bad, huh?}
Tell us why you love your town:
There are so many reasons to love New York from the fabulous food and nightlife to the myriad of opportunities you are presented with on a daily basis, New York is such a unique place. The one thing that I love the most, other than the fashion of course is the culture, the closeness of the community of people that is New York. It is such a small place for the amount of people that live here that we are all literally living on top of each other. It is such a large city population with so many different cultures and ways of life that anyone can feel comfortable here. Living in close quarters with every type of people group in the world helps strengthen you in a way that is indescribable. You become tough but see all of the people you experience on a daily basis as part of your community, no class, race, gender, or cultural differences separate us from all doing the same daily tasks. I get on the subway one day and sit next to an elderly homeless woman and the next day a wall street millionaire, the same with famous socialites, celebrities, janitors, construction workers, manual laborers, models and anyone on the planet you could imagine all pile into the same places to head to all different parts of town to again pass each other on the street and exchange glances. Everyone rubs shoulders with everyone, you get an opportunity to see how so many different people live and experience life. Every single day in this city is different! There is never anything that happens twice and it is always an ever-changing adventure. 
Anything else we should know about where you live?
When I first moved to the city it was very intimidating and such an awe inspiring place to live. Even my first year I felt like a little fish in a giant sea, and coming from Florida I wasn’t use to that. As I have grown and changed and as I meet more people and go to more places, the city is becoming less and less intimidating and sometimes I find myself feeling like it is even a small town. Running into people that I know on the street, going to a lot of the same places over and over again, getting to know the people who work at my local grocery store and the neighbors that live on my block, the scope of the city is slowly narrowing and feeling more and more like home to me everyday.  Also, New York is the kind of place that you can only live in at certain periods in your life, not everyone can fully appreciate the experience of living here and that in itself is so unique, to know that you have a love affair and connection with a city that not everyone will get to experience in their lifetime. I really appreciate this city for everything that it has taught me about myself, about God, about other people, living in community, sharing, compassion and unique beauty. It takes a very special place to be able to convey all of that to those who dwell there. I would say that if you ever get the opportunity to live here definitely experience it, even if only for a year, it will be an experience that you will never forget and will cherish forever.

A million beautiful thanks to Emily for showing us around NYC!!

if you'd like to show us around your town - email me at:


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