Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Nova Scotia Wedding

He's back!  Hallelujah!  I'm not good at sleeping alone - each night I'd wake up in the middle thinking someone was in my home about to attack me.  In the safest country in the world.  Lord help me.  Anyway, JB was on strict instructions to document - he's so cute - he came back with lots of pictures of the beautiful wedding.  Oh and lotttts of magazines in english for me.  Someone knows my love language - magazines i can read and wedding photos.  i'm in heaven.

Here's some of the pictures from the beautiful wedding in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Started out the Bachelor Party on the Sea
spent the night at a brewery drinking canadian beer

bride and groom at the rehearsal
aren't they cute?

right before he said i do.

making it official

beautiful bridesmaids

having fun in the limo

gorgeous bouquet


so precious!  

the bride used a gift i got her on her day - from when they got engaged.  
a bag from wedding chicks saying "The Future Mrs. Keadle"
photograph by mike tompkins

Would you be so kind to give some encouraging marriage advice?  


  1. the pictures are gorgeous! her cake is so pretty!! aaand my advice is...to learn to laugh at yourself :)

  2. I'm so impressed with jeebies photog skills!!! Love you both!

  3. He did a great job! These photos are fabulous! Glad you got the magazines too. I would be craving the same :)

  4. patience, patience, patience... and don't be afraid to say sorry. annnnnnd do IT often.

  5. and by IT i don't mean say sorry.

    ohhhh my dirty mind.

  6. hahaha bridget you are hilarious and wise. those are some wise words. xox

  7. So pretty! I love that bag you got her - so cute!

  8. Sarah, this is so sweet. We missed you a TON...but JB was adorable... he was so determined to document the wedding (hence the photos during the ceremony). I am obsessed with the picture "right before he said i do" and all the fishing ones...can you email some when you get some time?? During the reception he was standing alone by the window looking out and I asked what he was doing and he said "I'm just thinking Sarah would have loved this". Hope w we'll see you soon xo

  9. He is so precious! Still so sad I couldn't be there but looking forward the next time we get to see y'all. Maybe a cruise is in our future?


    & sent you the link to the pictures and videos.

  10. i'm from halifax! small world. i love your blog, :)

  11. You are too cute! I was in Haiifax 2 years ago today really enjoyed it before heading to P.E.I. which was beautiful! The friend I mentioned in the comment above who is in Italy right now is from Nova Scotia! :) What a fun wedding!

    Liesl :)


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